Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Papers N Parcels to handle package despatches for 20 businesses with Mumbai’s dabbawalas

Within just two months of launch, the award-winning app-based e-commerce package delivery service has bagged big accounts from diverse businesses and sectors
·        PNP is currently handling 1800-2000 no. of deliveries a day, and expects to reach 5000 deliveries a day by the year end
Mumbai, 24th Sept 2018: Papers N Parcels, the app-based peer-peer package delivery and courier service introduced by the 13-year-old Tilak Mehta in July this year, has signed up with 20 companies within the first two months of launch for handling their parcel deliveries.
The 20 small and big companies and businesses that have outsourced their despatch function to PNP includes a renowned law firm, the country’s biggest diagnostic and research firm, food chains, a high-end cakes and dessert manufacturer, a famous sweet shop, a PR and advocacy firm, among others.
With these businesses in its kitty, PNP is now handling 1800-2000 no. of deliveries per day with a goal to reach 5000 deliveries a day by the year end.
Papers N Parcels has disrupted the e-commerce package delivery services by bringing together the power of technology with the efficiency of the world famous network of Mumbai’s 5000-strong dabbawalas. Each dabbawalla doubles up as a courier boy, carries an Android phone loaded with the PNP app and receives package pick-up or delivery requests on his phone. The PNP app has a ‘live’ tracking feature, which enables the clients to get details of the person carrying the package with his photograph and the expected time of delivery.
Elaborating on the tie-ups, Tilak Mehta, Founder of Papers N Parcels, said “I am very happy that in such a short time, we have tied up with around 20 companies. These companies have found our app and the arrangement with the dabbawalas very convenient to send out their parcels.”
Mr. Ghanshyam Parekh, CEO, Papers N Parcels, adds, “For any business, especially for start-ups, non-core activities such as package despatch is a waste of precious human resource and man hours. We are currently handling despatches for 20 small and big companies, who have found immense value in our app-based despatch solution to send out all kinds of packages, from legal notices to foodstuff at almost two-thirds of their earlier costs.  The dabbawala network and our dedicated delivery team deliver these packages within a few hours anywhere across the city. The drastic cut-down in the delivery time and the cost saved per package translates into immense benefit for these businesses.”
Silicon Rental Solutions, a company providing customised IT rental solutions to over 300-plus companies including the Tatas, L&T, Reliance, Coke among others, has replaced their staff handling month-end invoice deliveries to their clients with PNP’s services.
Mamta Motiani, Director, Silicon Rental Solutions, says “The process of delivering the bills by our office boys and getting the signed copies back from the clients would take at least 7-10 days every month. We tried out the PNP service during the Ganpati festival this year when we were short-staffed and we were extremely happy about the fact that not only all the bills were delivered the same day, but we also got the signed copies back by the very next day. This convenience, thus, led us to continue using PNP’s delivery solution instead of our office staff.”
Speaking about the reasons for hiring PNP’s services Mr. Chirag of Foodspot said “Our premium snacks and food items have demand from people living all across the city. Often, we need to send out our packets to NRIs and people travelling abroad or out of town within a short notice. Delivering the packages to our customers on time and on the same-day has been a big challenge and also a huge cost. We would have to deploy one person for the delivery and our minimum cost per parcel was at least Rs 200, i.e. more than Rs 2 lakhs a year if we are sending out an average of 2-3 parcels per day. With PNP, the cost per parcel has come down to just Rs 70, with the added benefit of satisfied customers.”
PNP has ensured hassle-free same-day delivery by providing door-to-door pick up facility, a user-friendly app and a direct dedicated customer service helpline to register requests and complaints, along with competitive prices for courier deliveries. Customers can also place their orders on the website.
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