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·         Disruptive pricing of just Rs.15/-
·         A Sustainable and environment friendly format

Mumbai, 16th August 2018: With a focus on creating innovative products that brings about a larger social change, Godrej Consumer Products Limited has unveiled Protekt Mr. Magic, the first-ever powder to liquid handwash priced at just Rs 15. The handwash market in India is pegged at Rs.740 crore, with the category growing at 15%. The market estimate for handwashing soaps stands at Rs.8000 crore. However, the penetration of handwash is very low and restricted to the higher SEC’s which is around 20% in urban India. This means only about 2 crore households use a liquid handwash.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Mr, Sunil Kataria, CEO – India & SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) said, “Perception of liquid handwash being expensive is a major reason behind many households not adopting the category. We have always dreamt of a future where every home will be able to afford a liquid handwash. Protekt Mr. Magic, the first-ever powder to liquid handwash, is infused with natural ingredients like Neem and Aloe Vera. With the germicidal properties of neem and the goodness of Aloe Vera, the product is soft on hands and tough on germs. Protekt Mr. Magic’s disruptive pricing of Rs.15 (for a sachet that can make 200 ml of liquid handwash) will make it easy for Indian households across segments and geographies to adopt this innovative format for a hygienic lifestyle.”

rotekt Mr. Magic is available in a single powder sachet and also in a combi pack comprising Protekt Mr. Magic empty bottle and powder sachet. The powder sachet is priced at Rs.15, which is one-third the cost of existing liquid handwash refills. This can potentially reduce consumers current expense on handwashing soaps estimated at Rs.30 to half. The combi pack is priced at Rs.35. This is less than half the price of current liquid handwash bottle packs.

Protekt Mr. Magic is an innovative and affordable solution addressing the pressing social issue of hand hygiene. In India, hand hygiene related issues have posed a serious threat, especially to children. Due to poor hand hygiene, more than 3 lakh children in India fall ill and lose their lives to diarrhoea every year. An estimate says that handwashing can prevent about 30% of diarrhoea-related sicknesses and about 20% of respiratory infections. However, the perception of a handwash being expensive has hindered its acceptance outside urban areas.  Protekt Mr. Magic will be integral to bring about this perception change and inculcate the habit of handwashing amongst consumers in urban and rural India.

Sharing his perspective on hand hygiene at the launch event, Dr. Samir Dalwai, Founder – Director, New Horizons Child Development Centre & Research Foundation said, “Hand hygiene, particularly, is recognised as a highly cost-effective public health intervention, having the potential to significantly reduce disease burden globally. Over 1.5 million children under five die each year as a result of diarrhoea. Handwashing with soap or liquid handwash at critical times - including before eating or preparing food and after using the toilet - can reduce diarrhoea rates by more than 40%.
In comparison to handwashing soaps, liquid handwash is hygienic, less messy and convenient to use. While handwashing soap visibly becomes dirty once one has washed their hands, every drop of liquid handwash is pure, untouched and sanitized. The disruptive pricing of Protekt Mr. Magic makes the liquid handwash cheaper than even soap. All these features make a far more attractive proposition for people to develop the habit of handwashing with liquid handwash.

As per GCPL’s estimates, if all the households using current liquid handwashes shift to the company’s new product, it will result in the following:  

  • 2,826 KL diesel is saved in transportation - equivalent to a car going around the earth’s circumference 4.7 times
  • Save 2,532 tonnes of plastic - equal to saving 50 crore units of plastic bags, which if joined length to length, will go around Indian border 7 times
  • Save 8,781 tonnes of paper - equal to saving 11,200 trees a year
  • 22,000 tonnes of carbon emissions can be avoided in the entire value chain - equivalent to taking 4314 cars off the road for a year

Godrej Protekt is a range of hand hygiene products from Godrej Consumer Products Limited, with three handwash variants and a hand sanitizer. The brand’s handwash and hand sanitizers are made of 98% naturally-derived ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals or irritants. Protekt Mr.Magic will be the latest addition to the existing product portfolio of Godrej Protekt.

Sony Pictures Networks India Launches Its Marathi GEC Sony मराठी


Mumbai, August 14, 2018: 
Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), has forayed into the Marathi general entertainment space with the launch of its latest channel ‘Sony मराठी’.

Launching on 19th August 2018, this new channel is a one-stop destination for the Marathi speaking audience with its relatable content specially curated for a cohesive and complete family viewing experience. True to its positioning of ‘Vinuya Atut Naati’ (weaving unbreakable relationships), Sony मराठी endeavours to weave bonds of genuine emotions with each life it touches, through its innovative and engaging content, that is sure to set new benchmarks in the Marathi general entertainment space. 
Sony मराठी will offer an array of original fiction and non-fiction programming that aims at breaking stereotypes while celebrating the rich cultural fabric of Maharashtra. The new GEC will go LIVE unveiling its robust content with a host of 11 new shows. Being the collective efforts of industry stalwarts, shows such as ‘Julta Julta Jultay Ki’, ‘H.M. Bane T.M. Bane’, ‘Saare Tuzhyach Sathi’, ‘Ti Phulrani’, ‘Duniyadari Filmy Istyle’, ‘Year Down’, ‘Bheti Laagi Jeeva’, ‘Hrudhayat Vaje Something’, ‘Garja Maharashtra’, etc... aim at going beyond ordinary content offerings, challenging the status quo and breaking perceptions that exist around relationships in society.  The non-fiction lineup includes ‘Maharashtracha Favorite Dancer’ and ‘Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra’. Along with the daily dose of entertainment, the channel also promises a great library of Marathi movies.  

Sony मराठी will commence with the telecast of the prestigious 55th Maharashtra State Film Awards. 

The channel will be available across key direct-to-home (DTH) and digital cable platforms.

N.P. Singh, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN): 
“With entertainment being one of the key focus areas for Sony Pictures Networks India, the launch of Sony मराठी is a milestone initiative.  Aligned to the belief, ‘Vinuya Atut Naati’, our new channel, aims to weave unbreakable relationships with its viewers, through content that is contemporary in nature, yet deeply rooted in tradition. This brand promise will reflect in our immersive programming line-up, the quality of production and storytelling which will resonate with viewers across age groups, providing a complete family viewing experience. Sony मराठी is determined enrich the cultural fabric of the Marathi entertainment space.”

Ajay Bhalwankar, Business Head, Sony मराठी: 
“Our top most priority in this market is to deliver premium sophisticated content that caters to the entertainment needs of the Maharashtrian audience. The Marathi-speaking broadcast market is a very lucrative one, we look forward to expanding our footprint in this space.”


Sony मराठी logo is articulately designed to resonate fervent emotions and echo the richness of Maharashtra’s culture.
Drenched in tangerine, the logo’s warm tones tie it to the intensely passionate Marathi tradition. The surrounding shades of tangerine evoke sense of comfort, elicit a feeling of cheerfulness while the brush strokes indicate a fresh and friendly start to a new canvas of general entertainment.

The apex of the channel’s values is best summed up in its tagline, <<Vinuya Atut Naati>>          (विणूया अतूट नाती)  weaving unbreakable relationships, that endeavors to build bonds of genuine emotions with every life it touches.

Its visual highlight, the Paisley, a popular motif is omnipresent and is usually seen in Maharashtrian households in some form or the other and has a nuanced intonation in the Maharashtrian culture milieu. The deep evocative surrounding colors in the paisley are a visual expression of the channel’s vision to spread warmth, creativity, expression and fascination; all the values that Sony मराठी aspires to inspire.

अजय भाळवणकर
कार्यकारी उपाध्यक्ष आणि व्यवसाय प्रमुख – सोनी मराठी
सोनी पिक्चर्स नेटवर्क्स इंडिया (एस्.पी.एन्)

           एस्.पी.एन्’ च्या  सर्वाधिक लोकप्रिय असलेल्या सोनी एन्टरटेन्मेंट चॅनेलची  (एस्.ई.टीचे) प्रमुख निर्मिती संचालक म्हणून जबाबदारी पार पाडलेले अजय भाळवणकर हे आता ‘एस्.पी.एन्‘तर्फे लवकरच सुरू होणार्‍या ‘सोनी मराठी’ ह्या मराठी वाहिनीचे व्यवसाय प्रमुख म्हणून काम पाहणार आहेत.
सोनी पिक्चर्स नेटवर्क्सबरोबर २०१४ सालापासून कार्यरत असणाऱ्या अजय ह्यांनी यापूर्वी झी टीव्ही, म्युझिक एशिया अशा वाहिन्यांमध्ये विविध पदांवर काम केले असून मराठी आणि हिंदी वाहिन्यांच्या शुभारंभापासून ते चित्रपट निर्मिती आणि चित्रपट निर्मिती स्टुडिओ स्थापन करणे अशा अनेकविध जबाबदाऱ्या त्यांनी पार पाडल्या आहेत. झी नेटवर्कमध्ये ते क्रीएटिव्ह हेड होते आणि तिथे त्यांनी दर्जेदार,आणि कमालीचे लोकप्रिय कार्यक्रमातून आपली स्वतःची वेगळी ओळख निर्माण केली. याबरोबरच मुंबईचे प्रमुख मराठी वृत्तपत्र ‘आपलं महानगर’ आणि क्रीडापाक्षिक ‘एकच षटकार’ ह्यांमध्ये पत्रकार म्हणूनही त्यांनी याआधी आपला ठसा उमटवला आहे.
          एक उत्साही अभ्यासू म्हणून वेगवेगळ्या प्रकारचे चित्रपट बघण्याबरोबरच इतिहास आणि तत्त्वज्ञान ह्या विषयांमध्ये विशेष रुची असलेल्या अजय ह्यांनी मुंबई विद्यापीठातून फ्रेंच साहित्य ह्या विषयात पदव्युत्तर शिक्षण घेतल्यानंतर MICA, अहमदाबाद येथून व्यवस्थापन विषयाची पदवी देखील प्राप्त केली. खेळांमध्ये विशेष आवड असलेले अजय हे बॅडमिंटनपटू असून, त्यांनी महाविद्यालयीन पातळीवर पाच वर्षे सातत्याने पदके मिळविली आहेत.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

रहस्याचा खजिना असलेल्या ‘Once मोअर’ चित्रपटाचा टीझर प्रदर्शित

चित्रपटाची  उत्सुकता वाढवणारे ‘Once मोअर’ या आगामी चित्रपटाचे पोस्टर आणि त्याची पहिली झलक प्रदर्शित झाल्यानंतर या चित्रपटात नेमकं काय असणार? याविषयी तर्क-वितर्क लढवले जात होते. चित्रपटाचे पोस्टर आणि पहिल्या प्रोमोवरून रहस्यावर आधारित हा चित्रपट असल्याचे लक्षात आले होतेमात्र चित्रपटातील पात्रांचा खुलासा यातून झाला नव्हता. Once मोअर’ चित्रपटाच्या टीझर मधून हा खुलासा होणार असून यातून वेगवेगळी पात्र आपल्या भेटीला आली आहेत. 
‘लॉजिकल जगातील मॅजिकल गोष्ट’ अशी टॅग लाईन असलेल्या या टीझरमधून भेटीला आलेली ही सगळी पात्र लक्ष वेधून घेत आहेत. या चित्रपटामधून नेमका कोणत्या गोष्टीचा रहस्यभेद होणार याचा उलगडा १२ ऑक्टोबरला होईलच. तत्पूर्वी चित्रपटाच्या पहिल्या टीझरने प्रेक्षकांची मने जिंकली आहेत. आशुतोष पत्की आणि धनश्री दळवी या नव्या चेहऱ्यांसोबत रोहिणी हट्टंगडीपूर्णिमा तळवलकरभारत गणेशपुरेसुशांत शेलारविष्णू मनोहर, नरेश बीडकर आदी मराठी सिनेसृष्टीतील अनुभवी कलाकार या चित्रपटात आहेत. ऑक्टोबर
या चित्रपटाचे लेखन श्वेता बिडकर यांनी केले असून दिग्दर्शन नरेश बिडकर यांचे आहे. धनश्री विनोद पाटील आणि सुहास जहागीरदार यांनी या चित्रपटाची निर्मिती केली आहे. विष्णू मनोहरनिलेश लवंदेअभय ठाकूर सहनिर्माते आहेत. या चित्रपटाच्या निमित्ताने शेफ विष्णू मनोहर निर्मिती क्षेत्रात पदार्पण करतायेत. चित्रपटाच्या छायांकनाची जबाबदारी संजय सिंग यांनी सांभाळली आहे. वंशिका क्रिएशनदेवस्व प्रोडक्शन तसेच लवंदे फिल्म व विष्णू मनोहर फिल्म यांच्या संयुक्त विद्यमाने ‘Once मोअर हा मराठी चित्रपट १२ ऑक्टोबरला प्रेक्षकांच्या भेटीला येतोय.

Takewadi Andhali village wins the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2018

Pune/Mumbai, Paani Foundation today announced the winners of the Satyamev Jayate Water Cup 2018 at an award ceremony hosted by Mr. Aamir Khan and Ms. Kiran Rao, Founders of Paani foundation, and Mr. Satyajit Bhatkal, CEO of Paani Foundation.
The event was held at the Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune in the presence of more than 6,000 villagers from all over Maharashtra. The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis was the Chief Guest at the Award Function which witnessed an all-party galaxy of political leaders, notably Shri Ajit Pawar, Shri Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil, Shri Uddhav Thackeray, Shri Raj Thackeray, and the Hon. Minister for Water Conservation Shri. Ram Shinde. Leading lights from the world of film, television, media and business were also present to celebrate the stellar work done by lakhs of villagers to make their villages’ drought free. 

The first prize of Rs. 75 lakhs was given to Takewadi Andhali village from Maan taluka of Satara district. Second prize of Rs. 50 Lakhs was given jointly to villages from Bhandvali (Maan taluka) and Sindkhed from districts Satara and Buldhana respectively.  The third prize of Rs. 40 Lakhs was given jointly to villages of Anandwadi (Ashti taluka) and Umatha (Narkhed taluka) from districts Beef and Nagpur respectively.
“Paani Foundation has brought together people from all strata. The foundation should include 100 talukas next year and government will extend all help for the same. We can achieve new Maharashtra with each other's cooperation," said Maharashtra's Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday. The trophy was handed over by CM & Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis.
Along with CM, Minister of State for Water Resources Vijay Shivtare, Minister of State for Home, Ram Shinde, and Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil, former CM Ashok Chavan, former Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and CEO of Paani Foundation Satyajit Bhatkal were present at the occasion. In its third edition, Water Cup 2018 saw participation of 75 talukas where capacity to store 22,269 crore liter of water was stored through rainwater harvesting works done over a period of 45 days.
Speaking as the chief guest of the function, Fadnavis said, "Paani Foundation realized that Maharashtra could not be water-abundant unless people are brought together. Maharashtra will have abundant water only when water conservation will become a mass movement. There can be no change in the lives of people or villages by external forces, any change whatsoever has to be brought by ourselves. Paani Foundation has underlined this fact and worked in that direction".
While appreciating that water table level in Maharashtra has gone up because of Water Cup competition works, he said that water has to be judiciously. "We have known the science, now it is our duty to follow it up. Otherwise we may well head towards drought again. There must be continuity in our efforts," he warned.
He appealed to Aamir Khan to include 100 talukas in the Water Cup League next year and promised to provide all assistance for the same at the government level.
Outlining his vision, Aamir Khan said, "Paani Foundation was born three years ago with a dream and this dream is of not one or two but 11 crore people. We want this dream to realize in our lifetime and happily, we are seeing it coming into reality. It is our dream to see Maharashtra water-abundant one day. I love every moment of this journey to realise. I do not know whether I will be successful in this effort but I enjoy this journey".
Satyaji Bhatkal said, "Paani Foundation was started just 30 months ago with the conviction that villages will be replete with water if entire village contributes in the effort. Water Cup was born out of this effort. Collective manual labour is important even in the age of machines. Some wise men said it wouldn't succeed but people of Maharashtra proved them wrong. This was kind of a craziness that would fill heart of every Marathi era on with pride".
Vijay Shivtare said, "Six commissions were appointed for eradicating drought from the state. Aamir Khan has achieved heart-conservation with water-conservation".
Ashok Chavan said, "We have come together here to salute Aamir Khan's work. He has shown that nothing is impossible when people join hands. Maharashtra had to face man-made drought in Maharashtra. But Aamir and his team has created a charged atmosphere in the state. He has lead the way by example. All political parties are with him in his endeavor".
While appreciating that Aamir Khan has done an exemplary work, Ajit Pawar advised Aamir Khan not to share platform of any political party. He also emphasized that we would have to rethink of the crop pattern in view of availability of water.
Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said, "It requires immense strength to bring together so many people.” We will extend all support to eliminate drought from Maharashtra". Raj Thackeray said, "It is most unfortunate that water crisis has become severe in the state. Water is beyond caste, creed and religion which gives life to everyone".
In 2018, the competition witnessed the participation of 4025 villages from 75 talukas   from 24 districts of Maharashtra. Over 20,000 villagers were trained in watershed management by Paani Foundation. Over half a million people participated in the shramdaan during the Water Cup. The water storage capacity created by this year’s competition is approximately26,000 crore liters. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Poonam Kaur is all praises for director Satish Vegesena

Poonam Kaur, the popular Tollywood actress today took to her social media and posted praise for her director Satish Vegesna. She went on to say that the director treated every artist like a family and wished that he becomes the Raju Hirani of Telgu Film Industry.  Vegesena had also written and directed the movie Shatamanam Bhavati, which was one of the greatest hits of 2017. He has also won a national award for this movie. 
In her post she also mentioned that, he is not just a great director and also a man with virtues that values every talent that works with him. 
Poonam Kaur is playing an important role in the upcoming movie Swarna Khadgam and she is confident of the movie doing well at the box office

Saturday, August 11, 2018

SBI Q1FY19 Results

·         The Bank incurred a net loss of Rs. 4,876 Cr during the Quarter.
o   Lower Trading Income and significant MTM losses due to hardening of bond yields, recognised in Q1FY19 itself (Rs 7,098 Cr Loss). Bank has not availed the benefit of RBI dispensation with regard to amortization of MTM loss.
o   Higher provision on account of Wage Revision and enhancement in Gratuity ceiling (Every quarter Rs 903Cr until Q3FY19).
·         Net Interest Income increased by 24% YoY; due to 7.5% YoY growth in interest from loans and 2% YoY decline in cost of deposits
·         Non-Interest Income decreased by 17% from Rs. 8,006 Cr in Q1FY18 to Rs. 6,679 Cr in Q1FY19 mainly on account of lower trading income.  Excluding treasury income, YoY growth in Non-Interest income was 28%.
·         Recovery in Written-Off Accounts registered a robust growth of 241% from Rs.712 Cr in Q1FY18 to Rs. 2,426 Cr in Q1FY19 with major contribution coming from one large resolution. Even after excluding the impact of such resolution, the YoY growth in Recovery in Written Off accounts is 50%.
·         Deposits of the Bank increased by 5.5%; and CASA ratio stands at 45%
·         Gross Advances at the Whole Bank level registered a growth of 5.5%
o   Domestic Advances registered a growth of 7%
§  Retail Advances increased by 14% on the back of Home loans (13% YoY Growth), Auto loans (12% YoY Growth) and Express Credit (31% YoY Growth)
·         Gross NPA Ratio at 10.69% declined sequentially by 22 bps, while it increased by 72 bps YoY.
o   Net NPA Ratio declined by 68 bps YoY from 5.97% as on June 17 to 5.29% as on June 18. Sequentially the same has declined by 44 bps.
o   Provision Coverage Ratio improved by 846 bps YoY from 60.79% as on June 17 to 69.25% as on June 18 and improved by 308 bps sequentially.
·         Tier 1 Ratio improved by 17 bps sequentially from 10.36% to 10.53%. Overall CAR remained at 12.83%,

(in Rs Cr.)
YoY Growth
QoQ Growth
Net Interest Income
Other Income
- of which recovery from w/o accounts

- of which profit / loss from sale of investments

Operating Expenses
Operating Profit
Total Provisions
Loan loss provisions
Standard Asset
Investment Depreciation
Income tax
Net Profit

Domestic Advances
Corporate (incl. SME)


Watchlist (incl. SMA1 and SMA2)