Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NASSCOM Foundation partners with American Express to Encourage Social Innovations and Train Young Girls in Technology

American Express Donates INR 1.32 Crore to NASSCOM Foundation
- To give grants and support social innovations in the space of Financial Inclusion, Healthcare and Sanitation, and Environment through the NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum
- To turn public libraries into safe spaces to train girls from underserved communities on new-age technology solutions

Bangalore, October 17, 2017: NASSCOM Foundation today announced its partnership with American Express to drive social innovation through NASSCOM Foundation’s NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, and provide free technology education to young girls utilizing the freely available public library space as training centres.

American Express will be donating INR 1.32 Crores for these projects from its CSR budgets. Of this total grant amount, INR 1 Crore will be utilized towards NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum in providing grants & mentorship to social innovators in the area of Financial Inclusion, Healthcare &Sanitation, and Environment. The remaining, INR 32 lakhs will be utilized under NASSCOM Foundation’s Indian Public Library Movement to train young girls on technology skills, using public libraries as the training centres.  The project – Technology empowering Girls will be run in 4 libraries, catering to a minimum 200 adolescent girls each year, per library.

“As an organization known for its service, we are constantly expanding the definition of what that means to us. We believe giving back to the community is not only integral to running a business sustainably, but also part of our individual responsibilities as citizens of the world. In our own experience, the most impactful leadership and innovation in our company has come from women, and this gives us the sense of purpose to partner with NSIF on this initiative to pass the baton to empower young women in the country," said Pradeep Kapur, Senior Vice President, American Express Global Servicing Network – Japan and Asia Pacific.

Shrikant Sinha, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation said, Most of the social issues can be solved using technology as an enabler but the use of technology becomes limited to the extent of tech knowledge a person has. We believe that if you train a girl, you train a generation giving them the power to become true change agents for the society. We are glad to partner with American Express, where we are trying to strengthen both the technology based social innovation ecosystem and the ease of technology adoption for the underserved. This partnership will also be giving a renewed purpose to the public libraries and we hope that more corporates come forward to help reimagine and reposition our public libraries as the centre of our community engagement.”

NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) is India’s largest platform to foster innovative use of technology to create sustained social impact. The program instituted since 2008, identifies, honours and supports, innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) based projects, products and solutions that have the potential to address critical gaps in key developmental areas and contribute to inclusive growth. 

With support from American Express, NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum would be able to provide grants worth INR 10 lakhs each to five winners across the categories - Financial Inclusion, Healthcare & Sanitation, and Environment. The remaining grant will be utilized to further build capacity, mentor and enhance the efficiencies of the winners.

Through this onboard, American express joins Mphasis, in becoming the official partner for NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, where the latter will be supporting the social innovations in the areas of Education and Accessibility. 

The selected winners will also be provided with a 12-month Support to Scale Mentoring by experts in the industry as well as access to NASSCOM Foundation’s network of tech for good leaders in the country. The Forum aims to drive CSR capital to encourage and scale innovations across relevant and topical themes in the country.

Applications for NSIF are open until 31st October, 2017.

Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM) is a multi-stakeholder initiative hosted by NASSCOM Foundation (NF), in collaboration with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). IPLM focuses on repositioning public libraries into ‘vibrant and inclusive knowledge spaces’ and as institutions responsive to community needs.

In partnership with American Express, IPLM will be running, ‘Technology empowering Girls’ program across 4 public libraries in the NCR region. The Public library spaces will be used to empower a minimum of 800 underserved girls from 12 – 22 years of age on new-age technology tools like mobile phones, computers, tablets etc. Once trained, the girls will be able to send email, connect on social media, buy from ecommerce websites, pay bills online, use maps, check whether forecast and will even learn how to use the Internet to avail various government services such as registering for Aadhar cards, ration cards, PAN cards, and others. This will also enable them to use innovative technology-based solutions to help them resolve key gender equality issues like violence, health, and economic and political empowerment. This will also encourage girls to further undertake IT education and become a part of one the fastest growing industry in India.

Deepika Padukone Launches Hema Malini's Biography Beyond The Dream Girl

Pic and News KABIR
Deepika Padukone launched the biography of veteran actress Hema Malinion Monday evening in Mumbai. The biography, titled Beyond The Dream Girl, is written by Ram Kamal Mukherjee, and was unveiled on Hema Malini's 69th birthday (October 16). The biography's foreword has been written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Hema Malini's daughters Esha and Ahana Deol were also present at the launch along with their respective husbands. However, her actor husband Dharmendra wasn't there. Deepika Padukone, 31, wore a ravishing red Banarasi sari by Sabyasachi and accentuated her look with gold necklace and earrings. Hema Malini opted for a blue sari.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

‘अॅट्रॉसिटी’ चित्रपटाचा पोस्टर अनावरण सोहळा

वास्तववादी सिनेमा मनोरंजनासोबतच समाजातील विदारक सत्य आपल्यासोमर मांडण्याचं कामही करीत असतात. अॅट्रॉसिटी या आगामी मराठी सिनेमातूनही आजच्या समाजातील ज्वलंत वास्तव पाहायला मिळणार आहे. या चित्रपटाचा पोस्टर अनावरण सोहळा नुकताच हिंदी चित्रपटसृष्टीतील प्रसिद्ध लेखक–दिग्दर्शक दिलीप शुक्ला यांच्या हस्ते दिमाखात संपन्न झाला. या चित्रपटाला मन:पूर्वक शुभेच्छा देत लेखक–दिग्दर्शक दिलीप शुक्ला म्हणाले की, आशयाच्या बाबतीत मराठी चित्रपट कायमच मला आवडत आला असून अॅट्रॉसिटीच्या निमित्ताने एक मह्त्त्वपूर्ण विषय रसिकांसमोर येत असल्याचा मला आनंद आहे. आजवर नेहमीच दैनंदिन जीवनातील मुद्द्यांवर प्रकाशझोत टाकत चित्रपट बनवणाऱ्या दिग्दर्शक दिपक कदम यांनी अॅट्रॉसिटीचं दिग्दर्शन केलं आहे. आर. पी. प्रोडक्शनची प्रस्तुती असलेला अॅट्रॉसिटी १२ जानेवारीला प्रेक्षकांच्या भेटीला येणार आहे.
कायदे बनतात आणि त्यातून बचावासाठी पळवाटाही काढल्या जातातपण ज्यांच्यासाठी कायदे बनतात त्यांना मात्र त्याबाबत फारशी माहिती नसते. अॅट्रॉसिटी हा देखील एक असाच कायदा आहे,ज्याबाबत समाजात विशेष जागृती नाही. त्यामुळे समाजातील ज्या दुर्बल घटकांसाठी हा कायदा बनवण्यात आला ते याचा उपभोग घेऊ शकत नाही. अशा घटकांमध्ये जागरूकता निर्माण व्हावी या उद्देशाने निर्माते डॉ. राजेंद्र पडोळे यांनी  अॅट्रॉसिटी या चित्रपटाची निर्मिती केली आहे.
यतिन कार्येकरलेखा राणेगणेश यादवविजय कदमसुरेखा कुडचीडॉनिशिगंधा वाडकमलेश सुर्वे,राजू मोरेज्योती पाटीलशैलेश धनावडे या अनुभवी कलाकारांच्या जोडीला ऋषभ पडोळे आणि पूजा जैसवाल या नवोदित कलाकारांनी या चित्रपटात भूमिका साकारल्या आहेत. राजन सुर्वे आणि मंगेश केदार यांनी या चित्रपटाची पटकथा-संवाद लिहिले आहेत. कॅमेरामन राजेश राठोड यांनी या चित्रपटाचं छायांकन केलं असूनमधू कांबळे यांनी कलादिग्दर्शन केलं आहे. कलाकारांच्या निवडीची जबाबदारी राजेंद्र सावंत यांनी पार पाडली आहेतर संकलनाचं काम विनोद चौरसिया यांनी केलं आहे. बिरू श्रीवास्तव या चित्रपटाचे कार्यकारी निर्माते असूनविनोद बरई व राजेंद्र सावंत प्रोडक्शन कंट्रोलर आहेत.
अॅट्रॉसिटीमध्ये मांडण्यात आलेल्या वास्तववादी कथानकामध्ये मनोरंजक मूल्यांचा समावेष करीत गीत-संगीताची जोड देण्यात आली आहे. गीतकार अनंत जाधवमंदार चोळकरअखिल जोशीविजय के. पाटील यांनी अॅट्रॉसिटीमधील गीतं लिहिली असूनसंगीतकार अमर-रामलक्ष्मण यांनी त्यावर स्वरसाज चढवला आहे. आनंदी जोशीवैशाली सामंतजान्हवी प्रभू-अरोराशशिकांत मुंबारेनंदेश उमप,सौरभ पी. श्रीवास्तव यांनी या गीतरचना गायल्या आहेत. अनिल सुतार आणि जस्मिन ओझा यांनी कोरिओग्राफी केली आहे. १२ जानेवारीला अॅट्रॉसिटी हा चित्रपट प्रदर्शित होणार आहे.

“Neucorp launched its latest sports nutritional supplement-PROCEL”

Neucorp, one of the pioneer brand in the sports nutrition category has recently launchedPROCEL , a sports nutritional supplement on Sahara Star yesterday i.e 12th October 2017.

Designed in a clinically approven, PROCEL utilizes the superior FERMENTATION TECHNOLOGY which is much costlier and produces a superior biomolecule as it contains the best and most bio-available amino acids in the industry. It is a good source of protein, amino acids that help in the synthesis, maintenance, and repair of muscle tissue. It is also best to prevent from breakdown and fatigue that helps in speed recovery by promoting anabolism that would make it be the ideal choice for the consumers.

According to Mr. Samit Gupta, owner of Neucorp- Nutritional supplements are the best way to deliver nutrition that diet can’t often help to improve health and performance. By ourPROCEL, sports nutritional supplement our aspiration is to provide products who’s quality is not only unquestionable but who’s performance measures up to YOUR performance.

‘Thank U विठ्ठला’ चित्रपटाचा शानदार संगीत अनावरण सोहळा

मराठी चित्रपटांच्या विषयात आणि आशयात अलीकडच्या काळात खूप विविधता दिसून येत आहे.असाच वेगळ्या आशय आणि विषयाच्या Thank U विठ्ठला या मराठी चित्रपटाचा संगीत अनावरण सोहळा अभिनेता–दिग्दर्शक महेश मांजरेकर यांच्या हस्ते उत्साहात नुकताच संपन्न झाला. अनेक मान्यवरांच्या उपस्थितीत रंगलेल्या या संगीत अनावरण सोहळ्यात चित्रपटातील गाण्याची झलक या निमित्ताने सगळ्यांनी अनुभवली. एम.जी.के प्रोडक्शन प्रस्तुत या चित्रपटाची निर्मिती गोवर्धन काळे,गौरव काळे व अंजली सिंग यांनी केली असून कथा व दिग्दर्शन देवेंद्र जाधव यांचे आहे. येत्या ३ नोव्हेंबरला ‘Thank U विठ्ठला प्रेक्षकांच्या भेटीला येणार आहे.

मनोरंजनाच्या माध्यमातून चांगला संदेश देणारा ‘Thank U विठ्ठला हा चित्रपट माझ्यासाठी महत्त्वपूर्ण असल्याचं अभिनेता महेश मांजरेकर यांनी याप्रसंगी सांगितलं. मी आणि मकरंद अनासपुरेनी ‘Thank U विठ्ठला च्या निमित्ताने बऱ्याच दिवसाने एकत्र काम केलं असून आम्ही जितका हा चित्रपट एन्जॉय केला तितकाच तो प्रेक्षकही एन्जॉय करतील असा विश्वास या दोघांनी याप्रसंगी व्यक्त केला.

प्रत्येकाला नेहमीच दुसऱ्याच्या आयुष्याचा हेवा वाटत असतो. इतरांसारखं आयुष्य आपल्या वाट्याला नाहीयाबद्दल तक्रार करत आपल्या हाती असलेलं सहज सुंदर जगणंही हल्ली प्रत्येकजण विसरून गेलं आहे. ‘Thank U विठ्ठला या चित्रपटातही आयुष्याला कंटाळलेल्या एका व्यक्तीचा प्रवास असून या प्रवासात त्याला मिळालेल्या विठ्ठलाच्या साथीमुळे काय बदल घडतोयाची रंजक कथा या चित्रपटातपहाता येईल.
महेश मांजरेकरमकरंद अनासपुरेदीपक शिर्केकमलेश सावंतस्मिता शेवाळेसुनील गोडबोलेप्रदीप पटवर्धनकिशोर चौघुलेजयवंत वाडकरयोगेश शिरसाटअभिजीत चव्हाणमौसमी तोंडवळकरपूर्वी भावेतेजा देवकरयाकुब सय्यदअरुण घाडीगावकरअरुण टकलेसंतोष केवडेमिलिंद साफईसतीश सलागरेसंग्राम सरदेशमुखराजेंद्र जाधवशैलेश पितांबरेअंतून घोडकेआनंद जोशीअमीर शेख,मनीषा राऊत, शिवा व बालकलाकार वरद यांच्या भूमिका आहेत.

सादरीकरण आणि मांडणीत वैविध्य असलेल्या या सिनेमाचे संगीत देखील रिफ्रेशिंग झालंय. विजय शिंदेदीपक कांबळी मच्छींद्र मोरे यांच्या लेखणीतून साकारलेल्या यातील गीतांना रोहन-रोहन यांनी संगीतबद्ध केलं आहे. मोबाईल’, ‘विठ्ठल विठ्ठल विठ्ठला आणि लोणचं’ अशी वेगवेगळ्या जॉंनरची तीन गाणी या चित्रपटात आहेत. उत्तम स्टारकास्टदमदार संगीत असलेल्या ‘Thank U विठ्ठला या चित्रपटातील सुमधूर गीतांचा हा नजराणा प्रेक्षक नक्कीच एन्जॉय करतील. झी म्युझिक कंपनीने‘Thank U विठ्ठला चित्रपटातील गाणी प्रकाशित केली आहेत.

चित्रपटाचे सहनिर्माते एम.सलीम असून पटकथा ही त्यांचीच आहे. संवाद एम.सलीम व योगेश शिरसाट यांचे आहेत. छायांकन दिनेश सिंग तर संकलन अजय नाईक यांचं आहे. कलादिग्दर्शन अनिल गुंजाळ यांनी केलं असून वेशभूषा लक्ष्मण गोल्लार यांची आहे. ग्राफिक्स अरविंद हतनुरकर यांचं तर साऊंड इंजिनिअर विजय भोपे आहेत. नृत्यदिग्दर्शन गणेश आचार्य यांनी केले आहे. कार्यकारी निर्माते जितेंद्र कुलकर्णी आहेत.
३ नोव्हेंबरला ‘Thank U विठ्ठला प्रदर्शित होणार आहे.

Thursday, October 12, 2017



  • The 55 inches 4K Ultra High Definition Smart TV will be available exclusively on at an attractive price of INR 43,990.
  • The 55 inches 4K Ultra High Definition Smart TV comes with a display size of 139 cm and resolution of 3840 x 2160.
12 October, 2017: India’s leading manufacturer of TVs and electronics, Super Plastronics Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL), a Kodak brand licensee, today announced the launch of its KODAK 55" 4K UHD SMART TV in India. The TV is equipped with many impressive features and is being offered at a price of INR 43,990 and will be exclusively available on starting from late October 2017.

The 55 inch UHD SMART TV comes with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels with display size of 139 cm. It runs on Dual Core 1.4GHz processor and comes with 1GB memory and flash storage of up to 8GB.  

Furthermore, this KODAK product comes with intelligent features like ANDROID version 4.4, Wi-Fi, LAN connectivity, and Screencast.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Avneet Singh Marwah, Director, SPPL said, “Witnessing the success of our initial product line in the Indian market, we are proud to add this 4K TV to the lineup. By manufacturing the 55"4K UHD SMART TV, we aim to offer affordable products which are equipped with the latest technology to our customers”.

Available on
Key Specifications:
TV Model
Dual Core 1.4GHz
Display Size
139 cm
3840 x 2160
Maximum Audio Output
8E10W *2
Sound Mode
Standard, USER, Music, Movie, Sports
ANDROID version
4.4 Kitkat
Wi-Fi and LAN Connectivity
Flash Storage

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Metropolis Healthcare in association with WE Foundation launch ‘TooShyToAsk’


An app that is aimed to create awareness about gender education, nutrition and reproductive health
Mumbai, October 10, 2017: According to a report by the United Nations Human Rights Council, there is a lack of comprehensive sex education in India. Discussion about Sex and Sexuality is an awkward subject in the Indian home. Too Shy to Ask is an app which is developed to openly discuss and anonymously ask questions to a group of experts in an easy, safe and comfortable manner. The App has been built by WE Foundation in association with Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.
Dr. Duru Shah, Founder and Chairperson, WE Foundation said, “The approach towards the subject of gender and sex is impacting teenagers who are growing up in the shadows of misinformation, peer pressure and unrealistic expectations of sex and sexuality, as depicted in the media. The paradigm from viewing sex as an awkward subject to building a two-way communication that facilitates educating adolescents through an open channel is the key aim of launching this app. Both males and females can ask their questions related to sex, puberty, myths, gender violence, and such. The best part is, the identity of the person asking the question is kept completely anonymous. Previously, we imparted gender education (on reproductive and sexual health) through ‘expert led awareness workshops and camps’ to over 8 million girls in schools all over the country. Today, through this digital app, we aim to reach a larger number of girls.”
Dr. Prakash Gurnani, Co-chairperson, WE Foundation added “There are over 1.2 billion adolescents (age 10-19 years) in the world; of these 243 million adolescents are in India with nearly 121 million adolescent girls. This is an age of vulnerability as well as opportunity. Investing in adolescent education reaps maximum benefit for society. However sex and sexuality education remains a big challenge. There is the growing need for sex education in our country. Since today’s youth are tech savvy, this app will help bridge the gap and curb the awkwardness around the subject and will help teenagers by answering their queries.”
The highly curated content on the app is a result of months of research, and has been subjected to numerous drafts to ensure accuracy and credibility of information and rounds of pre-testing before being finalised.  The content is updated regularly in keeping with the latest medical advancements, supported by the vast knowledge of a highly qualified team of doctors and medical experts of Metropolis accessible 24x7.

About WE Foundation:
Women’s Empowerment Foundation – working for a society where women become active contributors to the national narrative. WE Foundation is a registered NGO that works to educate, empower and encourage adolescent girls to learn about their bodies, understand their reproductive systems, empower them with knowledge of nutrition that women require, train them in marketable skills that will earn them a living, equip them with self-defense skills to counter violence and attacks, and enable them to live a productive life that is based on their choices. We Foundation’s program works on the three fold principle of Educate, Empower, Encourage.

About Metropolis Healthcare Limited
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd is a global chain of pathology labs and diagnostic centers with over 150 labs and over 1500 health centres. Metropolis was founded by Dr. Sushil Shah (Chairman) in 1981. Metropolis has one of the largest test menu offering more than 4,500 varieties of tests. We are trusted by 2,00,000 doctors and cater to more than 20,000 laboratories, hospitals and nursing homes. Metropolis processes 30 million tests a year and is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) and the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the gold standard in laboratory accreditation. With 3 decades of experience in delivering accurate reports and helping doctors make right diagnosis, Metropolis has earned the reputation of being amongst the most respected healthcare brands. Metropolis offers a comprehensive range of healthcare systems and services that include Clinical Trials, Hospital Lab Management, Home Health Services, Preventive Health Check-ups and Corporate & Wellness Solutions.