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One of a kind gifting experience by CuroCarte

CuroCarte stands for handmade, lifestyle, design and travel. CuroCarte showcases products from various part of the world. It is a young start-up led by Ms. Ananya Birla daughter of Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla. All products offered by CuroCarte are handmade, with absolutely no use of machines. They have an exclusive in-house design team that designs each product collaborating with the artisans (they like to call them makers). The products and raw materials are sourced from around the world. Categories include home aesthetics, kitchen chic, artistic quirks and wall déco

By: Rashida Mukadam

कौल मनाचा चित्रपटाचा भव्य प्रीमिअर

कौल मनाचा या सिनेमाचा भव्य प्रिमीअर शो नुकताच मुंबईत संपन्न झाला. सिनेमातील स्टारकास्टसह  विविध क्षेत्रातील अनेक मान्यवर मंडळी यावेळी उपस्थित होती. वेगळ्या विषयाच्या चित्रपट निर्मितीबद्दल मान्यवरांनी निर्माता-दिग्दर्शकांचे मनापासून कौतुक केले. या प्रिमीअरप्रसंगी आपल्या पाल्यासोबत उपस्थित असलेल्या पालकांनी हा चित्रपट वास्तवदर्शी असल्याची प्रतिक्रिया यावेळी व्यक्त केली.

रेड बेरी एन्टरटेंन्मेंट’ प्रस्तुत श्री सदिच्छा फिल्म्स’ निर्मित कौल मनाचा या चित्रपटात बालमनाचा वेध घेण्यात आला आहे. या चित्रपटाचं दिग्दर्शन भिमराव मुडे यांच आहे. अनेक गोष्टीवर भुलण्याच्या या वयात मुलांची मानसिक घालमेल लक्षात घेऊन त्यांना योग्य-अयोग्याची जाणीव करून देणं महत्त्वाचं असतं, हे सांगण्याचा प्रयत्न कौल मनाचा या चित्रपटातून करण्यात आला आहे.

या सिनेमात राजेश शृंगारपुरेसमीर धर्माधिकारीअमृता पत्कीमिलिंद गुणाजी,विजय चव्हाणजयवंत वाडकरविजय गोखले,वर्षा दांदळेकमलेश सावंत,श्वेता पेंडसेआशुतोष गायकवाडगिरीजा प्रभूनिनाद तांबडेगणेश सोनावणे आदि कलाकारांच्या भूमिका आहेत.

Dr Batra’s® honored with ‘India’s most trusted Brand’ Award organized by IBC Infomedia

‘India’s Most Trusted Brand Awards’ salutes and honors the outstanding performances and excellence of the top 50 brands

Mumbai, October 21, 2016: In line with its commitment to patient care, Batra’s® Healthcare has been awarded ‘India’s most trusted Brand’ by IBC Infomedia based on a consumer survey conducted by Media Research Group (MRG). The brand was selected from over 2000 short-listed brands from across the country setting new milestones and achievements in patient satisfaction and patient experience.  
India’s Most Trusted Brand Award is a distinctive recognition for brands that have maintained the highest standards of product integrity and brand development. Some of the other selected brands across various categories include Tata, LIC,  Vodafone, Bajaj, Zandu Balm, Sandesh Gujarati Paper, India Today, Yashraj Films, Orra Diamond, Indian Oil, India Today, Tata AIG Insurance, etc.
Dr Batra’s™ follows some of the most stringent medical protocols which gives their patients the best treatment and experience in medical care. These include a pool of medical knowledge of over 460 doctors that are experienced in treating various ailments and a Medical Advisory Board compromising some of the renowned MD’s from top specializations. More importantly, all treatment results are independently audited by American Quality Assessors (AQA) across their patent base of 15 lakh patients.
Speaking on the awards Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder and Chairman, Dr Batra’s™ Group of Companies said “It’s an honor and privilege to be recognized as India’s Most Trusted Brand, as it strengthens our belief that the brand is on the right path, ensuring consumer satisfaction, results and trust.”

About Dr Batra’s® Group of Companies
Dr Batra’s Health Care Group was founded by Dr. Mukesh Batra in 1982 in Mumbai. The Group today is the leading Homoeopathic healthcare corporate, having 241 clinics across 131 cities with presence in India, Dubai and London. In 2009, the company introduced Aesthetic Services through its flagship brand Dr Batra’s Aesthetic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The aesthetic solutions arm of Dr Batra’s offers wide services ranging from hair transplant, obesity solutions, to an array of skincare solutions.
The brand has also made significant progress and development in personal and healthcare products under its well established division Dr Batra’s Positive Health Products Pvt. Ltd.  This marks a phenomenal contribution by Dr Batra’s due to its individualized treatment and care to over 10 lakh patients across the globe, including 3 lakh hair patients and 1 lakh skin patients.
Dr Batra’s Cyber Clinic ( has been listed in the Limca Book of Records (Editions 2004 and 2005) for becoming the first-ever cyber clinic to offer online consultation to over 4.5 lakh patients every year. It has also launched the world’s first tele-homoeopathy clinic which enables real-time multi-location connectivity. The brand is the only Homeopathic Most Trusted No. 1 Ranked Brand by The Brand Trust Report – India Study 2013, and feted as a Power Brand for the year 2012 by Planman Media. Dr Batra’s is the world’s first homoeopathic healthcare corporate to receive the much-coveted ISO 9001-2008 Certification. Moreover the brand is well known for its philanthropic work for underprivileged sections of the society to get free treatment.

वलय चित्रपटाचा मुहूर्त

मराठी चित्रपटात नावीन्यपूर्ण विषयांची सातत्यपूर्ण निवड होत आहे. प्रभावी कथानक, वेगळी हाताळणी या वैशिष्ट्यामुळे मराठी चित्रपटाची दखल सातासमुद्रापारसुद्धा घेतली जाऊ लागली आहे. विशाखा मिडिया वर्क्स निर्मित व निकी बत्रा दिग्दर्शित वलय या वेगळ्या धाटणीच्या मराठी चित्रपटाचा मुहूर्त नुकताच गीत ध्वनीमुद्रणाने संपन्न झाला. याप्रसंगी चित्रपटातील कलाकार,तंत्रज्ञ तसेच पद्मश्री गुरु अफसार खान यांची विशेष उपस्थिती होती.

‘तुझ्या प्रेमात मन हे माझे आज गुंतले’ हे प्रेमगीत गायक स्वप्नील बांदोडकर यांनी स्वरबद्ध केलं असून याच गीतलेखन व संगीत प्रकाश प्रभाकर याचं आहे. हे प्रेमगीत प्रत्येकाच्या मनाला स्पर्श करेल असा विश्वास गायक स्वप्नील बांदोडकर यांनी याप्रसंगी व्यक्त केला.

आयुष्यातील चढ-उतार प्रत्येकाला काहीतरी शिकवून जात असतो. याच चढ-उताराचा वेध कबड्डी खेळाच्या माध्यमातून वलय चित्रपटातून घेण्यात आला आहे. अशोक कुंदनानी निर्मित या चित्रपटात अजिंक्य देव, रेशम टिपणीस, सुरेखा कुडची, अभिलाषा पाटील, आरती सपकाळ, अमिषा आंबेकर, वैभव आमटे, सायरा खान, रितू नचणीनीरज अंबुले, फहीम खान, अनिकेत मोगरे, विनायक पुजारी, रक्षित देशमुख या कलाकारांच्या भूमिका आहेत.



In Marathi cinema, along with its novelty, good topics are also being selected. With effective stories and the novelty in handling them, Marathi movies have drawn the attention of cine goers beyond the seven seas. Vishakha Media Works produced and Nikki Batra directed, the movie VALAY with a different and distinct style, celebrated its muhurat with the recording of a song. At the function the artistes and technicians with Hon.Padmashree Guru Afsar Khan were present.

A love song sung by Swapnil Bandhodkar “Tujya Premat man he maje guntle” was recorded on this occasion. Prakash Prabhakar has penned the lyrics and also given the music. Swapnil Bandhodkar believes that the song would definitely touch the hearts of the listeners.

Ups and downs of life always teachs us something. In the movieVALAY, the lessons of the ups and downs of ones life is expressed through the game of Kabaddi. The movie produced by Ashok Kundnani, has the following artistes, Ajinkya Dev, Resham Tipnis, Surekha Kudchi, Abhilasha Patil, Aarti Sapkal, Amisha Ambekar, Vaibhav Amte, Saira Khan,  Ritu Nachni,  Neeraj Ambule, Faheem Khan, Aniket Mogre, Vinayak Pujari & Rakshit Deshmukh.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

‘Future-Proof’ your skin with The Pond’s Institute

Mumbai, 19th October 2016: A pioneer in skincare innovation, The Pond’s Institute today, unveiled its proprietary science and technology breakthroughs created to solve skin problems of today and tomorrow. Dr. Shuliang Zhang, Sr. Principal Scientist, and Global Clinical Leader for Skin Care, Unilever presented a deep dive into the Pond’s Institute which is globally, a network of 700 scientists. He spoke about how the brand analyzes evolving skincare needs, uncovers insights on the existing skincare concerns and designs molecules to deliver superior results.
The event also hosted Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President Skincare – India, Unilever, expert dermatologist Dr. Aparna Santhanam and brand ambassadors Ileana D’cruz and Amy Jackson.
A specially designed daylong event recreated The Pond’s Institute in Mumbai with virtual zones demonstrating the science behind skincare innovations. Pond’s latest innovation - the ‘My Skin Advisor’ web- application was unveiled at The Pond’s Institute. This web app is designed to provide in-depth skin analysis using the facial recognition technology and recommend a skincare regime tailored to the skincare needs of the consumers on the go!

At the event, Pond’s unveiled a breakthrough innovation in face cleansing - Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash. Formulated with pimple-fighting Active Thymo-T Formula, this face wash is clinically proven to help clear pimples in just three days to give beautifully smooth, clearer skin on the outside.  Leading actor and model, Amy Jackson, the face of Pond’s Pimple Clear Face Wash, was present to unveil the product and talk about this exciting solution to pimples.

Dr. Shuliang Zhang, Senior Principal Scientist, and Global Clinical Leader for Skin Care who spoke about the latest innovations at the event said, “It’s a pleasure to visit a diverse country like India and share our latest breakthroughs tailored for our Pond’s consumers here. With our strong scientific research and technology credentials we continue to stay committed to our mission of future proofing skin with the My Skin Advisor technology as well the launch of our breakthrough formula with Pond’s Pimple Clear Facewash.”

Pond’s brand ambassador and popular Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz unveiled the ‘My Skin Advisor’ technology as she spoke about her journey with Pond’s. Ileana demonstrated the software and showed how she uses this technology to be her own skincare expert.

“It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Pond’s, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted skincare brands. It’s a brand that has pioneered skincare innovation and has strongly influenced daily skincare regimes of women across age groups, including myself. I am very happy and excited to be a part of this event, it’s proven to be an amazing platform to learn about skincare,” said Pond’s ambassador, Ileana D’Cruz.

For more information on The Pond’s Institute and My Skin Advisor web application click here

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abof launches India’s first athleisure fashion brand: SKULT by Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, India, October 18, 2016 – abof has announced the launch of India’s first athleisure fashion brand, SKULT, exclusively on its portal. This brand is in partnership with actor Shahid Kapoor, who has built an iconic reputation amongst India’s youth through movies such as Udta Punjab, Haider, and Jab We Met. SKULT, built on the principle of ‘Fashion meets functionality and Design meets Innovation’, is an evolvedstyle of athleisure which draws inspiration from all around the world but adapted for Indian sensibilities and body types.

Athleisure is a huge trend globally. It is a completely new genre of fashion being introduced by abof to Indian millennials in its continued efforts to be a differentiated player in a market cluttered with discounts. In athleisure, clothes are designed to be sturdy to withstand vigorous routines, yet they are trendy and versatile to be worn everywhere. The fashion needs of millennials have changed in last one decade where comfort wear has permeated in routine life. Youth in India today wants to dress down in everyday wear which is casual yet chic. Identifying the void in Indian wardrobes and taking the idea forward, has taken this street-wear hybrid trend to next level with the launch of SKULT which stands for Shahid + Cult. SKULT’s athleisure collection is unconventional, highly voguish, yet easy to carry and more importantly reminds consumer something about Shahid’s personality in each of its piece.

The atypical ‘Athleisure’ collection by Skult has been designed in-house by abof and has taken more than a year to work on this brand and its products. Commenting on his idea of SKULT, Shahid said, “Skult is about free styling. Skult is about fashion and functionality. Skult is about being yourself wherever you are. It's about apparel that's an extension of your body. That allows you to express yourself with no restrictions or rules. Sometimes clothes that are cool feel too restricting. This line sets you free. Own style. Don't let style restrict you”.

The collection of SKULT is absolutely enthralling with never before seen silhouettes and designs. SKULT is crafted to suit all occasions - work, casual or social.  There is no other brand in India that offers anything even remotely close to the range of SKULT. The collection has strong emphasis on black, grey, nude and monochromatic tones. The offbeat, yet trendy brand has a wide variety of merchandise for men in its launch season with over 250 options, which includes internationally trending categories like meggings and shackets. Apart from bringing these never-heard-before categories in India, even the regular categories have intricate detailing - like thumb holes, drop shoulder jackets, scoop hem tees, long line tees with drawcord - which makes the collection really stand out. SKULT has used high-performance yet very lightweight fabrics - cotton viscose, slub jersey, grindles, melanges, snow heather, terry, lycra denim, cotton satin, and popcorn knit – with the single-minded objective to make it really comfortable. The line also consists of 50 key pieces under ‘SKULT SIGNATURE’ where each piece has been crafted by the actor himself.

“Shahid is a youth icon who is admired for his style. We are extremely excited to partner with him in creating India’s first athleisure fashion brand which combines the actor’s love for ‘fun and comfortable’ dressing", said Kedar Apshankar, Deputy CEO, “Athleisure is the new age clothing and we believe that comfort twined with hi-class fashion will take SKULT to great heights. The collection is exceptionally promising and refreshingly on-point. I am confident that this brand and its collection will be embraced by millennials and replace a large part of regular clothes in their wardrobes”, he added.

Rohan Mehra learns to drape a saree in the Bigg Boss house!

Last Sunday saw celebrities & common people locked in one house at the grand launch of Bigg Boss season 10 & one episode down, the show is already creating noise for the antics by the housemates. 

An unseen footage from Day 1 shows the other contestants picking up on reel life father-son duo Karan Mehra & Rohan Mehra asking them to drape a saree which the duo took up sportingly. The chocolate boy in the house, Rohan Mehra is seen struggling with draping the saree while the girls help him out. 

We are not sure if it was for a task but commendable to take this task sportingly & also have the boys teasing them & they danced on Beedi Jalaile. The celebrities seem to be bonding fine with the commoners. Only time will tell how long this will go on for because you never trust Bigg Boss with the twists & turns. 

Find out how Rohan draped the saree from the link below :-