Monday, September 25, 2023


Marks International Day of Sign Languages with a specially designed Sign Language Bucket~ 

The Sign Language Bucket features step-by-step tutorials for consumers to learn to sign commonly used words and phrases~

Multiple touchpoints such as Sign Language Menus and a dedicated webpage to encourage learning ISL also introduced~

Link to webpage here.

National, 22nd September 2023: Who says we always need words to understand each other?
Sometimes all it takes is a sign. 

Ahead of International Day of Sign Languages, KFC India is using its most distinctive brand asset, the iconic bucket, to raise awareness for Indian Sign Language. The specially designed Sign Language Bucket features step-by-step visual tutorials of commonly used words and phrases, giving consumers a chance to learn how to communicate in Indian Sign Language (ISL). Terms such as ‘Hello’, ‘Please’, ‘Good Morning’, ‘How are you’, ‘Have a good day’, ‘Lol’, ‘What’s up?’ as well as numbers and sizes take center stage on the bucket. The specially designed Sign Language Buckets will be available across all KFC restaurants in India this week. 

The Sign Language Bucket and the #SpeakSign campaign are part of KFC India’s Kshamata program, which is aimed at feeding people’s potential, and bridging the gender and ability gap. Through the Kshamata program, KFC India is committed towards empowering women and the speech and hearing-impaired at their restaurants.

Speaking about the initiative, Aparna Bhawal, CMO, KFC India & Partner Countries, said, “Our founder, Colonel Sanders, firmly believed that everyone had a seat at his table, and his values & beliefs continue to inspire us even today. Through KFC Kshamata and our #SpeakSign campaign, we are committed to enhancing inclusivity for the hearing and speech impaired. This year, ahead of International Day of Sign Languages, we really wanted to challenge ourselves and bring Sign Language to the forefront for consumers. So we took Sign Language to our biggest and most distinctive brand asset – the bucket. By transforming it with visuals that demonstrate ISL, we are presenting consumers with a way to actively learn the language. It’s a huge win in our journey towards inclusivity if people walk out of our restaurants having learnt the basics of sign.” 

A special Sign Language Menu is also being introduced across Special KFC restaurants (operated by speech and hearing-impaired employees), giving consumers a chance to learn how to sign their favourite KFC menu items. 

And that’s not all. On 23rd September, all Special KFCs across India will go silent, with team members cheering on consumers to use less words, and more signs. In addition to this, short tutorial videos will also be featured on KFC India’s Instagram handle offering a ‘Crunch Course in Sign Language’, to guide customers on how to converse in sign at a Special KFC restaurant.

*Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited Launches Its First Exclusive Boys Wear Brand - Junior Killer*

● Junior Killer is a high street fashion brand that is set to address end-to-end wardrobe needs for boys.
● The collection comprises of extensive style categories across Casuals, Sports and Classic.
25th September 2023, Mumbai: Elevating the style quotient for young fashionistas, Junior Killer - India’s latest high street kids fashion brand from the house of Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL) was launched in the city today. This new brand is set to redefine the fashion landscape by offering end to end wardrobe needs of young boys of age 4 to 16, with thoughtfully crafted designs. Junior Killer offers a wide range of options to cater to the diverse tastes of young fashion enthusiasts. The official unveiling of Junior Killer took place in Mumbai, marked by a spectacular fashion show that showcased the brand's inaugural collection in the presence of Actress Ms. Bipasha Basu and Actor Mr. Karan Singh Grover, along with unveiling of its TVC shot in Amsterdam.
Junior Killer's debut collection has been meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and preferences of today's discerning young boys. With an extensive range of clothing options, Junior Killer has uniquely crafted categories of clothing for boys – Casual, Sports and Classic. From denims to t-shirts, shirts and co-ords, the collection caters to various occasions and styles, ensuring that every young boy can express his individuality. From casual wear to occasion wear, Junior Killer offers an array of options that seamlessly blend style and comfort.
Speaking about the launch, Mr. Hemant Jain, Joint Managing Director – Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited said, "We are thrilled to introduce Junior Killer, a brand that embodies the spirit of today's young boys. We have carefully curated this collection to not only reflect their unique style but also empower them to make a mark in the world while staying true to their roots. Our aim is to provide fashionable options for young boys who value both style and substance."
The inspiration behind Junior Killer's debut collection draws from the everyday style of boys, celebrating their dynamic and adventurous spirit. With prices starting at just Rs. 499 and going up to Rs. 2399, the brand offers high-quality fashion at accessible price points. Junior Killer collection will be available across leading multi-brand outlets as well as Killer Exclusive stores, K-Lounge and National Chain Stores starting with their inaugural SS’24 collection.
About Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd: Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited is a 40 plus year legacy company in the Indian retail & fashion industry. Started in the 1980, by brothers Kewalchand Pukhraj Jain and Hemant Pukhraj Jain, as an apparel manufacturing business with focus on denim, KKCL today has transformed into a celebrated and sought after home-grown fashion & lifestyle brand Company. Today, KKCL has a wide range of offerings from Jeans, T-Shirts, Shirts, Shorts, Jackets, Blazers, Winterwear, Athleisure, Accessories under flagship brands like Killer, Integriti, Lawman pg3 and Easies with presence across EBOs, MBOs, National Chain Stores throughout India.
KKCL has successfully competed with global brands and remained the nation's largest branded apparel maker through constant innovation and keeping up with people pulse. The Company's ability to keep innovating and competing has made it a sought-after fashion brand in the country.
About Killer: A premium fashion brand for men, Killer is the first truly international Indian brand created and owned by Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited. A brand that is youthful, trendy, vibrant and with an attitude. Killer enjoys a leadership position in the premium menswear segment and is one of the largest selling denim brands in India. Started as a jeans brand, the Killer product portfolio today includes men's ready-to-wear jeans, trousers, cargos, capris, shirts, jackets, tee-shirts, athleisure, innerwear (vests and briefs), footwear (shoes, socks), time-wear, eyewear and other accessories (belts, bracelets etc). The designs of Killer are synonymous with the rebellious streak of youth. Killer products are retailed across EBOs (250+), K-Lounge (180+) Large format stores (750+) and MBOs (2000+) to be closer to its consumers and evolve the brand with the changing times.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Tata Sampann expands its staple food portfolio with the launch of vermicelli

Tata Sampann newly introduced product range comprises of three distinct variants

Mumbai, 18 September 2023 – Tata Sampann, the brand dedicated to delivering high quality and tasty products, has expanded its offering of staple foods by introducing Vermicelli across the southern Indian market. The newly introduced product range comprises of three distinct variants - 'Sorghum Millet Vermicelli,' 'Protein Rich Roasted Vermicelli,' and 'Protein Rich Seviyan Vermicelli.' The latter two options are made with 100% semolina (suji), which ensures a balance of protein and dietary fibre.

Crafted without the addition of maida, Tata Sampann Vermicelli boasts of a remarkable protein content. If the Roasted Vermicelli offers a texture that is non-sticky and non-lumpy, the Seviyan variant is with a source of dietary fibre, while the Sorghum Millet Vermicelli is a wholesome blend of suji and jowar. These quick-cooking varieties transform into a delightful meal in just a span of 10 minutes once roasted, providing convenience with nutrition. Apart from satiating the taste buds, Vermicelli also contributes to a well-rounded diet. It forms a cornerstone for an array of culinary innovations, making it the perfect choice for food enthusiasts who wish to savour authentic flavours without compromising on their wellbeing.

Ms. Deepika Bhan, President, Packaged Foods (India), Tata Consumer Products said, "We are delighted to introduce the Tata Sampann Vermicelli range in the Southern part of India, in line with our dedication to providing both nourishing and delectable options. As health consciousness continues to rise, consumers are increasingly seeking nutrition without compromising on flavour. Our range of Roasted, Unroasted, and Millet vermicelli is strategically positioned to cater to these evolving preferences and tap into the market's potential. Vermicelli's versatility makes it a food option beyond breakfast making it a wholesome option for meals throughout the day. It is a quintessential ingredient in most Indian households which now comes in premium forms that elevate everyday meals. With Sampann, we continue to satiate local tastes while delivering a wholesome choice."

The launch of Tata Sampann Vermicelli in the southern Indian market exemplifies the company’s commitment to providing premium quality products that consumers can trust. The 200 g roasted vermicelli pack can be bought for Rs. 30/- (MRP incl. of all taxes) and the unroasted variant of 200 g can be bought at Rs. 22/- (MRP incl. of all taxes) while the Millet vermicelli is priced at Rs. 30/- (MRP incl. of all taxes) for 180g. The products will be available in select premium outlets and leading e-commerce channels.

फक्त मराठी सिने सन्मान सोहळा २०२३’ दिमाखात संपन्न‘वाळवी’ ठरला सर्वोत्कृष्ट चित्रपट


कलावंतांचा गौरव करणारा यंदाचा ‘फक्त मराठी सिने सन्मान सोहळा २०२३’ नुकताच दिमाखात संपन्न झाला. मराठी चित्रपटांना प्रोत्साहित करण्याच्या हेतूने ‘फक्त मराठी सिने सन्मान सोहळा ’या आगळ्यावेगळ्या सोहळयाची संकल्पना फक्त मराठी वाहिनीच्या हेड पल्लवी मळेकर यांनी यशस्वी करून दाखविली. यंदा या सोहळ्याचे दुसरे वर्ष होते. यंदाच्या या रंगतदार सोहळ्याचे खुमासदार सूत्रसंचालन अमेय वाघ आणि ओंकार भोजने यांनी केले. या दोघांच्या भन्नाट निवेदनाने कार्यक्रमाची रंगत चांगलीच वाढवली. अभिनेता शुभंकर तावडे याच्या सुरेख गणेश वंदनेने सोहळ्याला सुरवात झाली. शिव ठाकरे, मानसी नाईक, वैदही परशुरामी कलाकारांच्या धमाकेदार सादरीकरणाने उपस्थितांचे चांगलेच मनोरंजन केले. हा नेत्रदीपक सोहळा लवकरच ‘फक्त मराठी’ वाहिनीवर प्रेक्षकांना बघायला मिळणार आहे. 

‘वेड’ चित्रपटातील ‘सुख कळले’ हे गीत आणि ‘महाराष्ट्र शाही’र चित्रपट सर्वोत्कृष्ट संगीतासाठी गौरविण्यात आला. या दोन्ही चित्रपटांसाठी अजय आणि अतुल यांना सन्मानित करण्यात आले. सर्वोत्कृष्ट गायिका म्हणून श्रेया घोषाल(‘वेड’) आनंदी जोशी (तमाशा LIVE) आणि सर्वोत्कृष्ट गायक म्हणून आदर्श शिंदे(रावरंभा)पुरस्काराचे मानकरी ठरले.'घर बंदूक बिरयानी' सर्वोत्कृष्ट कथा (नागराज मंजुळे, हेमंत अवताडे), ‘वाळवी’ सर्वोत्कृष्ट पटकथा(मधुगंधा कुलकर्णी-परेश मोकाशी) तर सर्वोत्कृष्ट संवादाचा मान 'घर बंदूक बिरयानी' (नागराज मंजुळे, हेमंत अवताडे) ने पटकावला. ‘चौक’ चित्रपटातील खलनायकाच्या भूमिकेसाठी उपेंद्र लिमये तर ‘टाईमपास ३’ चित्रपटातील विनोदी भूमिकेसाठी संजय नार्वेकर यांना गौरवण्यात आले. सहाय्यक अभिनेत्री पुरस्कारासाठी ख़ुशी हजारे (वेड) तसेच सहाय्यक अभिनेता पुरस्कारासाठी अशॊक सराफ (वेड) यांना सन्मानित करण्यात आले. सर्वोत्कृष्ट छायांकनासाठी महेश लिमये (जग्गू आणि ज्युलिएट) यांचा सन्मान करण्यात आला. परेश मोकाशी यांनी(वाळवी) सर्वोत्कृष्ट दिग्दर्शकाचा मान पटकावला. ‘अनन्या’ चित्रपटासाठी हृता दुर्गुळे सर्वोत्कृष्ट अभिनेत्री तर ‘वाळवी’ चित्रपटासाठी स्वप्नील जोशी सर्वोत्कृष्ट अभिनेत्याचा मानकरी ठरला. सर्वोत्कृष्ट चित्रपटाचा बहुमान ‘वाळवी’ला मिळाला. ‘महाराष्ट्र शाहीर’ चित्रपटाला या सोहळ्यात विशेष ज्युरी पुरस्काराने सन्मानित करण्यात आले. दिग्दर्शनासाठी केदार शिंदे तर अभिनयासाठी अंकुश चौधरी याचा गौरव यावेळी करण्यात आला. ‘वेड’ चित्रपटाने पॉप्युलर चित्रपटाचा 'किताब पटकावला.

बॉलीवूडमधले ज्येष्ठ अभिनेते जॅकी श्रॉफ यांनी या सोहळ्याला विशेष उपस्थिती लावली. ज्येष्ठ अभिनेते सचिन पिळगावकर यांच्या कारकिर्दीला मानवंदना देत त्यांचा याप्रसंगी विशेष सत्कार करण्यात आला. राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कारांवर मोहोर उमटविलेल्या कलाकृतींचा सन्मान यावेळी हिंदीतील ज्येष्ठ अभिनेते सतीश शहा यांच्या हस्ते करण्यात आला.

प्रत्येक पुरस्कारागणिक वाढत जाणारी उत्कंठा, सादर होणारे एकापेक्षा एक बहारदार कलाविष्कार आणि त्याला मिळणारी प्रेक्षकांची उत्स्फूर्त दाद यामुळे ‘फक्त मराठी सिनेसन्मान सोहळा २०२३’ नेत्रदीपक झाला. फक्त मराठी’ वाहिनीच्या प्रेक्षकांना हा सोहळा लवकरच बघायला मिळणार आहे.        

JSW Infrastructure Limited’s Initial Public Offering to open on Monday, September 25, 2023, sets price band at ₹113 to ₹119 per Equity Share


Price Band of ₹113 – ₹119 per equity share bearing face value of ₹2 each (“Equity Shares”)
Bid/Issue Opening Date – Monday, September 25, 2023, and Bid/Issue Closing Date – Wednesday, September 27, 2023.
The Anchor Investor Bidding Date - Friday, September 22, 2023;
Minimum Bid Lot is 126 Equity Shares and in multiples of 126 Equity Shares thereafter.
The Floor Price is 56.50 times the face value of the Equity Shares and the Cap Price is 59.50 times the face value of the Equity Shares.

JSW Infrastructure Limited (the “Company”), a part of the JSW Group and India’s second largest commercial port operator in terms of cargo handling capacity in Fiscal 2023 (Source: CRISIL Report), has fixed the price band at ₹113 to ₹119 per Equity Share for its initial public offering of Equity Shares. 


The initial public offering (“IPO” or “Issue”) of the Company will open on Monday, September 25, 2023, for subscription and close on Wednesday, September 27, 2023. Investors can bid for a minimum of 126 Equity Shares and in multiples of 126 Equity Shares thereafter. The Issue is entirely a fresh issue of Equity Shares worth ₹ 2,800 crore.


The objects of the issue is to prepay or repay Rs 880 cr of it’s outstanding borrowings; finance capital expenditure requirements amounting to Rs 865.75 cr for an LPG Terminal Project, Rs 59.4 crs for setting up an electric sub-station, Rs 103.88 cr for the purchase and installation of a dredger and finance Rs 151.04 crs for the proposed expansion at Mangalore Container Terminal besides general corporate purposes


JSW Infrastructure Limited is a port-related infrastructure company which received initial cargo from the JSW Group as anchor customer. In addition to partnering with JSW Group Customers, to pursue its growth strategies, the Company has diversified its customer base to include third-party customers across geographies and has expanded its cargo mix by leveraging its locational advantage and maximizing asset utilization. As on June 30, 2023, the Company’s installed cargo handling capacity was 158.43 million tonnes per annum ("MTPA”). The Company provides maritime related services including, cargo handling, storage solutions, logistics services and other value-added services to its customers.

The Company’s operations expanded from one port concession at Mormugao, Goa (acquired by the JSW Group in 2002) where it commenced operations in 2004, to nine Port Concessions as of June 30, 2023. It has a diversified presence across India with Non-Major Ports located in Maharashtra and port terminals located at Major Ports across the industrial regions of Goa and Karnataka on the west coast, and Odisha and Tamil Nadu on the east coast.

The Company’s Port Concessions are strategically located and well-connected to cargo origination and consumption points. This enables the Company to serve the industrial hinterlands of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and mineral rich belts of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha (Source: CRISIL Report), making its ports a preferred option for its customers.

It also operates two port terminals under operations & maintenance agreements in Fujairah Terminal and Dibba Port in the UAE with cumulative cargo handling capacity of 41 MTPA as of June 30, 2023.

The Company plans to further expand its operations through brownfield and greenfield projects. It is also considering inorganic opportunities to further expand its capacities, customer base, service offerings and geographical footprint. The new capacity building is aimed at strengthening its presence in handling container and liquid cargo with a focus on growing its third-party customer base.

The Company’s third party cargo business in India has witnessed a compounded annual growth rate of 65.58% from 11.30 million metric tonne (“MMT”) in FY21 to 30.98 MMT in FY23 and by 32.29% from 7.03. MMT in the three-month period ended June 30, 2022 to 9.30 MMT in the three-month period ended June 30, 2023.

The cargo handled for the Company’s third-party customers in India as a proportion of its total cargo handled by volume increased from 24.81% in FY21 to 33.37% in FY23. It emerged as the fastest growing port-related infrastructure company in terms of growth in installed cargo handling capacity and overall cargo volumes handled during Fiscal 2021 to Fiscal 2023 (Source: CRISIL Report).

The Company’s business is aligned to the Government of India’s thrust towards privatization of Terminals across Major Ports hitherto managed by Port Trust Authority. Government policies have provided great impetus to the Ports sector through various initiatives including Gati Shakti Scheme, National Logistics Policy, Sagarmala and Bharatmala Pariyojana to improve transport infrastructure. (Source: CRISIL Report).

From operating terminals at major ports to developing greenfield ports like Jaigarh Port and Dharamtar Port, handling multi-commodity cargo including dry bulk, break bulk, liquid and gases and containers, with an aim to increase its third-party customer base, JSW Infrastructure Limited is uniquely positioned to capitalise on India’s growth opportunities with a strong balance sheet and ambitious growth targets.

JM Financial Limited, Axis Capital Limited, Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Limited, DAM Capital Advisors Limited, HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited, ICICI Securities Limited, Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited, and SBI Capital Markets Limited are the book running lead managers and KFin Technologies Limited is the registrar to the Issue. The Equity Shares are proposed to be listed on BSE and NSE.           

For further details in relation to the Company, BRLMs, Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of the Company, availability of application forms and RHP, please refer to the statutory advertisement published on September 18, 2023

About JSW Infrastructure Limited: JSW Infrastructure Limited is part of the JSW Group. JSW Infrastructure Limited is the second largest commercial port operator in India in terms of cargo handling capacity in Fiscal 2023 operating environment-friendly seaports & terminals. It operates nine state port concessions strategically located on the west and east coasts of India. The existing ports and terminals of the Company are capable of handling a wide range of cargo and vessels up to Cape size. Its largely mechanized cargo handling system enable quick turnaround times while ensuring efficient use of existing resources. The strategic locations of these facilities makes its ports a preferred option for its customers. JSW Infrastructure Limited has expanded its cargo mix by leveraging its locational advantage and maximizing asset utilization. As part of its future growth strategy, the Company plans to enhance its overall cargo-handling capacity to 300 MTPA by 2030. It is also strengthening its market position by focusing on value-added offerings with end-to-end logistic support and a diversified cargo profile. JSW Infrastructure is committed to strengthening its ESG performance across the operational ecosystem by aligning its policies and practices with international standards. As a multinational conglomerate, JSW Group also has other business interests in sectors such as steel, energy, cement, paints, sports and venture capital. (Source: CRISIL Report)

Jupiter Life Line Hospitals IPO Makes a healthy debut on the Exchanges; Lists at 32.38% premium

Mumbai, September 18, 2023: Multispecialty Hospital Chain, Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited debuted on the exchanges at 32.38% premium.
The scrip listed Rs. 960.00 per share on BSE and Rs. 973.00 per share on NSE, at a premium of 30.61% and 32.38% respectively. The company's share price closed at Rs. 1,075.25 per share on the BSE, a 46.29% premium, and at Rs. 1,073.95 per share on the, 46.11% premium.
As per NSE, the total quantity traded stood at 128 lakh shares, on BSE the total Quantity stood at 8.5 lakh shares. Total Turnover (BSE+NSE) on Day 1 stood at Rs 1,406.46 crore.
The Market Capitalization of the Company at today’s closing price stood at Rs. 7,049.99 Crore as per BSE and Rs. 7,041.46 Crore as per NSE.
Led by founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Ajay P Thakker with over 3 decades of experience in the field of medicine and healthcare and Dr. Ankit Thakker, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer who has a more than a decade experience in the healthcare sector. The Company commenced operations in 2007 with a hospital in Thane, Maharashtra and has been operating for over 15 years as a corporate quaternary care healthcare service provider in the western regions of India. It currently operates three hospitals in Thane, Pune and Indore under the “Jupiter” brand. 

Jupiter Hospitals has a strategic focus on the western India healthcare market. It currently is in the process of developing a multispecialty hospital in Dombivli, Maharashtra, which is being designed to accommodate over 500 beds. The construction of the hospital began in April 2023 and will be spread across 600,000 sq. feet.

Monday, September 18, 2023

Goyal Salts’ IPO Opens on 26th September, 2023

Issue Size – 49,02,000 equity shares of ₹ 10 each
Issue Size – ₹ 18.63 Crore at Upper Price Band
Price Band – ₹ 36 To ₹ 38
Market Lot Size – 3,000 Equity Shares
Mumbai, September 18th, 2023 – Goyal Salts Limited (GSL), a Rajasthan based salt producing and refining company, has announced its plans to go public with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on September 26th, 2023. The company is aiming to raise ₹ 18.63 crore through this IPO, with shares set to be listed on the NSE EMERGE platform.
The fresh issue size is 49,02,000 equity shares of Face Value ₹ 10 each, The Bid opens for Anchor Investors on September 25th, 2023.
Equity Share Allocation
Qualified Institutional Investors (QIB) – Not More Than 48.16% of the Net Issue
Non-Institutional Investor (NII) – Not less than 15.97% of the Net Issue
Retail Individual Investors (RII) – Not Less Than 35.87% of the Net Issue
Employees – Up To 90,000 Equity Shares
Market Maker – Up To 2,46,000 equity Shares
The net proceeds from the IPO will be utilized to fund Capital Expenditure for quality enhancement, Brand creation and marketing expenses, Gunding working capital requirement and general corporate purpose. The issue closes on September 29th, 2023.
The Lead Manager to the Issue is Holani Consultants Private Limited and The Registrar to the Issue is Bigshare Services Private Limited.
Mr. Rakesh Goyal, Chairman, Goyal Salts Limited said,'' We are in the business of salt which is a basic requirement of every individual as well as industries and the demand for it will be increasing day by day with the rising population, growing industries and rising usage of salt for various treatments. 
Anticipating huge demand and to strengthen our presence in export market as well as premium segment we want to leverage these opportunities.
IPO funding will provide us with necessary resources to meet our growth capital and achieve our long-term vision. Additionally, the IPO will also enhance our brand and enable us to reach out to various investors.”
Ashok Holani, Director, Holani Consultants Private Limited, Book Running Lead Manager to the issue, said, “We believe that this offering will provide the company with the necessary resources to meet growth capital and enhance its market share.
We have been bringing high growth potential companies to the market and strongly believe that Goyal Salts Limited has a well-defined strategy and a strong business model that is likely to yield positive results in the future.”
About Goyal Salts Limited:
Incorporated in 2010 as Goyal Salt Limited specializes in processing salt extracted from the sub-soil brine of Rajasthan using an integrated method. The Company’s refinery is strategically located in Nawa City, close to the famous Sambhar Lake. GSL also possess government-approved lease rights for raw salt extraction in Rajasthan and have a dedicated complex for refining, storing, and packaging their products.
GSL produces premium industrial and edible salts which Includes Triple Refined Free Flow Iodized Salt, Industrial Salt, Double Fortified Salt, And Triple Refined Half Dry Salt. The current capacity is 700 tonnes per day.
For FY23, the Company reported net sales of ₹117.64 crore and net profit of ₹3.54 crore.

Certain statements in this document that are not historical facts are forward looking statements. Such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties like government actions, local, political or economic developments, technological risks, and many other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the relevant forward-looking statements. The Company will not be in any way responsible for any action taken based on such statements and undertakes no obligation to publicly update these forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

QubeHealth bags funding from Inflection Point Ventures, Green Ivy Ventures & others

● The Healthcare payments company tops-up its Pre-Series-A round 
● The company expects to deploy Rs. 3000 Crore in medical credit over the next 
three years 
Mumbai, Monday 18 September 2023: QubeHealth (“Qube”), a healthcare payments 
company has topped-up its Pre-Series-A round with investments led by the Inflection Point 
Ventures, Green Ivy Ventures and other Family Investment offices. Keiretsu Forum and other 
existing shareholders of the company, also added to the undisclosed funding amount. 
Speaking on the funding, Chris George, Co-Founder & CEO, Qube said, “Qube is changing the 
way Indians pay for their family’s healthcare. Integrating payment methods, no-cost medical 
loans, an open network of healthcare providers, we are on a mission to make healthcare 
payments, frictionless. This funding round adds to our pre-series-A corpus and gives us a 
runway of up to two years, while setting us up for our upcoming Series-A.” 
Qube, offers a payments system and healthcare credit line to employees of companies that 
sign up to its QubeHealth-Credit product. Offered as a complement to the group health 
insurance policy provided by employers. 
From paying medical bills that are not covered, or partially covered by health insurance, to 
paying non-cashless bill payments OR OPD, Qube’s Users borrow and pay as they need from 
a pre-assigned credit limit. They choose the amount, the healthcare provider and a payback 
period of up to one year, with no interest or fees on repayments. The credit line is free to the 
employee, but the employer pays a small subscription fee, on behalf of the employee. 
With medical inflation doubling in the last five years, insurance is turning out to be 
inadequate. Add to this a high friction insurance claims experience, and cashless payments 
continuing to be a burden, Indians are paying over $55 Billion every year on healthcare 
expenses, from their pockets. Qube operates in this part of the healthcare market, using 
embedded finance and payment systems to provide better access and options for healthcare 
to employed Indians. 
The Company stated that they do not disclose funding amounts, but claimed that it has 
already activated Rs. 1000 Crore of medical credit to over 2 lakh employees of 270 corporates 
in India. In the next three years the company expects to deploy Rs. 3000 Crore in medical 
credit, enabling quick payments via its mobile app to any hospital or clinic in the country, 
linking a User’s bank account, Insurance payments, employer reimbursements and Qube’s 
own no-cost credit line. 
Qube is only available through Indian employers for the time being.  Commenting on the investment, Mitesh Shah, Co-founder, Inflection Point Ventures said, 
“The intersection of finance and healthcare is a very interesting area for us and Qube has been 
at the forefront of this from the time we first invested in the company two years ago. Their 
focus and financially prudent approach to building a company has seen our initial investment 
grow four times and we believe that they are on a path to dominate the healthcare payments 
sector in India.” 
Puneet Kothapa, for Green Ivy Ventures added, “Paying for your family’s healthcare is the 
foremost fear in the minds of any Indian and a solution that helps them in taking control of 
this will see rapid adoption. We believe Qube has proven that financing and frictionless 
payments is a great way to solve the healthcare access problem.” 

Friday, September 15, 2023

Manoj Vaibhav Gems ‘N’ Jewellers Limited’s Initial Public Offering to open on Friday, September 22, 2023, sets the price band at ₹204 to ₹215 per Equity Share


Price Band of ₹204– ₹215 per equity share bearing face value of ₹10 each (“Equity Shares”)
Bid/Offer Opening Date – Friday, September 22, 2023, and Bid/Offer Closing Date – Tuesday, September 26, 2023.
Minimum Bid Lot is 69 Equity Shares and in multiples of 69 Equity Shares thereafter.
The Floor Price is 20.4 times the face value of the Equity Share and the Cap Price is 21.5 times the face value of the Equity Share.

Mumbai, September 15, 2023: Vaibhav Jewellers is a leading regional jewellery brand in South India, with a presence in the micro markets of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana with 13 showrooms across 8 towns and 2 cities and a market share of ~4% of the overall Andhra Pradesh and Telangana jewellery market and ~10% of the organized market in these two states in FY2023, has fixed the price band at ₹204 to ₹215 per Equity Share for its initial public offer. The initial public offering (“IPO” or “Offer”) of the Company will open on Friday, September 22, 2023, for subscription and closes on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. Investors can bid for a minimum of 69 Equity Shares and in multiples of 69 Equity Shares thereafter.


The Public Issue of face value of ₹10 per Equity Share comprises of fresh issuance of equity shares worth up to Rs 210 crore and an Offer for Sale (OFS) of up to 2.8 million equity shares.


The jewellery brand is one of the earlier entrants in the organised jewellery retail market of Andhra Pradesh and continues to focus on regional expansion into the high-growth untapped regions within the micro-markets of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana thereby creating a market for branded jewellery in the area of operations. In 2007, it launched its flagship showroom in Visakhapatnam is spread across 29,946 sq ft and four different floors of shopping experience.

77% of its retail showrooms are in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and the rest are in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam catering to urban consumers. Each of its showroom houses has a varied exquisite and large inventory of designs across a wide range of products in Gold, Diamond, Gems, Platinum & Silver Jewellery or Articles. Its sub-brand Visesha caters to a premium segment of gold and diamond jewellery.


For the three months ended June 30, 2023, revenue from operations stood at Rs 508.90 crore and net profit was Rs 19.24 crore. In FY 23 its revenue from operations was Rs 2027.34 cr, majorly from the sale of gold jewellery. In 2005 it stood at Rs 50.9 cr. The Jewellery brands per retail showroom average revenue and EBITDA metrics for fiscal 2023 stood at Rs 155.95 cr and Rs 11.00 cr respectively. Between FY21-23 the Revenue and PAT grew a CAGR of 18.92% and 85.81%. Its e-commerce sales grew from Rs 4.16 cr in FY 19 to Rs 36.40 cr in FY 23.


Bajaj Capital Limited and Elara Capital (India) Private Limited are the book-running lead managers and Bigshare Services Private Limited is the Registrar to the Offer. The Equity Shares are proposed to be listed on BSE and NSE.



Utkarsh Small Finance Bank’s Initial Public Offering to open on July 12, 2022, sets price band at ₹23 to ₹25 per Equity Share

• Price Band fixed at ₹23 – ₹25 per equity share bearing face value of ₹ 10 each (“Equity Shares”) of Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited (“Bank”)

• Bid/Offer Opening Date – Wednesday, July 12, 2022 and Bid/Offer Closing Date – Friday, July 14, 2022*.

• Minimum Bid Lot is 600 Equity Shares and in multiples of 600 Equity Shares thereafter.

• The Floor Price is 2.30 times the face value of the Equity Share and the Cap Price is 2.50 times the face value of the Equity Share.

*The Bank may, in consultation with the BRLMs, decide to close the Bid/Issue Period for QIBs one Working Day prior to the Bid/Issue Closing Date in accordance with the SEBI ICDR Regulations. UPI mandate end time and date shall be 5.00 p.m. on the Bid/ Issue Closing Date.

Risks to Investors:

Regulatory Risk

• We are subject to inspections by regulatory authorities, including by the RBI. Non-compliance with RBI inspection/ observations or other regulatory requirements or any adverse observations from such regulators may have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operation or cash flows.

• Our Previous Statutory Auditors have been debarred by the Reserve Bank of India from undertaking audit assignments for entities regulated by RBI for a period of two years with effect from April 1, 2022.

• Our non-convertible debentures are listed on BSE and in the past, there were certain inadvertent delays by us in making certain disclosures and regulatory filings to BSE under the Listing Regulations. We have filed settlement applications before SEBI under show cause notice issued by SEBI on account of such inadvertent delays.

• We have received a show cause notice from SEBI regarding alleged non-compliance of provisions of Companies Act 2013 and erstwhile SEBI (Issue and Listing of Debt Securities) Regulations, 2008 relating to public offering of securities which may result in penal actions.

Concentration Risk:

• A significant portion of our advances in the microbanking segment are towards customers located in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Further, a significant portion of our deposits from such customers are from the states and union territory of Maharashtra, NCT of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. We are currently significantly dependent on our microbanking segment, particularly joint liability group (“JLG”) loans.


Details of our bulk deposits, including as a percentage of our total term deposits:

Particulars As of March 31,

 2021 2022 2023

 Amount (₹ million) Percentage of Total Term Deposits (%) Amount (₹ million) Percentage of Total Term Deposits (%) Amount (₹ million) Percentage of Total Term Deposits (%)

Bulk Deposits 31,900.58 51.61% 40,655.42 51.98% 52,712.72 48.60%

Financial Risk:

• If we are unable to control the level of NPAs in our portfolio, our business, financial conditions, results of operations and cash flows could be adversely affected.

• Our profit after tax declined from ₹ 1,118.15 million in Fiscal 2021 to ₹ 614.62 million in Fiscal 2022. While our profit after tax was ₹ 4,045.02 million in Fiscal 2023, there can be no assurance that we will be able to recover our unsecured advances, lower our NPAs or maintain profitability in the future.

Particulars As of/ For the year ended March 31,

 2021 2022 2023

Total income (₹ million) 17,058.36 20,336.46 28,042.86

Profit after tax (₹ million) 1,118.15 614.62 4,045.02

Unsecured loans (₹ million) 70,811.13 79,789.88 87,459.11

Particulars As of/ For the year ended March 31,

 2021 2022 2023

Unsecured loans as a percentage of total advances 86.18% 78.01% 66.92%

Gross NPA as a percentage of Gross Advances (%) 3.75% 6.10% 3.23%

Net NPA as a percentage of Net Advances (%) 1.33% 2.31% 0.39%

Net Interest Income (₹ million) 8,392.46 10,608.51 15,290.31

Net Interest Margin (%) 8.20% 8.75% 9.57%

• The Weighted Average Cost of acquisition of all Equity Shares transacted in last three years, 18 months and one year preceding the date of the RHP:

Period Weighted Average Cost of Acquisition (in ₹)# Cap Price is ‘X’ times the Weighted Average Cost of Acquisition # Range of Acquisition Lowest Price – Highest Price (in ₹) #

Last 1 Year 21.23 1.18 14.01-27.00

Last 18 Months 20.91 1.20 14.01-27.00

Last 3 Years 28.64 0.87 14.01-31.80

# As certified by JHS & Associates LLP, Chartered Accountants, vide their certificate dated July 7, 2023.

• Weighted average cost of acquisition compared to Floor Price and Cap Price:

Past transactions Weighted Average Cost of Acquisition (in ₹)** Floor price i.e. ₹23** Cap price i.e. ₹25**

WACA* of primary issuance 31.80 0.72 times 0.79 times

WACA* of secondary issuance 27.00 0.85 times 0.93 times

Above weighted average cost of acquisition based on past five primary issuances/ secondary transactions. 

* WACA- Weighted average cost of acquisition. 

** As certified by JHS & Associates LLP, Chartered Accountants, vide their certificate dated July 7, 2023.

• Average cost of acquisition of Equity Shares for the Promoter is ₹ 10.50 per Equity Share and Issue Price at upper end of the Price Band is ₹ 25 per Equity Share.

• Weighted Average Return on Net Worth for fiscals 2023, 2022 and 2021 is 12.78%.

• The two BRLMs associated with the Issue have handled 68 public issues in the past three Fiscal Years, out of which 24 issue closed below the IPO price on the listing date.

Name of the BRLM Total Issues Issues closed below IPO price on listing date

ICICI Securities Limited* 32 14

Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited* 19 4

Common Issues of above BRLMs 17 6

Total 68 24

*Issues handled where there were no common BRLMs


Mumbai, July 10, 2023: Varanasi-based Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited ("Bank”) proposes to open its initial public offering comprising a fresh issue of such number of Equity Shares aggregating up to ₹5,000 million (“Issue”) on Wednesday, July 12, 2023. Bid/ Issue Closing Date will be Friday, July 14, 2023. The Anchor Investor Bidding Date is one Working Day prior to the Bid/Issue Opening Date, that is, Tuesday, July 11, 2023.

Bank recorded the third fastest Gross Loan Portfolio growth between Fiscal 2019 and Fiscal 2023 among small finance banks (“SFB”). The Bank has fixed the price band at ₹23 to ₹25 per Equity Share for the Issue. Bids can be made for a minimum of 600 Equity Shares and in multiples of 600 Equity Shares thereafter. 

The Bank is promoted by Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited, which commenced its operations as a NBFC in Fiscal 2010 and focused on providing microfinance to unserved and underserved segments particularly in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited received the RBI In-Principle Approval on October 7, 2015, to establish an SFB, following which it incorporated Utkarsh Small Finance Bank Limited as a wholly-owned subsidiary on April 30, 2016. Subsequent to the Bank obtaining the RBI Licence on November 25, 2016, to establish and carry-on business as an SFB, Utkarsh CoreInvest Limited transferred its business of providing microfinance, as a going concern to the Bank, which commenced its operations from January 23, 2017.

In case of any revision to the Price Band, the Bid/Issue Period will be extended by at least three additional Working Days following such revision of the Price Band, provided that the Bid/Issue Period shall not exceed 10 Working Days. In cases of force majeure, banking strike or similar circumstances, the Bank, in consultation with the BRLMs may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, extend the Bid/Issue Period for a minimum of three Working Days, subject to the Bid/Issue Period not exceeding 10 Working Days. Any revision in the Price Band and the revised Bid/Issue Period, if applicable, will be widely disseminated by notification to the Stock Exchanges by issuing a public notice, and also by indicating the change on the respective websites of the BRLMs and at the terminals of the Syndicate Member and by intimation to the Self Certified Syndicate Banks, other Designated Intermediaries and the Sponsor Banks, as applicable. 

The Issue is being made in terms of Rule 19(2)(b) of the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Rules, 1957, as amended, (the “SCRR”) read with Regulation 31 of the SEBI ICDR Regulations. The Issue is being made through the Book Building Process, in compliance with Regulation 6(2) of the SEBI ICDR Regulations, where not less than 75% of the Net Issue will be Allotted on a proportionate basis to Qualified Institutional Buyers (“QIBs”) (the “QIB Portion”), provided that the Bank may, in consultation with the BRLMs, allocate up to 60% of the QIB Portion to Anchor Investors, on a discretionary basis (the “Anchor Investor Portion”), of which one-third shall be reserved for domestic Mutual Funds, subject to valid Bids being received from domestic Mutual Funds at or above the price at which Equity Shares are allocated to Anchor Investors. Further, 5% of the QIB Portion (excluding the Anchor Investor Portion) (“Net QIB Portion”) shall be available for allocation on a proportionate basis to Mutual Funds only and the remainder of the Net QIB Portion shall be available for allocation on a proportionate basis to all QIBs (other than Anchor Investors), including Mutual Funds, subject to valid Bids being received at or above the Issue Price. However, if the aggregate demand from Mutual Funds is less than 5% of the Net QIB Portion, the balance Equity Shares available for allocation in the Mutual Fund Portion will be added to the remaining Net QIB Portion for proportionate allocation to QIBs. If at least 75% of the Net Issue cannot be Allotted to QIBs, then the entire application money will be refunded forthwith. Further, not more than 15% of the Net Issue shall be available for allocation to Non-Institutional Bidders of which one-third of the Non-Institutional Portion shall be available for allocation to Bidders with an application size of more than ₹200,000 and up to ₹1,000,000 and two-thirds of the Non-Institutional Portion shall be available for allocation to Bidders with an application size of more than ₹1,000,000 provided that under-subscription in either of these two sub-categories of Non-Institutional Portion may be allocated to Bidders in the other sub-category of Non-Institutional Portion in accordance with the SEBI ICDR Regulations, subject to valid Bids being received at or above the Issue Price. Further, not more than 10% of the Net Issue shall be available for allocation to Retail Individual Bidders, in accordance with the SEBI ICDR Regulations, subject to valid Bids being received at or above the Issue Price. Further, Equity Shares will be allocated on a proportionate basis to Eligible Employees applying under the Employee Reservation Portion, subject to valid Bids received from them being at or above the Issue Price. All Bidders (other than Anchor Investors) shall mandatorily participate in this Issue through the Application Supported by Block Amount (“ASBA”) process and shall provide details of their respective bank account (including UPI ID for UPI Bidders (as defined below)) in which the Bid Amount will be blocked by the Self-Certified Syndicate Banks (“SCSBs”) or under the UPI Mechanism, as applicable. Anchor Investors are not permitted to participate in the Anchor Investor Portion through the ASBA process. For details, see “Issue Procedure” beginning on page 417 of the RHP.

The Equity Shares offered through the red herring prospectus dated July 6, 2023 (“Red Herring Prospectus” or “RHP”) are proposed to be listed on both BSE Limited (“BSE”) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (“NSE”, together with BSE, the “Stock Exchanges”).

ICICI Securities Limited and Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited are the book running lead managers (“BRLMs”), while KFin Technologies Limited is the Registrar to the Issue.