Friday, July 30, 2021

Evergreen Club Announces Evergreen Monsoon Gala for the Elderly

5-day non-stop festival of fun, enjoyment and merry-making 

July, 2021: Monsoon marks the season of rejuvenation, happiness and prosperity, refreshing the earth and the environment around us. It gives people the opportunity to indulge in fun and entertainment with their family and friends, while experiencing the beauty of nature.

To amp up the excitement around monsoon, Evergreen Club – a unique lifestyle and wellness digital community by 
Seniority – has announced Evergreen Monsoon Gala, a virtual carnival for the elderly from 28th July to 1st August. The 5-day non-stop festival promises to be full of fun with a number of exciting events and lots of prizes up for grabs, exclusively on the Evergreen Club app and website.

The Evergreen Monsoon Gala will allow the elderly to enjoy a host of engaging activities and contests throughout the day, ranging from exclusive gardening and personal care tips during the rainy season to cooking monsoon-special dishes for relishing with the family. Not only that, seniors will also get a chance to flaunt their best talents at the dancing, singing, poetry and fashion show competitions, and walk away with exciting prizes. A mega dance performance by the members will mark the end of the Evergreen Monsoon Gala in high spirits.

Sharing his remarks on the monsoon carnival, Tapan Mishra, Founder, Seniority & Evergreen Club said, “The pandemic has proven to be a tough time for the elderly but with Evergreen Club, we aim to create a happy place for them, where they can live life to the fullest and make new memories. The Evergreen Monsoon Gala is set to be a unique and first-of-its-kind virtual event where they can indulge in merrymaking and entertainment along with exciting gratification for an amazing experience.”

To access the full list of events and participate in the Evergreen Monsoon Mela, users can log on to the Evergreen app or website and create an account in simple easy steps. Download the app here:

Play Store Link: 
App Store Link:

Evergreen Club is a digital community platform for the elderly where they can participate in learning and interactive sessions, while also socializing with like-minded people over similar interests. The sessions range from yoga, meditation, dance therapy, Antakshari, Tambola, gardening, calligraphy, painting, baking, language learning, grooming, etc. and are conducted every day for the convenience and choice of the elderly.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Parle Agro Set to Reshape the Indian Dairy Landscape with SMOODH

~Set to disrupt the Indian Dairy universe with new and innovate product offerings~

~Debuts with flavoured milk range - SMOODH launched in two universally popular consumer flavours - Chocolate Milk and Toffee Caramel ~


National, 26 July, 2021: India’s multi-category, multi-brand beverage behemoth Parle Agro that has been dominating the fruit-based drinks category in the country for over three decades with iconic Indian beverages, has announced its diversification into the Dairy Category. The move is backed by years of devoted in-depth research and extensive investment in modern and innovative technologies to build a robust dairy infrastructure and introduce novel products to the Indian consumers. With this, Parle Agro is set to dynamically transform the dairy universe in India with innovations and new consumer experiences that haven’t existed in the category before.


Parle Agro makes its entry into the dairy segment with a high quality and premium range of flavoured milk products – SMOODH. With disruption ingrained in the company’s philosophy, SMOODH becomes the only flavoured milk beverage in the market globally, to be available in 85 ml Tetra Pak cartons and priced at only Rs.10. With this offering, Parle Agro is gunning to grow the branded flavoured milk market in India from the current INR 800 crores to INR 5000 crores in the next four years.


SMOODH is a silky, wholesome and delicious flavoured milk beverage available in two universally popular consumer choices, Chocolate Milk and Toffee Caramel. Created combining the finest quality ingredients and the goodness of milk, this drink is sure to become a new favorite of consumers across all age groups. 


Commenting on the launch of SMOODH, Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director and CMO, Parle Agro said, “Years of dedicated R&D have gone into developing this incredible product. And like all Parle Agro products, I am extremely happy and delighted to finally launch it in the market for our consumers to experience. As one of India’s leading Beverage Companies that has always been led by innovations, it has been a conscious effort to bring Indian consumers high quality and rich in taste products at the best value. SMOODH is in sync with this very vision.”


Elaborating further on the impact that the innovative SMOODH will bring to the beverage industry, Ms. Chauhan added, “SMOODH is a product that can be described as a technological marvel from all aspects – product, quality, price and pack-size. With the immense consumption opportunities that it presents, we are looking to create a substantial dent not just in the beverage category, but in the Rs. 10 Chocolate category as well which is currently an INR 4,300 crore industry.”


Disruption in the Flavoured Milk and Rs. 10 Chocolate Category with SMOODH

SMOODH is the only brand in the flavoured milk category priced at an incredible value of Rs. 10/-. This gives Parle Agro the opportunity to break the pricing barrier, a factor that has hampered the growth of the flavoured milk category in India. The price and pack-size also enables Parle Agro to achieve high penetration and distribution for SMOODH.


SMOODH also meets the need of consumers looking for a quick energy boost or a quick sweet fix, equivalent to that of a Rs. 10 chocolate bite. Thus, with the unique and disruptive pack size and price for a chocolate milk beverage, Smoodh is sure make an impact not only in the flavoured milk category, but in the Rs. 10 chocolate category as well.


Since its soft launch, SMOODH has been seeing almost equal offtake in rural and urban markets, a phenomenon that has never been experienced by existing branded flavoured milk brands in aseptic cartons as they don’t exist in rural markets. With this breakthrough combination in price and pack size, Parle Agro has brilliantly activated almost 80-90% of the rural market for flavoured milk which has never been activated to date, until the launch of SMOODH.


Technological Innovation and Infrastructure

SMOODH is currently being produced at two manufacturing locations - Mysore and SitarganjBy the end of 2021, Parle Agro will have added two more manufacturing locations producing SMOODH. The company has invested INR 100 crores for the latest and most advanced manufacturing technologies at their plants to ensure the premium quality of SMOODH is maintained and remains top notch.


Future of Dairy Vertical at Parle Agro

SMOODH range of flavoured milk beverages is just the beginning of the innovative offerings that Parle Agro plans to bring to the dairy category. The company has set their vision on introducing a range of ground-breaking products under their dairy portfolio apart from flavoured milk products that will shake up and cause disruption in the dairy market.


Ms.  Chauhan added, “The dairy market is really dynamic. We envision a very high and untapped potential to further optimize products in this market. As a leading brand whose strength lies in establishing new categories, building brands and capturing market share, we are very passionate about setting and reaching ambitious goals. We will continue to innovate with our product line with the vision of making Parle Agro the #1 Beverage Company in India while creating a historic transformation in the dairy industry with never-before products.”


Plans are underway for a state-wise launch of SMOODH with a distribution target of 2.2 million outlets across India. A strategic 360-degree marketing plan will be implemented post nationwide availability of the product.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

TiE Food Network conducted one-of-a-kind Sensory workshop on all about food; Living the life of a Sommelier

Flavoring Workshop conducted in association with TagTaste

Mumbai, July 24, 2021: TiE Mumbai recently conducted a unique, entertaining and educative Sensory workshop for its members on the Concepts of Sensory Evaluation and Live food Tasting. Taste is oral, while flavor is multi-sensory, this 3-hour session focused on the appreciation and recognition of food with regards to its appearance, aroma, texture, taste and sound. 

“As children, we learn the names of all sorts of shapes, colors, and sounds. But when it comes to the way things smell or taste, the only language we ever hear is qualitative — good and bad, yummy and yucky, delicious and disgusting. Once you start trying, you notice how difficult it is to assign language to taste and smell; training is a prerequisite. Our services were so far limited to food companies and restaurants; we are pleased to be extending our services to consumers and are making our debut with the TiE Mumbai community.” said Jaspal Sabharwal, Co-founder & CEO, TagTaste.

“I think the last decade has seen new age food companies concentrating on tech enablers in the food business rather than the food itself and thus we've seen some great brands giving food with above average taste. The difference between great and good food businesses is going to be great scalable GLOCAL products coupled with robust marketing and tight operations. For the foodpreneurs, the FLAVORing workshop could be a good starting point to a multi-sensory food journey that they should take their consumers through.” said Sanket S, Chief Collaborator-Wolume up and Lead, TiE Food Network

“This workshop lends well into our capacity building agenda for the ecosystem. This flavor workshop by TagTaste is a small step into equipping and making future Food Entrepreneurs who can go on to build great businesses and thereby a robust Industry. TiE Mumbai constantly endeavors to bring innovative sessions to add value and create a unique experience for its members”. said Naveen Raju, Executive Director, TiE Mumbai.

The Workshop aimed to help in rediscovering our senses and finding the connection and reasons behind why we like or dislike certain things. It also enabled participants to Learn the language of describing food. (A little more than just good, bad, tasty, yucky.) and appreciating food that we eat, hence moving towards mindful eating. It also helped augment appreciation and consciousness of our taste buds and the fact that each one has been blessed with some unique genes that helps one experience food the way we do. It also taught participants a Smarter way to eat.

The workshop also gave a peek into the 6th taste recently discovered - KOKUMI. No tastings notes were taken on the paper, instead, a structured questionnaire based on the concepts learned were accessed on the TagTaste app. Tasters answered the questionnaire on the app and the data thus collected from all the tasters instantly formed a sensogram. The workshop ended with a detailed discussion on Sensogram for the product tasted. Participants received a certificate on completion of the workshop. Most ingredients for this workshop were easily available at home making it an enjoyable activity for the entire family.

About TiE Mumbai

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. Since 1992. TiE has been supporting entrepreneurs by offering education, mentorship, networking and funding opportunities. The mission of TiE is to foster entrepreneurship globally through the 5 pillars of TiE : mentoring, networking and education, funding and incubation. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community. TiE’s focus area is to generate enable the next generation of entrepreneurs. There are currently 11,000 members, including over 2,500 charter members in 60 chapters across 17 countries. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE’s focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs.

इटलीच्या जीफोनी महोत्सवात ‘येरे येरे पावसा’


सध्या पावसाने सर्वत्र धुमाकूळ घातला असताना, ‘येरे येरे पावसा’ हा आगामी मराठी चित्रपटही विविध परदेशी चित्रपट महोत्सवात चांगला गाजतोय. इटलीच्या ५१व्या ‘जीफोनी’ चित्रपट महोत्सवासाठी ‘येरे येरे पावसा’ या चित्रपटाची निवड झाली आहे. टोरंटो, कॅनडा आणि टोकियो (जपान) आदि आंतरराष्ट्रीय चित्रपट महोत्सवात यशाच्या आणि पुरस्कारांच्या सरी झेलणारा हा चित्रपट आता जीफोनी महोत्सव गाजवायला सज्ज झाला आहे. एलिमेंट ६ या विभागात या चित्रपटाची निवड झाली आहे. महोत्सवाचे वैशिष्ट्य म्हणजे ६ ते ९ या वयोगटातील ८०० मुलं या महोत्सवाचे परिक्षक असणार आहेत. इटलीमध्ये या चित्रपटाचे स्क्रीनिंग नुकतेच संपन्न झाले. त्यानंतर झूम मिटिंगद्वारे दिग्दर्शक शफक खान यांच्यासोबत प्रश्न उत्तरांचे सेशन झाले.

प्रत्येकाला पावसाची कमालीची आस असते. इतर कोणत्याही ऋतूपेक्षा पावसाच्या आगमनाची प्रतीक्षा प्रचंड उत्सुकता वाटायला लावणारी असते.. एकंदर काय तरप्रत्येकाची पहिला पाऊस अनुभवण्याची वेगळी त-हा असते. पावसाचा असाच काहीशा वेगळा रंगढंग दाखवणाऱ्या ‘येरे येरे पावसा’ या चित्रपटाचे दिग्दर्शन शफक खान यांनी  केले आहे. ‘येरे येरे पावसा’ चित्रपटाच्या माध्यमातून बोधप्रद गोष्ट सांगण्याचा आमचा प्रयत्न यशस्वी झाल्याची ही पावतीच असल्याचे ही त्या आवर्जून नमूद करतात.

या चित्रपटाची निर्मिती शारीक खान तर सहनिर्मिती अँन्या झँग (बटरफ्लाय फिल्म्स) यांची आहे. सत्या शेट्टीग्यानचंद चौहानसुमेध गायकवाड कार्यकारी निर्माते आहेत. ‘एस.क्यूब फिल्म्स इंडिया एलएलपी’ यांची प्रस्तुती असलेल्या या चित्रपटाचे दिग्दर्शन शफक खान यांनी केले आहे. चित्रपटाच्या छायांकनाची जबाबदारी योगेश एम.कोळी यांनी सांभाळली असून संकलन चंदन अरोरा यांनी केले आहे. कथा भूषण दळवी तर पटकथा शफक खानभूषण दळवी यांची आहे. संवाद अभिषेक करगुटकरविनोद जाधव यांनी लिहिले आहेत. अमोल पोवळे यांनी लिहिलेल्या गीतांना सुशांत पवारकिशोर पवार यांनी संगीत दिले आहे. अवधूत गुप्ते आणि स्वप्नील बांदोडकर यांचा स्वरसाज चित्रपटातील गीतांना लाभला आहे. साऊंड चाकीर हुसैन तर कलादिग्दर्शन योगेश इंगळे यांचे आहे.

Darwin Platform Groups forays into Retail Sector, Huma Qureshi opens DP Retail’s First Self-owned Mega Story in City

 C:\Users\Impact\Desktop\Sandeep\Darwin Logo .jpeg

  • DP Retail plans to have a pan-India presence with 50 lakh square foot space in the next few years 

  • DP Retail aims to provide direct and indirect job opportunities to 1.25 Lakh youth in the next 2-3 years

Mumbai, July 22, 2021

Given the rising consumerism in Metros like Mumbai, DP Retail, a subsidiary of Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC) today formally announced its entry into retail space with the launch of its first megastore at DP Nagar, Andheri West here. At the launch ceremony, famous Bollywood actress Ms Huma Qureshi inaugurated DP Retail’s first store. The company would be opening other self-owned exclusive stores at Bhandup, Goregaon, Jogeshwari, Sion, and Worli soon. 

 With 2,500 square feet, DP Retail’s first self-owned store at Andheri boasts of an optimal mix of national, regional, local and private label quality brands at competitive and concessional rates with loyalty and promotional schemes. DP Retail plans to have a pan-India presence with 50 lakh square foot space in the next few years. 

Talking to reporters after the launch ceremony, Raja Roy Choudhury, Group CEO, DPGC said, “India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space. With DP Retail, we would be leveraging our countrywide network to cater to the rising consumers’ demand. The first self-owned exclusive megastore of DP Retail, opened today, is spread over 2500 square feet. Other five stores in the city would be spread over 500-600 square feet. Overall, we are aiming at 50 lakh square feet space across the country in the next few years.”  

DP Retail plans to invest Rs 1,000 crore in FY 21 to reach out to other Indian cities. It has also allocated Rs. 100 crore towards market penetration across the omnichannel retail business including an innovative franchise model.  

“ We have recently launched Mega Employment Program to provide job opportunities to youth and DP Retail would be offering jobs to nearly 1.25 lakh people in the next two or three years. We have an ambitious plan to provide jobs to 40 lakh people and DP Retail would have lion’s share in this,” he added. 

DP Retail, through its robust procurement policy, would encourage and empower local growers, traders, manufacturers, and skills to increase their sphere of influence and get the best price for their products and services. 

“This policy would act as a catalyst to promote vocal for local and thereby giving a push to Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission. We will setting up our manufacturing unit, with over 1 million/ month production, processing, and packaging capacity would strengthen DP Retail’s supply chain.  DPGC’s history of winning over customers by heavy discounts during the initial stage is likely to work in its favour,” the Group CEO said. 

DP Retail would leverage its PAN India presence with food, health, wellness, and other products (except fashion items). It would also focus on Indian traditional products and values. The most important aspect of its plan is to introduce innovations in every area of operations- pricing, marketing, procurement, sourcing, merchandising and adoption of new technologies. Going forward with expansion of its stores across India, the company would set in train a virtuous cycle of growth and job creation. 


Now, at DP Retail Store , a customer in Mumbai can have ethnic food items from any part of the country. All brands of dry fruit, health & food items, and other localised products will be available at its stores. 

About DPGC 

Established in 1996, the DPGC’s net worth is USD 6.4 billion and it has 25 associates companies. Over the years, the Group has made rapid progress in several sectors with its other associate companies which include Darwin Platform Capital, Darwin Platform Holding, and Darwin Platform Infrastructure. Apart from these the Group, through its subsidiaries and associate companies, also operates in Banking, Healthcare, Aviation, Realty, Energy, Mass Media, and IT Sectors. The Group has now entered into the Retail and Defense Production Sectors with an innovative business model. Innovations would be inherent in its quality, pricing, accessibility, marketing, sourcing, merchandising, and other areas of operations. The country’s biggest employment scheme aims to build a strong nation with employment generation and wealth creation. To begin with, DPGC would take all its 1.25 lakh business associates across India on its payroll with a monthly salary of Rupees 15000 - 20,000. The Group targets to provide 1.25 lakh employment or income generation opportunities in each state (total 28) and Union Territories such as Delhi and Chandigarh.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Saffola Mealmaker teams up with Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur to launch ‘Delicious Soya Cook Book’

Access the cookbook online and get exclusive recipes by Chef Kunal exploring a variety of interesting ways to cook up a storm using the incredibly versatile -Soya!

19th, July, 2021: Saffola Mealmaker is excited to announce the launch of its very own e-cookbook: ‘Saffola Mealmaker Delicious Soya Cook Book’ featuring some of our favourite ways to use the versatile, healthy and tasty ingredient soya specially curated by renowned celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur. This e-cookbook has over 50+ easy-to-make recipes which guarantees lots of experimentation and fun in the kitchen. With its successful launch in West Bengal, Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks has transformed soya into the benchmark of taste and texture especially with its Super Soft Technology which makes them tender and juicier thereby offering superior taste

Since the past year, home cooking has gained momentum. People have been drawing inspiration from Celebrity Chefs and Home Chefs to experiment with and cook yummy meals. The newly launched Saffola Mealmaker Delicious Soya Cook book by Chef Kunal Kapur takes you through a wholesome culinary experience of its own by offering more than 50 never-tried-before soya recipes ranging from Morning Breakfast Delights, Chinese Appetizers, Healthy Meals & Snacks to Kids Favourites, Soya Desserts and exclusive Chef’s Specials that’ll open new doors to the traditional use of Soya and bring some much-needed variety to the menu.

Commenting on the launch of the innovative Saffola Mealmaker Soya Cook Book, Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur, said, “I am delighted to be associated with Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks to curate this innovative Soya Cook Book bringing taste and a plethora of flavours together. The Saffola Mealmaker Soya Cook Book has some innovative soya recipes that are not only healthy but offer a wholesome treat for the entire family. From my personal favorites like Soya Biryani and Soya Gravy Chaap to some of the most popular local Bengali and Northern cuisines, we have specially curated this cook book to sort out all your breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, thereby turning everyday family meals into extraordinary family favourites.”

Saffola Mealmaker Soya Chunks is now available on our Saffola Store along with other major e-commerce platforms and nearby stores. You can also download the e-cookbook on or by scanning the bar-code on 

Darwin Platform Group aims big in the world of Retail by launching its first store in Mumbai

 Mumbai, July 22, 2021

After efficiently doing enterprise in numerous high-developing sectors, Darwin Platform Group of Companies is launching its first Retail store withinside the coronary heart of Mumbai. The release of the retail store is a large step for DPGC to fulfill its ambition of turning into a marketplace chief in one of the most colourful and fast-developing industries. The organisation envisages having a PAN-India presence and have shops in each hook and nook of India, within the subsequent 10 years.

The store boasts of an optimal mix of national, regional, local and private label brands offering competitive concessional rates with round the clock loyalty schemes and high SERVQUAL standards.

Noted Film Star Huma Qureshi launches DP Retail, the Food & Grocery Retail Store by Darwin Platform Group of Companies at D N Nagar Andheri West. The launch is scheduled at 12 noon on July 22.