Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Stroke with a Difference!!!

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20th January, Mumbai 2015: Breaking the boundaries of conventional genres, Preeti Thaker Arora is one of the most versatile and prolific Cosmic artist of today’s generation. Her paintings evince a fascination for Classical and Renaissance art, clearly visible through the hyper-realistic style and religious symbolism of her later works.
Preeti Thaker Arora makes original subliminal paintings and her art is very popular as it’s a true blend of class and quality which adds colour and spark. According to her every painting she finish gives her a high but what really cheers her up is that for every painting sold ,She brings smiles to a few faces and for her nothing is better than that. She deeply feels for them. Preeti’s social efforts extend to various orphanages, physically impaired and abandoned children. Khushii Foundation in Delhi is one of them.
A Cosmic artist and a Philanthropist who paints for various cause and is associated with a lot of NGOs and Charity foundations. Preeti informs, “My paintings are inspirational, my paintings give a peaceful and beautiful ambience around the house.  I wouldn’t paint anymore if it is not for helping less fortunate and underprivileged people”.
Priti’s art represents this beautiful face of nature, the glorious beauty and colours of the universe. Her interest in the decorative possibilities of painting could be seen as love of grandeur and elaboration of her own style. Preeti is one of the few artists who have broken the boundaries of conventional genres.  Her paintings celebrate the creative legacy of many a female painter. Preeti’s cosmic art can be viewed online on Facebook and on her website.

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