Friday, August 25, 2017

​ 3003 BC- launches unique Bespoke Perfume service in India. Express your personality with your very own specialised fragrance

 24th August, 2017: 3003 BC - Bespoke Perfumes, a personalised luxury fragrance destination comes to India launching first of its kind, unique service for Indians to create their own personalised fragrance.
This takes the world of personalisation to a new dimension. The process offers individuals a chance to not only convert emotions and memories into a unique scent, but also to create new emotions and memories to be associated with the fragrance.
 The composition is yours forever; you can use it for life creating your own perfume signature. Gift it to your near and dear ones, or even bequeath it!

To announce this service, 3003BC collaborated with Parfumeur Createur - John Stephen the creator of some of the most recognisable and successful fragrances for individuals and brands across the world. With an experience of over 40 years in producing quality perfumes some of the names in his clientele include her majesty The Queen of England, Prince Philips, Commander Tim Laurence and other members of the royal family. Celebrities like Elton John, Pierce Brosnan, Ozzy Osbourne, Yoko Ono have also used perfumes created by him.

Mr. Anil Panda, Co-founder, 3003 BC said, Perfumes are an extension of our personality.  We believe that the Indian Consumer is now looking for Unique personalised experiences and is ready to confidently express himself /herself.

With its launch in India, we are thrilled to introduce such a unique concept; Having a fragrance that evokes memories is the most beautiful thing, that a certain scent can instantly transport you to a particular place in time, is really powerful and magical.

Anil believes that the Indian Weddings with its rich melting pot of festivities, emotions and memories is a great opportunity for Brides and Bridegrooms to make their own statement. They can Bottle their love story to send it out as invitation or return gifts or create their own Wedding Fragrance Trousseau to match the occasions. What fun would it be if you could always recreate the love and emotions of your honeymoon on command!

3003BC creates a customised fragrance in 12 to 16 weeks. Consultation, Experience and Design play an essential role. A detailed face to face or virtual consultation takes place and after few days of exploration and depending upon the customers brief, the master perfumer creates samples. After the scent is selected, the equally important process of choosing the bottle, name and design of the label begins.

The final bottle gets delivered in its exquisite hand crafted box and original creators certificate of authenticity.

The Bespoke experience starts at INR 5 lacs.

Ankit Daga Co-Founder, speaking on the relevance of the Scent Identity for brands,. Today brands only use two senses to differentiate; it’s time for a third one. There is an overload of information for  the consumer it becomes more important for brands to create an emotional , subliminal relationship with consumers and therefore differentiation from other brands

John Stephen, Parfumeur Créateur 3003BC said, Perfume creation is a craft that requires a fine balance of art and science. The excitement comes from the beautiful natural ingredients and imagining the creative possibilities. Every bespoke fragrance is created from scratch, capturing the individuality, emotions and memories of every customer. Our joy is to watch people wear our creations with enthusiasm, it is a thoroughly rewarding experience.

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