Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paper Boat Introduces Ramzan Specials: Şerbet-e-Khaas & Rose Tamarind

Serbet & Rose Tamarind
With the sacred month of Ramzan, along comes celebration, joy and of course, a host of delicacies! A month where families, neighbours and friends would join in to make a simple meal, a celebration.

Capturing the memories that this beautiful season brings, Paper Boat presents a super-special super-limited launch of Şerbet-e-Khaas and Rose Tamarind across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Touted to be the world’s oldest drink, Şerbet-e-Khaas has set itself as the gold standard for drinks everywhere. Once dusk settles and iftaar begins, it’s common practice to break the day’s fast with a bite of a date, and a sip of Şerbet. Our Şerbet-e-Khaas is a delectable concoction of apple, lychee, and grape juices.
Rose Tamarind aka Rose Tamr-Hindi is not just a thing in India – it’s a favourite the world over during the strenuous hot season of Ramzan. In Syria, for example, vendors strap a matka-like- container of this drink onto their backs, and stroll the nooks and nakas of the cities in the evenings after sundown, serving it to Rozedaars everywhere.

Rose Tamarind is sweet, tangy, refreshing and timeless. A drink where you don’t just drink the drink – you also drink in that delicious fragrance. You know how when you smell a smell so good, you want to eat it? Rose Tamarind is just that. It’s a dreamy love story between a bed of roses and our familiar Imli ka Amlana.

This is our continuous endeavor to celebrate festivals with appointment drinking. We started early this season with Thandai and Panakam and now, we offer Şerbet-e-Khaas and Rose Tamarind as our next steps in this journey. These products will be available only for the short time till Eid and we will be back in time for next year’s Ramzan.

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