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Is your pet a fussy eater?

Give him variety & taste packed with nutrition – Try mix feeding
Considering pets cannot verbally communicate we should ideally be more understanding and receptive to their needs, requirements and health. Over the time people have learnt that homemade food albeit fresh is not a complete & balanced meal for the pet primarily because the nutrition requirements of a pet differ from humans.
In India much like the western countries the focus on pet health & care is growing rapidly. Pets are more often taken to veterinary doctors not just when they are unwell but for overall annual health check-ups. The other big trend that is picked up is on usage of pet food for pets meal , pet parents are now more concerned about pet health & use pet food products widely available in the market.  
 People are now moving ahead in favour of a new category ‘mix feeding’ rather than traditional dry and chewy food. Mixed feeding is simply combining dry and wet (Pouch/cans). As both are complete and balanced pet foods, no worries of adding any supplements or home food.  How do you know that you are feeding right food for your pet?  How do you know your pet is healthy and happy? The following five signs of healthy pet will help monitor his health and happiness

5 Signs of Good Health:-

Ø  Shiny skin and coat

Ø  Strong muscles

Ø  Better digestion

Ø  Healthy teeth and bone

Ø  Better immunity

Feeding mix of wet and dry foods in a well-planned diet provides better control over weight gain and has better advantages than feeding either only wet or dry pet foods.
Mixed food feeding in early life may help dogs become more accepting of different formats in later life. Mixed food is good for your dog to avoid surplus calories in its diet, and ensures good oral health, palatable and urinary tract health. It also potentially reduces the risk of over feeding and increases the water content in dry food which encourages the dog to eat slowly. Mixed food also provides a lot more variety in terms of format, texture and flavour and keeps the diet balanced.

A study has been performed which shows that a typical home prepared food for adult dogs in India was deficient in calcium, potassium, vitamin D and vitamin E according to NRC (National Research Council) guidelines. To overcome the above issues Dr KG Umesh suggests some tips to responsible Indian dog owners

Ø  Home-made diets (eg. Curds and Rice) contains more water (60- 80 %) but NOT adequate levels of Energy, Vitamins, Minerals your pet should need. On the other hand 1 Can Wet Food is equal to 15 eggs or 45 slices of bread or 1.4kg of spinach for some vital nutrients.
Ø  Meat is considered as an excellent protein source but it can cause all meat syndrome if fed alone causing bone problems in addition to unacceptable  smell of stools
Ø  Mixed food feeding benefits urinary tract health in small breed dogs. Feeding 25% of the daily calories as wet food may reduce the risk of stone formation, which are common in small breed dogs and it also helps dogs become more accepting of different formats in later life
Ø  Mixed food feeding not only help reduces calculus, plaque, gum disease and discolouration through mechanical abrasion but also ensures high moisture content and helps maintain optimal water balance
Ø  A dry diet including wet food allows lots of big meals and calorie control-potentially satisfying for your pet.  100 gram of dry pet food is approximately equal to 4-5 pouches/cans of wet pet food.
Ø    Unlike the traditional dog food, mixed food feeding provides an alternative for the dog to
  pick out the kibbles first and then consume the wet portion
Ø  Mixed feeding is good option  for  all  fussy eaters and best alternative food in summer

Being a responsible dog owner is not just taking him for a walk or playing with it but it is also  about making sure that your pet is consuming healthy food as a balanced diet, they need to have a varied diet giving them all the necessary nutritive for their wellbeing. Mixed feeding, no doubt will get your pet everything he needs as well as pleasing him, including 5 signs of health.

About Pedigree®
Pedigree is a globally established Pet care brand, manufactured and marketed in India by Mars International India Pvt. Ltd. The Pedigree range of Dog Food is manufactured at the state of the art factory at Hyderabad. Every Pedigree dog food product surpasses requirements laid down by AAFCO/National Research Council 2006. Pedigree is synonymous with care for pets and everything Pedigree does is for the love of dogs. It is this commitment to pets and pet care that makes Pedigree look for ways to make their lives better

About Mars, Incorporated:
 In 1911, Frank C. Mars made the first Mars candies in his Tacoma, Washington kitchen and established Mars’ first roots as a confectionery company.  In the 1920s, Forrest E. Mars, Sr. joined his father in business and together they launched the MILKY WAY® bar.  In 1932, Forrest, Sr. moved to the United Kingdom with a dream of  building a business based on the philosophy of a “mutuality of benefits” for all stakeholders – this vision serves as the foundation of the Mars, Incorporated we are today.  Based in McLean, Virginia, Mars has net sales of more than $30 billion and six business segments including Petcare, Chocolate, Wrigley, Food, Drinks and Symbioscience.  More than 70,000 Associates worldwide are putting our Mars Principles in action every day to make a difference for people and the planet through our performance.


About Mars India:

Mars International India is a 100% subsidiary of Mars Inc., USA. Mars India operates in two categories, a Pet care manufacturing and marketing business; and a Chocolate importation and marketing operation. The pet care business is based in the southern state of Telangana with its corporate office in Hyderabad. MARS India is presently engaged in manufacturing pet food under its global brands PEDIGREE® and WHISKAS®. MARS India chocolate portfolio includes SNICKERS®, GALAXY®, MARS®, Bounty® and Twix®

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