Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paramount Surgimed Ltd. introduces OrthoSleep A Better Sleep for a Better Life!

Paramount Surgimed Ltd. introduces OrthoSleep
A Better Sleep for a Better Life!

A fulfilled, harmonious life begins with a healthy lifestyle. Everything is important as far as our well-being is concerned: the way we move, the way we eat and drink and of course, the way we sleep. Paramount Surgimed Ltd., the leader in Healthcare & Medical Disposables introduces the OrthoSleep range of lifestyle pillows and cushions for more restful nights.  Changing the way you sleep will change the way you feel when you wake up.

The OrthoSleep contours the shape of your head and neck, and helps keep your spine in a neutral position through the night. Highly recommended for those who need a more therapeutic sleep posture.  The OrthoSleep is an open cell viscous-elastic, temperature sensitive material that conforms to the exact contours of our body, providing optimum support and comfort.

The OrthoSleep provides you with ultimate comfort and relaxation from head and toe. It can be used at home, office or during travel. The OrthoSleep helps eliminate stress and fatigue anywhere anytime. For the hygiene conscious user, the soft cover is naturally hypo-allergenic and washable.  Both sides of the OrthoSleep can be used according to individual preference. Higher density OrthoSleep supports your head better, takes more time to bounce back and doesn’t push back when sleeping. No reverse pressure means more comfort.

The OrthoSleep by Paramount Surgimed Ltd. is readily available across the country through the extensive distributor/dealer network of the Company.  The OrthoSleep are available in cream & blue color and in all sizes. The price range is Rs 1,900/- to Rs 5,900/-
About Paramount Surgimed Ltd:

With a vision of being a global leader in the Medical industry, PARAMOUNT SURGIMED LTD. came into existence, within the Grover Group of companies, in 1993. Capitalizing on the rich and diverse 54 years of experience of the group, Paramount Surgimed Ltd. soon became a name that symbolized trust and quality in the medical industry. The Vision of the company is to be a one stop shop for all needs of medical professionals and institutions. The company started with the manufacturing of Surgical Blades and is now a leading supplier of a complete range of disposable and reusable medical products / devices. Paramount Surgimed Ltd. and all its employees share the vision of their 46 year old dynamic Managing Director, Mr. Shaily Grover, to be a global leader in the Medical Industry.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, and an inspiring leadership and approach, Mr. Grover has ensured that the Group's reputation amongst its associates is synonymous with top quality, updated technologies, dedicated approach and customer friendliness. Paramount exports to 50 countries and has 80 distributors and 1400 Dealers across India. Our State-of-the-Art production facility compares to any international standard and is accredited with ISO 9001, CE and US FDA Registration.

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