Monday, March 28, 2022

SUGAR Cosmetics’ #WhenIAmReady Women’s Day Campaign

 SUGAR Cosmetics’ #WhenIAmReady Women’s Day Campaign witnessed participation from Shark Vineeta Singh along with 5100+ women, achieving a whooping 38Million+ reach!


The #WhenIAmReady campaign was launched around Women’s Day to create awareness about how women are breaking free from the expected pre-set timeline to achieve their life goals


28th March, 2022 (Mumbai): SUGAR Cosmetics, one of India's fastest-growing beauty brand launched their #WhenIAmReady Campaign ( around Women’s Day. This campaign launched on social media, primarily Instagram, reached 38+ Million users and is expected to reach an audience of 50+ Million by the end of the month. This campaign provided a platform to drive conversations about how women are now breaking free from societal expectations, regarding their personal life choices. 


This social media activity saw a total of 5142+ posts on Instagram, using the #WhenIAmReady  hashtag. Shark Vineeta Singh - Co-founder & CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics also participated in the campaign with her own story of breaking free from the societal notion of a pre-set timeline. (


Speaking on the success of the campaign, Vineeta Singh said, “SUGAR Cosmetics is a brand that celebrates strong, independent women and this year to commemorate the International Women’s Day, we wanted to encourage these wonderful women to be bold and not succumb to any societal pressure, especially those that concern their life choices. We are so thrilled to have started such positive conversations through our #WhenIAmReady Campaign, which beautifully celebrates the stand taken by women to come up and say ‘whenever they are ready’ to any kind of 'when' question society presents them with.


This heart-warming social media campaign kick-started on 4th March onwards and till date has brought together 5000+ women sharing stories of how they respond positively to these societal expectations. Thus, encouraging fellow women to live life, on their desired timeline.


Resha Jain, Vice President, Content Marketing  SUGAR Cosmetics states, “Our aim was to go all out with the campaign, the stories shared as part of the #WhenIAmReady campaign by SUGAR Cosmetics are a reflection of the remarks and questions faced by the women about their personal life choices and goals, even in these modern times. We are so glad to see that this campaign has provided a platform for women across the country to share how they have taken charge of their life and achieving their life goals, whenever they are ready.” 

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