Saturday, October 24, 2020

William Penn embraces ‘Vocal for Local’


William Penn is adopting the theme of being ‘Vocal for Local’ and has on-boarded five such local brands from all parts of India. These brands focus on enhancing the work of local artisans and exploring fresh avenues in design. William Penn always hunts for brands which offer supreme quality and they have introduced five such ‘local’ brands that captivate beauty, design and functionality – Ranga Pen, Anand Prakash, SPIN, Arture, and Cosa Nostraa.


Ranga, a pen company that was founded by M.S.Pandurangan at Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu in 1970 and remains a family business to this day. Ranga Pen Company specializes in making handmade pens which require extensive skills. The technique used by them to make pens requires 20 years of experience and today this practice is followed only in Japan.

Anand Prakash is a brand that offers tailor-made gifting solutions and collectables. Managing everything from concept to design and even fabrication, this brand creates superlative, handmade items by using crafting techniques that originated centuries ago.

SPIN, a brand based out of Delhi, focuses on optimizing any given space by exploring fresh possibilities by putting a spin on existing forms. The brand’s design sensibility is rooted in the Japanese and Nordic schools of minimalism. Their products are fuss-free, minimal and exciting with a distinctive element of coziness. 

Arture is a brand that sources 100% natural material right from the beginning. Their raw material like cork fabrics are derived from the Mediterranean and are used in creating products like wallets, card cases and passport sleeves. Arute designs with minimalism, functionality and sustainability in mind.

Cosa Nostraa focuses on bringing handcrafted wearable art to the world by being inspired by the beauty, history and richness of Indian artistry and design. The brand breathes life into Indian luxury through the exquisite craftsmanship of highly skilled artisans of Rajasthan in creating impeccable products like brooch, button and cufflink.

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