Tuesday, November 10, 2020

ITC Ltd.’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates launches ‘Fabelle La Terre’, a unique, Earth Positive chocolate variant

Responsibly crafted with usage of only two, locally sourced ingredients, assuring an exquisite multi-sensorial experience


National, 10th November 2020: ITC Ltd.’s Fabelle Chocolates, acclaimed for creating unparalled chocolate experiences in the country has unveiled its latest offering ‘Fabelle La Terre’ a creative reimagination/rendition of 100% Earth Positive chocolate. Ahead of Diwali, the brand has unveiled a one-of-its-kind, unique chocolate variant. Launched at a virtual event, Fabelle La Terre addresses the growing consumer trend of indulging in products from trustworthy brands that offer safety and hygiene while embedding a positive environmental impact at the core. The conscious interpretation of the current situation led to the genesis of Fabelle La Terre.


During the pandemic, people witnessed nature healing itself and experienced fresher air and clearer skies. This experience of a more pristine environment reinforced the significance of a cleaner and greener world, something that the Millennials and the Gen Z were largely bereft of. The new world-view has made it even more desirable for individuals and enterprises/organisations to collectively work towards building a sustainable future by combating climate change through the adoption of a low carbon growth path.


In the backdrop of consumers’ evolving preferences and its resolve to create a positive environmental footprint, Fabelle has decided to present them with guilt-free indulgences in the form of an Earth Positive chocolate. Fabelle La Terre is inspired by the nature and re-imagines the planet Earth in a praline format made with only two ingredients, Indian cocoa from Idukki Mountains in Kerala and Honey from Karnataka. The chocolate has been hand crafted with 100% Indian/single origin chocolate filled with 33% Honey.


The chocolate’s conceptual simplicity translates into an uncompromised, multi-textural, multi-sensorial chocolate experience by Fabelle’s Master Chocolatiers’ distinguished capability for creating unique blends and flavour. The Indian Cocoa bean, known to have acidic notes and leave a harsher, bitter after taste has been masterfully paired with Karnataka honey, known for its pleasant, floral taste notes to balance, complement and bring alive the true flavours of both ingredients.


In appearance, Fabelle La Terre praline represents earth elements. The shell which is made of 100% dark chocolate represents Earth’s surface, encasing a blend of cocoa and honey, representing abundance of water on the planet as it makes up 3/4th of Earth’s surface. Since honey has a unique property to remain fluid even at low temperatures or in the refrigerator, it also makes it an ideal ingredient to enliven the concept.


Across various stages of the product’s lifecycle, Fabelle has worked towards reducing the carbon footprint by not only local sourcing but also offsetting carbon emissions from the manufacturing & logistical operations. Focus has been provided on minimalistic usage of ingredients, significantly reducing the overall number of miles in terms of transportation distance, minimized/eliminating chocolate processing/manufacturing techniques, usage of packaging material sourced from the Company’ large afforestation program that creates a green cover and enables carbon sequestration. Along with the positive impact on the environment and rich taste, this chocolate is also gluten free, nut free, lactose free, with no artificial ingredients, no preservatives and is also a vegetarian product.


Commenting on the launch Mr. Anuj Rustagi, COO - Chocolate, Coffee, Confectionery and New Category Development – Foods Division, ITC Ltd, said, “Delivering unparalleled and one-of-its-kind chocolate experiences form a major part of Fabelle’s core philosophies. The current situation has made all of us conscious and aware about the critical need to preserve the environment and embed sustainability in our thought and action. The launch of ‘Fabelle Earth’ is our first step towards contributing to the mother earth and we look forward to consumers supporting this endeavour”.


Elaborating further on the product details Mr. Mahendra .M. Barve, General Manager (Product Development), Foods Division, ITC Ltd., said “Fabelle Earth draws its uniqueness from its composition of just 2 ingredients, its source and its craftsmanship. The product is a true testament to Fabelle’s overall expertise as it successfully delivers a multi sensorial chocolate experience and showcases a positive way forward to the entire chocolates industry. We are proud to deliver yet another unique experience that reimagines a concept of ‘Earth’ in a chocolate form and is also Earth positive”.


Launch of Fabelle La Terre is also in alignment to ITC Ltd.’s commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. It is a matter of pride that ITC has achieved a global distinction of being carbon positive (15 years in a row), water positive (18 consecutive years) and solid waste recycling positive (for the last 13 years).


A box of 10 Fabelle La Terre pralines will be available at a price INR 1,500 and will be available on made to order basis to start with, across all top 6 metros.

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