Thursday, September 17, 2020

They’re Ink-toxicating!

Lapis Bard’s latest exciting launch is a superb line of addictive, cocktail-themed fountain pen inks with merry colours and merrier names.

These luscious, dye-based inks are safe to handle. The odourless inks flow smoothly, providing a pleasurable writing experience each time. The water-soluble inks have been carefully formulated with an optimal pH and they can be used with premium fountain pens from various brands. Each pretty ink is packaged in an Avant Garde bottle that has a wide mouth to accommodate broad-sized nibs with ease. The 50 ml, polished flint glass bottles are easy to hold thanks to their unique, triangular shape. The heavy bottom keeps the bottle from tipping over easily and the high-quality cap liner helps minimise leakage.

There are twelve exciting shades in the collection that range from shades of black and blue (like Black Roska and Blue Lagoon), to more outré shades (like Tequila Sunset and Shamrock). Each ink’s hue is inspired by its namesake cocktail. Lapis Bard focuses on offering the Indian consumer what he was longing for – a supremely functional product with stellar design, attention to detail, and quality without compromise.

The full collection of competitively priced inks (₹ 695 per bottle) are available at:

William Penn Stores and on

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