Wednesday, December 12, 2018


»        DNAwise Empowers Individuals to Personalize Their Health & Lifestyle

December 11 2018, Mumbai: Indus Health Plus, the pioneer in the preventive healthcaresector,launched a revolutionarynext-generation preventivehealthcareservice,DNAwise.DNAwise is a personal genetic test that decodes the genetic makeup and generates a report through which one can understand the health risks& personalize diet and fitness according to what suits them the best.
Mr Amol Naikawadi, Joint Managing Director, Indus Health Plus said, “The growing number of lifestyle diseases, irrespective of the age groups,stimulated us to create this unique platform of prevention. In an endeavor to create healthy future for individuals by expanding the umbrella of prevention, we have launched DNAwise. DNAwise analyses the health risks and food & fitness traits on the basis of one’s genetics. It can empower people to personalize their health checkups and make informed lifestyle choices. Knowing the genetic predispositions to various diseases helps an individual to delay/prevent the onset of diseases by modifying lifestyle.”
“With the launch of DNAwise, we are advancing our mission to make healthcare accessible, available and affordable. At Indus, we believe that the culture of prevention and healthy wellbeing should start at an early age”added Mr Naikawadi.
DNAwise is a salvia based user-friendlygenetic test which can be done from the comfort of home. The reporting and testing involvescutting edge technology and international standards.  DNAwise is designed for all age groups and has 60 parameters related to Health, Nutrition and Fitness. The package is availablepan India, at INR14,999+GST and includessaliva sample kit, report andcounseling by a qualified genetic counselor.
A successful pilot project ofDNAwisegenetic test was conducted recently across 17 Indian cities. It was accepted very well amongst the consumers and they are now taking it for their family members. We have received a feedback that the report and recommendations are empowering them to live a happy and healthy life. Many are also taking the report to their doctors, fitness trainers and dieticians for more benefits and help in lifestyle personalization. DNAwiseis once-in-a-lifetime investment for health that is recommended for all family members to know the predisposition of diseases, followed by yearly health examination. The genetic test report can be the guide for one’s lifelong wellness.

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