Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Believe the unbelievable with KFC Super Saver

Launches TVC for its new ‘Super Saver’ range priced @INR 99/-

National, December 11th 2018: Things are getting magical at KFC Land with Colonel Sanders floating in mid-air. If you think that’s unbelievable, wait till you hear this.  KFC India has recently launched the all-new Super Saver range – a combo of your KFC favourites starting at INR 99/- As unreal as it may sound, the Super Saver is here, and the brand rolled out its latest TVC to show you its magic.

Commenting on the TV commercial, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “We recently launched our new ‘Super Saver’ range offering both value and variety to consumers, starting at an unbelievable price point of INR 99/- Though it sounds too good to be real – Super Saver is exactly what you see! Nothing but finger lickin’ good meal at an affordable price.”

Conceptualized by Krishna Mani and Shailender Mahajan, Senior Creative Directors at Ogilvy India. The spot opens with the President of KFC Land, Colonel Sanders, seen floating in mid-air. He talks about how they do the unbelievable in KFC Land, making viewers think he is referring to his magic, but goes on to introduce the all-new Super Saver range as the unbelievable. The next shot shows Colonel revealing the floating trick to viewers and highlighting Super Saver as “Two KFC favorites at just rupees 99/-”, something that sounds too good to be true.

To view the latest advertisement, click here.

Krishna Mani, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy India commented, “A range of your KFC favorites at a price point starting INR 99 was actually too good to be true, even as brief to us. Therefore, the task was to find a creative way to deliver the incredible but true pricing to audiences. What better way than to get Colonel Sanders to create some magic at KFC Land.”

Agency Credits:

Account Management:
  • Mr. Kapil Arora - President - Ogilvy Group Companies, North
  • Ms. Amarinder Butalia – Senior Vice President
  • Ms. Kankana Ghosh– Client Services Director
  • Ms. Joanna Grover - Group Account Manager

  • Mr. Shailender Mahajan - Senior Creative Director
  • Mr. Krishna Mani - Senior Creative Director
  • Mr. Srikanta Behera – Associate Creative Director
  • Ms. Aastha Gandhi – Associate Creative Director

  • Ms. Rasika Fernandes – Senior Vice President
  • Production house - Dukaan TV
  • Producer - Manjula Dasgupta
  • Director - Shaaze Merchant

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