Thursday, November 15, 2018

Bollywood star Ayushmann talks about his struggle with social media in the early stage of his career on #MeriRealLife

Watch the latest episode of #MeriRealLife with Anupama Chopra on Film Companion

Mumbai, 14th, November 2018Anupama Chopra is back with another interview on #MeriRealLife – this time with Vicky Donor’s famous and critically acclaimed actor Ayushamann Khurrana on her YouTube Channel Film Companion.

In the episode, going live today, Anupama chats with the youth sensation, Ayushmann, who shares about his journey to Bollywood and how his life changed after the movie ‘Vicky Donor’.  He also talks about how curated the images on his Instagram account are and the tough time he has undergone, facing criticism from people on social media. Watch the full episode on (

Talking about how he faced criticism on social media, the actor said on #MeriRealShow, "Success is a very lousy teacher. Your failures and rejections, they are your friends, philosophers and guides in life.”  

#MeriRealLife interview series by Anupama Chopra is based on Idea 4G #MeriRealLife campaign which urges people to use social media responsibly and highlights the growing phenomenon of people living ‘dual-lives’ due to over use of the medium. The interview series features eminent Bollywood celebrities who talk about their association with social media and how they are battling the pressure of showing only their perfect side on social media. The show intends to bring out #MeriRealLife of Bollywood stars who are idolised by the masses and leaves them with the message of keeping it real on social media.

#MeriRealLife interview series has already featured talented actors like Taapsee PannuVicky Kaushal and Sonam Kapoor in the past few weeks. These episodes are available on Film Companion’s YouTube channel and also on Idea Movies & TV and Vodafone Play apps.
Idea 4G #MeriRealLife campaign has garnered approx. 30 million video views across social media platforms and driven 16K conversations amongst users sharing their stories on #MeriRealLife.  

From the Show: How Ayushmann handled criticism on social media:

“There was this brief period between Hawaizaada and Dum Laga Ke Haisa. Immediately after Hawaizaada, they were like, ‘You're gone’…. People thought that I'm done, I should pack my bags and go to Chandigarh. And those 27 days were so difficult and affected me a lot at that time. There were (posts) all over saying- You should go back to television or hone your hosting skills even more because you need them more."

I went back to Chandigarh, I was just with friends, not in Bombay at all, but when I used to open my account, I used to get all the negativity at that time. Then Dum Laga Ke Haisha trailer came out and everything was positive. Even after the success of movie, I used to get negative comments on social media like ‘Flop actor’. I felt like replying to them, but then I realized, "Just work in silence, choose good scripts. Nobody will say that you're a flop actor."  

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