Wednesday, June 13, 2018

“God is an Atheist and other musings on Canvas”

It’s time to head to Jehangir Art Gallery and refresh one’s senses with the colorful and thought-provoking paintings by Boqa. Boqa (Vivek A. Perampurna) seeks to represent the philosophical abstraction of life, to answer ‘why’, rather than ‘how’. This is his first solo exhibition; an exhibition of 40 stills out of 300 canvases, to display his art. It’s an introduction to the artist’s mind and world.
Date – 18th to 24th June 2018
Location – Hirji Hall
Jehangir Art Gallery, 161- Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
About BOQA ( Vivek A. Perampurna )
BOQA ( Vivek A. Perampurna ) was born in 1976, in Patna, Bihar. The initial twelve years of his upbringing was with his father, a single parent who was always travelling.  He was home schooled till the age of twelve and the only constant companions for him were books, pencils and lots of paper to draw and doodle. His engagement with Art started prior to his engagement with academics. 
After graduating from Patna University in Economics, he was selected for Indian Revenue Service in 2005 and at present he is posted as Additional Commissioner of Income Tax in Mumbai, since 2014. Despite the rigours and demands of a full time job, he never left the brush and palette alone. It has been an integral part of his everyday routine, like a daily prayer. The initial seven years of his career when he was posted in Kolkata proved to be quite a blessing as he was able to interact with many established artists , most notably Sh. Shakti Burman who encouraged his work and was kind enough to dispense valuable advice (on his break from life in Paris). He helped Boqa hone his craft with genuine critiques and suggestions. 

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