Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Death of Architecture, Circa 2000 A Travelling Exhibition

The very nature of architecture is that at all times, it is reactive and responsive. If it ceases to assume positions of transformation, it ceases to be. Nation building leading to making of institutions, or socialism leading to experiments of housing for the masses, or the search for an Indian identity, as a counter to the globalization that started with the 80s, have been eschewed and explored directions of the past. The present poses challenges. Of a lack of a collective agreement of areas of examination, and on the other of a forced idea of identity that is being firmly if superficially applied.

If the premise that architecture is the wind sock of societies with inherent currents and turbulence is true, there is much to examine and investigate about our times today. And further open directions that can allow conversations that allow reconstructive and healing mechanisms to take root. Thirteen of India's best known and thinking firms, across varying geographies, scales, and work philosophies have assembled since a year to debate these conversations.

Using means that are artistic, and easy to relate even for the lay public, but as much for the students and practitioners of the discipline, they will each contribute to this exhibition that will examine themes of the city, or the act of building, or the idea of history, or professional process.

The contributing architects are all leading practitioners and thought leaders:

AniketBhagwat - PrabhakarBhagwat Associates
BijoyRamachnadran - Hundered Hands
GirishDoshi - Navkar Architects
PramodBalakrishnan - Edifice
Rajeev Kathpalia - Director VastuShipa Foundation;
RiyazTaiyyabji - Anthill -
Vijay and Meghal Arya
VikasDilawari - VikasDilawari Architects
Samira Rathod - SRDA
SuparnaBhalla - Abaxial Architects
ZameerBasrai - The Busride–

Size of Exhibit:
Each firm will have 20 running feet of wall space to exhibit panels. Each panel will be 4 feet in height and 2 feet in width. The total running length of the exhibition will be 240 running feet (20 feet x 12 participants) It is likely that the exhibition will have projections/models etc; but this is under discussion.

Suggested Duration of Exhibition (In Each City):

It is proposed that in each city the exhibition will open on a Friday and will close on the following Sunday. Hence in each city the exhibition will be open for public viewing for a period of 10 days.

Travelling Itinerary:
This exhibition will travel from Feb18 to Jan19. It will visit the following cities on these dates (tentative): Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Jaipur, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondicherry/Auroville, Bangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum, Goa. This exhibition is entirely a NOT FOR PROFIT activity.

Hansgrohe India partners with Death of Architecture; Circa 2000

Gaurav Malhotra, Managing Director, Hansgrohe India is delighted to announce Hansgrohe India partnership with Death of Architecture (DOA) as the principal sponsor. The National Traveling Exhibition on design and architecture – DOA is a non for profit initiative assembled by thirteen of India’s best known and thinking firms, across varying geographies, scales and work philosophies. DOA supports architect’s vision for the future of architecture and design.

The partnership with DOA aligns with what is central to the Hansgrohe philosophy – creativity and innovation. It is only natural that Hansgrohe works with creative minds globally. The collaborative relationships have led to the creation of both modern and timeless products and bathroom collections.  Hansgrohe regularly invites renowned architects and designers from all over to develop and present their bathroom visions in joint events.

Many of the most international design awards for product and design quality find their way to Hansgrohe. In the continuously updated company ranking of the independent International Forum (IF) Design, Hansgrohe currently holds 6th place and is the highest ranking company in
the sanitation industry. Design at Hansgrohe is therefore neither an end in itself nor a mere matter of sporting competition.

The Traveling Exhibition
The exhibition will open on the 23rd February, 2018 at the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and will be on display till the 4th March, 2018.

This exhibition will then travel across India this year in an effort to reflect and discuss with audiences solutions for, better ways to build and the direction of the architecture profession. Using means that are artistic, and easy to relate even for the lay public, but as much for the students and practitioners of the discipline, they will each contribute to this exhibition that will examine themes of the city, or the act of building, or the idea of history, or professional process.  

About the Hansgrohe Group

With its brand AXOR and Hansgrohe, the Hansgrohe Group, based in Schiltach/Souther Germany, enjoys a reputation as a leader in innovation, quality and design within the bath and kitchen industry. The Hansgrohe Group brings form and function to water with taps, showerheads and shower system. The 116-year history of the company is marked by innovations such as the first hand held shower with multiple spray types, the first pull out kitchen tap, and the first wall bar to hold a hand held shower. The company holds more than 16,000 active property rights. The Hansgrohe group stands for long lasting quality products. With 34 subsidiaries and 21saled offices supplying products in more than 140 countries, the company is a reliable partner to its customers around the world. The Hansgrohe Group, its brands and products have won numerous awards, including more than 500 design prizes since 1974. Sustainable production of resource-conserving products is central to the company’s business activities around the globe. The products of the Hansgrohe Group are featured in projects ariound the world, such as the luxurious ocean liner Queen Mary 2, and the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The Group’s high quality standards are ensured by five wholly-owned production facilities: two in Germany, one each in France, the United States and China. In 2016, the Hansgrohe Group generated a turnover of EUE 1.029 billion. It employs more than 4,800 people worldwide, about 60 percent of whom work in Germany.

If Design Leader in the sanitation industry

In the current ranking of the international forum design of the best companies in the world for design, the Hansgrohe Group, with its brands AXOR and Hansgrohe , ranks 6th among 2,000 listed companies. The 1040 points earned by the Schiltach based fixtures and shower specialist outperform famous brands such as Audi , BMW or Apple and reconfirm the company’s leading position in the sanitation industry.

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