Saturday, April 15, 2017

This Summer, Beat the heat with Crompton Air Coolers

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It’s that time of the year when everyone has begun chanting “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot”. With summer setting in, each one of us is looking for methods to stay cool indoors and air coolers are a great option to get respite from the scorching heat. Air coolers have now become one of the most important and sought after home appliances for any household. To beat the blazing heat Crompton Air Coolers are your go-to product this summer.
Crompton offers a wide range of best-in-class Air Coolers to the consumers. These uniquely designed products are available in different colors and types namely – Gini and Marvel priced at INR 3,999 and  7,900 in personal cooler segment, Mystique and Mystique Deluxe priced at MRP INR 9,200 and 10,200 respectively in tower cooler segment. There is also a wide range of desert coolers namely Turbo Sleek, Ozone 55, Ozone 75 and Ozone 88 priced from INR 14,900 to 18, 200. While personal coolers and tower coolers have a tank capacity of 7 liters to 35 liters, dessert coolers come with a tank capacity of 55 liters to 88 liters. As the name suggests desert coolers are meant for larger rooms and they have an air throw of up to 50 feet. Crompton coolers have the reputation of low noise and ease of installation.
While all Crompton coolers offer an ultimate blend of elegant design, technology, safety, and energy-efficiency, there are models that prevent mosquito entry into the cooler.

All in all, scorching summers without a cooler can be a nightmare. So, get your Crompton air cooler soon and make your home a cool hangout.



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