Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“Madhav Mantri inspired me to be a cricketer”: Sunil Gavaskar

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Mumbai, March 27 2017: Former captain of the Indian cricket team and batting legend Sunil Gavaskar recently revealed how his uncle and former cricketer, Madhav Mantri played an instrumental role in shaping his career as a cricketer.

In conversation with Former Chairman of Selectors and celebrated cricketer Sandeep Patil on his upcoming show ‘Taste Match’, Sunil reminisced about the bond he shared with his uncle Madhav, who he fondly calls ‘Nana Mama’. “During my childhood days, I used to play cricket in my colony and I had an instant knack for batting. Madhav mama inspired me to embark on my journey as a cricketer. I remember an incident where, I had asked him to give me one of his team-India caps. He told me that if I wanted to wear one, I would have to earn it. His words resonated deeply and struck a chord with me. In fact, I remember them even today!”
During the candid conversation, Sunil also revealed an embarrassing moment when he was one of the first players to get a haircut by the umpire on a cricket field!

Sunil was later joined by Mohinder Amarnath who reveals how he and Sunil would always team-up to play pranks on the team. In one such instance, where the team went out for a celebratory dinner in Australia, Sunil ordered the most expensive wine on the menu! Understandably, the restaurant bill was exorbitant and Kapil Dev, who led the team at the time, had to huddle each cricketer and ask them to chip-in by knocking on their hotel room doors!

Sandeep Patil’s debut television show ‘Taste Match’ will air on Living Foodz and &TV, April 8 onwards.

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