Monday, March 20, 2017

Guess who’s going to Paris?

Have you heard yet?! Corridors are abuzz with news of her brushing up on her French and stocking up on all the latest in Parisian couture. We hear she even tried her hand at some French cuisine while entertaining friends for dinner in preparation for her upcoming trip.

The perfect combination of beauty and talent, this Bollywood actress has this je ne sais quoi, that’s taking the world by storm and got everyone going ‘ooh-la-la’. With her innate grace, and nonchalant elegance, she epitomizes classic French beauty and against the backdrop of the City of Lights, her brilliant streak of success is only set to get brighter… because she’s worth it!

Our lips are sealed on who our newest L’Oréalista is, but we think you’d have guessed already!

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