Friday, November 25, 2016

Withdraw Cash at all Big Bazaar & fbb Stores

Customers Can Withdraw Upto Rs 2000 at 258 stores across the country

Big Bazaar has announced starting 24th November, Thursday, all its stores, along with all fbb stores will be enabled to allow customers to withdraw upto Rs 2000 from their own bank accounts, using their Debit/ATM cards. This facility is now available in 258 Big Bazaar and fbb stores in over 115 cities and towns across the country.

State Bank of India has helped Big Bazaar enable this facility through the bank’s Cash at POS machines. Customers can withdraw cash from their bank accounts of any scheduled bank in the country.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Kishore Biyani, Chairman, Future Retail Limited said,  “We are trying hard to ease any difficulties faced by customers due the demonetization of some currency notes and support the government’s initiative in meeting its objective. Now with customers being able to withdraw cash at Big Bazaar stores, they are welcome to visit our stores instead of qeueing up at banks and ATMs. “

Customers can follow four simple steps to withdraw cash: Visit the dedicated Cash Counter at the store, Swipe their Debit/ATM cards, enter the PIN and withdraw upto Rs 2000 from their account.

Big Bazaar and other Future Group stores have taken a number of steps towards easing any difficulties faced by customers over the past two weeks. Big Bazaar has announced 5% discount on all food and grocery items, 10% on all garments and fashion items and similar discounts on a wide range of products. All stores allow more than eight ways to make non-cash payments including, all debit/ATM cards, credit cards, FuturePay mobile wallet, Mobiqwik, PayTM wallets, Sodexo coupons, Gift Vouchers and Big Bazaar Profit Club cards. In addition, the stores have taken a number of steps to ensure adquate supply of all food, gorcery and daily essentials, waiver of parking fees at standalone Big Bazaar stores and increase in store opening hours at various locations.

The cash withdrawal facility will be subject to all applicable restrictions imposed by banks, Reserve Bank of India and government notifications from time to time.

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