Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tinkle, India’s most popular comic magazine goes fortnightly

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~The magazine also launches a new character - Wai Knot~
~Wai Knot, a 10-year-old boy, who hails from Bangalore, is Tinkle’s newesttoon~

Mumbai 7 July 2016: Flipping through the glossy pages of a cartoon filled comic book has been a favourite hobby in almost everyone’s childhood. And Tinkle has always been a household name in the world of comics in India.

This popular comic series by Amar Chitra Katha has now planned to go fortnightly. The comic magazine, a huge hit with the kids, used to be a monthly magazine earlier. However, due to a huge demand from readers, the magazine has decided to be published on a fortnightly basis.

Tinkle has introducediconic characters like Suppandi, Shambu and Tantri the Mantriwhich is well-known among kids and even adults as they have been around for three decades now.The magazine, over the years, has carved out its niche in the Indian comic space.The new Tinkle fortnightly will have 48 pages of fun filled stories that will feature the adventures of your favouritetoons, edge of your seat thrillers and slice-of-life stories that will leave you smiling. The magazine will also have puzzles and games as well as interesting trivia about events and festivals occurring during that time.

Along with the launch of its fortnightly edition, Tinkle is also launching a new character – Wai Knot. Wai Knot, a 10-year-old boy, who hails from Bangalore, is Tinkle’s newesttoon. Brash, unapologetic and most of all, incredibly strong minded, Wai Knot will stand out from Suppandi, ShikariShambu and the other Tinkle toons. As his name suggests, Wai Knot is always challenging those around him, be it his dad or his best friend, Kia. Wai Knot has a very simple motto to life, “Don’t ask why. Ask why not!”

The character has been created by Sean D’mello. According to him, “Wai Knot is a reflection of today’s kids. Instead of merely following what is being told to them, they choose to map their own way. They prefer to scrape their knees and bruise their elbows before accepting that they might be wrong I love writing for Wai Knot. He makes no excuses about who he is and doesn’t hide how he feels. That’s also where Kia, his best friend fits in perfectly. She understands why Wai does what he does and mostly sticks around just for the laughs at his expense.”

SavioMascarenhas, Group Art Director at ACK Media, adds, “Wai Knot is a character that is very different from any othertoon we have had in Tinkle. He always asks questions and that’s an important way of learning for kids. They want to understand things on their own. Wai Knot with his ever quizzical nature encourages more kids to be curious.”

Tinklein its new avatar will appeal to a whole bunch of new readers while also strengthening its bond with old readers.

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