Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You blink!! You miss – Easter Eggs in movies

Filmmakers always make it a point to give Easter eggs in movies that is difficult to understand but the ones who do find it very interesting. For e.g. in the Will Smith starrer I am Legend, there is a big banner showing a crossover movie of Batman Vs Superman. The movie came in 2007 while the Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice released in 2015. Now if you blinked in the scene, you missed it.
There were similar easter eggs in Disney’s TomorrowLand which if you missed then the element of surprise is lost: -

·         Brad Bird, the maker of Disney’s TomorrowLand worked on a lot of TV Shows but his career shot upwards after his animated hit movie The Iron Giant. So it made sense when the Blast from the Past toy shop’s left shelf is filled with the Iron Giant figurines.

·         Michael Giacchino is a prolific name in the music industry. He has given the background score for a few of the biggest Hollywood movies like Star Trek, Up and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He has also given the background score for Disney’s TomorrowLand. Not only has he given the background score but he also features in the movie as an operator of the Small World ride during the 1964 World’s Fair.

·         Brad Bird’s career picked up with the Iron Giant but his biggest star till date is The Incredibles. So it was a happy surprise to see action figures of Mr. Incredible in the Blast from the Past toy shop and that too wearing the blue uniform from when he is younger.

·         Brad Bird was associated with Pixar and that is where he claims he bloomed as a director. So to give his friends at Pixar a small tribute he also placed an Emperor Zurg in the Blast from the Past toy shop.

·         Disney’s Tomorrowland is not the only movie made by Disney showing a futuristic world. Earlier The Rocketeer also showed a similar plot and Disney decided to give a little nod to the movie by showing the beemans bubblegum in Casey’s backpack, the same brand that is used as a lucky charm in the Rocketeer.

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