Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dia Mirza gets emotional as her journey along the Ganges comes to an end

Dia Mirza’s fascinating journey along the revered Ganga will come to an end in the final episode of ‘Ganga, The Soul of India’, which airs this Sunday.
Dia was seen travelling to the towns located along the Ganges, right from Gomukh in the Himalayas to the Gangasagar delta, where the river meets the Bay of Bengal on the show. Dia’s journey was filled with adventures as she explored the culture, history, mythology, music  and cuisine of the region.
Commenting on her voyage of discovery, Dia Mirza said"It is impossible for me to encapsulate in a sentence the boundless joy, the learning, the discovery, the adventure "Ganga -The Soul of India" has brought to my life. For those seeking to define the idea of India, this is the journey to be a part of!”
In the episode, Dia is overwhelmed by the hospitality of the wonderful people that she met along the way. She expresses how this soul-stirring experience has inspired her.
A nature lover and staunch environmentalist, Dia concluded her journey by saluting the river, which has sustained millions of lives and is forgiving to mankind, despite the extent of contamination that it has seen in recent times.

In the final episode, Dia also visits Shanti Niketan and reminisces about how by Rabindranath Tagore had influenced her in her childhood days. In Shanti Niketan, Dia meets Mr. Suprio, who runs Shishu Tirth, where he uses the mediums of dance, music and literature to teach children. Dia and Mr. Suprio discuss how Rabindranath Tagore’s poems beautifully integrate the elements of nature and spirituality. Before continuing her journey, Dia recites his poem ‘Aakash bhoro socho tara’.

The episode airs at 12 noon on Living Foodz.

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