Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cemetile Industries launches path breaking, 100% Porous paving blocks to support the cause of water conservation in drought-hit Maharashtra

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Pune, June 08, 2016: Pune based Cemetile Industries, manufacture of interlocking concrete paver blocks and other allied concrete precast products, today announced the launch of a revolutionary new technology in paver blocks namely the “AquaSave Super Pervious Paver Blocks”, which promises to change the landscape of rain-water harvesting for urban India.
AquaSave Pavers allows rain and storm water to infiltrate directly into the ground thereby recharging underlying water table and reducing storm water runoff. Presently pavements for vehicular and pedestrian traffic are traditionally made from concrete, asphalt or conventional paving blocks.  All these impervious surfaces are designed to simply shed water from their surface and allow the water to runoff into the storm water drainage system.
AquaSave pavers are a deceptively simple concept, providing an attractive pavement surface suitable for traffic like traditional paving blocks at the same time it also acts as a drainage system. AquaSave pavers allow 100% of the water that falls on its surface to pass through to the sub strata below thereby recharging the ground water table.  With its unparalleled infiltration rate of around 1.0 liter per second per square foot; AquaSave pavers becomes a cost effective storm water management and rain water harvesting tool.
Commenting on the launch Mr. Sanjay Kanakia, Director Cemetile Industries said “Since our launch in 1964, Cemetile Industries has always believed in innovating and developing new products and services to suit the needs and lifestyles of our customers.  With 2016 witnessing one of the worst droughts in the history of Maharashtra and water scarcity impacting every individual and company, Cemetile Industries decided to look into manufacturing an eco-friendly product that can help in water conservation and benefit the environment. Increased urbanisation has led to more natural ground cover being converted to impervious pavements which increases the storm water runoff and deprives ground water from being recharged. This has led to the development of our new product “AquaSave Super Pervious Paver blocks.”
AquaSave pavers also act as a natural filtration system of storm water and help in improving water quality, tree health and urban micro-climates. AquaSave pavers can be used for driveways, parking spaces, car parks, footpaths and walkways in residential, commercial environments as well as for specific uses in Rain Water Harvesting. Currently the product is being launched in Maharashtra and intends to cater to the urgent needs of the drought hit regions of Central Maharashtra. Over time the technology will be made available to the rest of the country.

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