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India’s young racing sensation Nayan Chatterjee joins Meco Motorsports

Fresh with a win in Malaysia, the no 2 rank player in Asia Max Championship now joins Meco - the motorsports gurukul and will be trained by the country’s biggest racing mentor Akbar Ebrahim, who has chalked out his growth plan for 2016-17
Mumbai, May 11, 2016: India’s racing sensation and Asia Max Championship no 2 – 18-year-oldNayan Chatterjee - has now joined Meco Motorsports as a racer and will be under the tutelage of India’s greatest motor racing mentor – Akbar Ebrahim.
Nayan Chatterjee’s tryst with Meco comes just after a stupendous success in KRS-KKS Asia Rotax Max challenge 2016 held in Malaysia over April 30-May 1, where he came second.  Fresh with his success, Nayan Chatterjee now comes to the home ground of every racer in the country – Meco Motorsports.  As it is known, at different points in their careers, Karun Chandhok and Narain Karthikeyan – the two Formula One racers India has produced, have learnt from Ebrahim.
It is interesting to note that at the age of 18, Nayan Chatterjee is an international kart racer who has participated in some of the toughest racing championships in India and abroad. Spotted in 2011 by multiple national karting champion Rayomand Banajee at a training program conducted by the prestigious Rayo Racing – the only Indian racing team that has won 4 international karting titles, Nayan has not looked back since.
Competing in the ‘senior’ category since 2013, Nayan has won 28 national trophies in motorsport till date. In his 5th year in the competitive kart racing, he is now ready to make his mark on the international grid. “Malaysia win was extremely satisfying. I’m all geared up now and the next three year plan is to focus on Formula racing in Asia, Europe, GP3, Formula 3 or equivalent in Europe,” stated Nayan.
Extremely competitive, Nayan Chatterjee has been creating ripples in the racing world in the very first year he started driving. He was selected among the top 100 by Force India in their nationwide hunt and was a lucky few who won a ride with Nico Hulkenberg. The youngster has also won the prestigious Scholarship from BMW for three years in a row – 2014, 15 and 16 (worth Rs 32 lakhs) to drive BMW powered FB02.
Calling Nayan one of India’s talented prospects in motor racing, Akbar Ebrahim, founder Meco Motorsports, said, “In the last one year Nayan has developed as a driver in Karting and in the junior levels of Racing. In the recent past, he has put in a lot of hard work on his fitness and commitment and the results in his ongoing Asia Max Karting Championship is a testimony of the hard work put in. His strengths are his honest approach to where he needs to improve and the willingness to learn as just like in any other sport, moto racing too is always a learning curve irrespective of the level you may be at and not everyone possesses these qualities. In addition, he is committed and is willing to go the extra mile which is what eventually matters when the going gets tough,” he explained.
Ebrahim has a solid plan for Nayan in 2016 and 2017. “The plan for Nayan in 2017 is to race in the Asian FIA Formula 4 Championship and in one of the European FIA Formula 4 Championships. It is with that goal in mind that we have planned for him in 2016 to do the Asian Rotax Max Karting Championship, The Indian JK Tyre National Rotax Karting Championship and the JK Tyre National Racing Championship in the JK-FB02 Class which is very similar to the FIA Formula 4 Car. The 2 Karting Championships are to keep him really sharp and also improve his racing skills under pressure and at the same time help him understand more on Chassis dynamics, Engine tuning and Tyre temperatures and pressures. This is to help him be on top of the time charts in the JK-FB02 Formula Car in the JK Tyre National Racing Championship. If he can finish in the Top 3 of the JK Tyre National Racing Championship in the JK-FB02 Car, that will qualify him to be ready and competitive for the 2017 season in the 2 planned Championships as mentioned above,” added Ebrahim.
Former India test captain Mohammad Azharuddin also wished Nayan Chatterjee well for his future. “Nayan is a great prospect for India. His fitness level is amazing and now he is with Meco, which has carved out his future. He is a role model for Indian youngsters to enter motorsports in India,” stated Azhar.
In the coming months, Meco will be signing Nayan on to a dedicated Motor Sports Fitness Academy and monitor his progress regularly. The focus will be developing mental approach, his skill, speed and racing acumen on track during the training programs, testing sessions and race weekends. “Racing is a science and it is important for the driver to understand the science in order to be able to execute what is required at the time that it is required,” summed up Ebrahim.

Awards won by Nayan Chatterjee: The 18-year-old racing champ has won several awards in past 4 years:
2011 - KKS Malaysian Karting Championship Round 3 junior 3rd place 

2012 - JK Tyre Rotax Max Rookie Cup junior Round 2 -2nd place
JK Tyre FMSCI National Rotax Max championship Round 2 – 2nd place in junior max category.

2013- JK Tyre Rotax Max Kart Open Championship Junior- winner 2nd place.
JK Tyre Rotax Max Kart Open Senior- winner – 1st place
JK Tyre Rotax max National championship:
Rd1-first place
Rd2-Third place
Rd3-First place

Over all championship- 3rd place
JK Tyre Racing championship, LGB category Race 2 of Rd 4 – 3RD place.

2014- JK Tyre Kart Open Championship Senior Max winner- 1STplace
JK Tyre National Rotax Max championship
Senior  Max Rd2 - Winner 3rd place.
Rd 3- 2nd place
Rd5- 2nd place

JK Tyre Racing championship formula BMW
Rd2 of race1- 3rd place 
Rd2 of race2- 2nd place

2015 - JK Tyre Kart Open Championship – 2nd place
FMSCI  Rotax Max National Karting Championship
Rd1 - winner – 2nd place
Rd3- 3rd place
Rd4- 2nd place
Rd5- 3rd place

Over all National championship – 2nd place
JK Tyre Racing India  Formula BMW series
Rd3- Race1- 3rd place
Rd4- Race2- 3rd place
Asia Max Challenge Rd3 - Winner- 4th place

2016 - Rotax Max Invitational Race Malaysia
DD2 category- 4th place
KRS KKS Asia Max Challenge DD2 category
Rd1-4th place 
Rd2- 4th place 
Rd3- 2nd place

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