Saturday, December 5, 2015

VAUTH SAGEL introduces its latest kitchen innovations CORNERSTONEand VSA

Vauth Sagelwill travel a mile to effectively show each one of us how to use the space in your kitchen – be it in the form of an unused corner, wasted gaps under your countertop and blind edges that leave no or little room for accessing cabinets, through its latest products such as Cornerstone & VSA.

Vauth Sagel’s Cornerstone is a swiveling system component for corner cabinets that automatically extends the entire contents out of the cabinet upon opening the door. In this the travel path is controlled and is confined to the area of the corner cabinet carcass which offers he advantage that utilizing neighboring cabinets or the dishwasher.

Vauth Sagel’s VSA is an innovative system solution for opening angles of 90-160°.The new generation of cabinets automatically and comfortably moves the baskets and stored items towards the user, hence providing a perfect overview of the contents.HÄFELE – Sole distributor for Vauth Sagelare expanding this larder cabinet product line to include the narrow VSA 300 and 400 versions, therefore offering customers across the globe an even broader, modular range. Users can store, and swiftly access, the most diverse foodstuffs and kitchen utensils on up to five spacious levels. With just one movement, everything stored in the cabinet comfortably and automatically emerges from the carcass, hence making access to stored foodstuffs even easier.

Commenting on the Vauth Sagel kitchen innovation,Mr. Heinz-Jörg Kleine, [Sales Head(Asia &Pacific), Vauth-Sagel Systemtechnik GmbH & Co KG]: says, “Vauth Sagel has always aimed to create more functionality within the constraints of the space available in the Kitchen . The Kitchen remains a constant study for us and we spend a lot of time in curating with innovative concepts that can optimize the space in every nook and corner of a kitchen without any compromise on functionality”

About Vauth-Sagel:
For over 50 years, the owner-run family company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing system components of various materials for the medical/care, automotive and caravanning sectors as well as innovative storage space systems for the kitchen and furniture industry. Furthermore, the company offers complete office and care solutions for customers across the globe. To this end, Vauth-Sagel specifically deploys its many years of wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic material competencies. Around 850 employees develop and manufacture far more than 85 million ‘Made in Germany’ quality products each year. In-house logistics and a global sales and distribution team round off the tailored range of products and services for clients throughout the world.

About Häfele:
Häfele was established in 1923 in Nagold, Germany, and turned from a local specialist hardware business into a global company by the Häfele and Thierer families, who were the original owners. The Häfele group of companies is now managed by the third generation of family members. The legal form of GmbH & Co KG is another typical feature of a German family-owned company. Today, Häfele is one of the leading international companies for furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems and technical hardware advice. Its customers include the furniture industry, the furniture trade, interior fitters, hardware dealers, building investors, architects, planners and authorities in more than 150 countries. Today, Häfele’s worldwide penetration includes 39 subsidiaries across Europe, America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The Häfele worldwide workforce is empowered by a base of 5600 employees. The group services over 150,000 customers across the globe through its extensive range of hardware products and a comprehensive logistics system.

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