Friday, December 18, 2015

Bluestone’s Zero Degree Collection

Make this Christmas an unforgettable one with

Add some bling to your holiday wardrobe with Bluestone’s Zero Degree collection. Being India’s No1 online jewellery store, Bluestone adds dazzle to your Christmas with their range of coveted gold and diamond earrings in the form of snowflakes and stars, thus being the epitome of winter dreamland.

Get a fun winter look with the beautiful and sparkling styles available in gold, white gold and rose gold. The collection, as the name suggests is a refreshing take on Christmas jewellery and are made of quality materials as each earring comes with certificate guaranteeing gold and diamond quality. Since these pieces make great holiday presents, make this season an unforgettable one with snowflake earrings bedazzled with glistening diamonds.
You don’t have to be boring with angels and wreaths and can go elegant with these snowflake jewellery in geometric designs.
The collection is priced between Rs.10,600& Rs.26,000.

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