Friday, September 4, 2015

iCare Life launches a unique placement and e-learning platform for home support service providers

  • A pool of trained and certified chauffeurs/drivers from amongst more than 20000 enlisted
  • Unique ‘search and matchmaking’ capability to suit the preference of service seekers
  • National Occupational Standards complaint driving training program
  • Similar services in eldercare and baby/child care category on the anvil

India, September 03, 2015:
With a view to making a difference to the lives of millions of workers in informal sector economy, iCare Life has launched a unique placement platform powered by e-learning content and training that can be delivered anytime and everywhere through technology platform. The home support service providers have now an opportunity to improve their service capabilities and provide better services.

iCare Life addresses the felt need of millions of service seekers to get access to competent and reliable service providers, and on the other hand service providers get opportunities to scale-up their competencies through training. With this training-led empowerment, service seekers would have access to better-trained workforce and look forward to hassle-free home services.

iCare Life will bring together on one platform both service seekers and providers. Its unique ‘search and match-making’ engine will help employers find  ‘just the right’ service provider as per their requirement.

Mumbai is the first location in India that the company has launched its services. It plans to launch it services in more cities shortly. More than 20,000 chauffeurs/drivers have been listed on iCare Life web portal (, and this number is growing fast. From among them, a considerable number is already trained and certified. Service seekers, who are members of the iCare Life web portal, will have access to this pool. The service seekers will further have an option of choosing the chauffeurs/drivers according to their requirement; like the level of competency, experience, neighborhood location, etc. according to their budget.

The training curricula are formulated in Singapore and draw reference from across the globe. The training program for chauffeurs/drivers is also certified as compliant to the National Occupational Standards laid out by the ASDC (Automobile Skill Development Council). The trained chauffeurs/drivers are assessed for their performance on simulators, which virtually creates challenging driving situations, like driving in heavy rains, hilly terrain, or even a brake failure condition, etc. The candidates go through stringent assessment protocols to earn the iCare Life certificate.

iCare Life also offers training and certification programs for school-bus drivers. Many leading schools both in Mumbai and NCR are currently using this training program to train their drivers on safe driving, and in turn to ensure the safety of the children who use school buses.

What is more?  iCare Life conducts training of women drivers, a part of women empowerment programme that has received excellent responses not only from the women who are aspiring to become drivers but also from many others.

iCare Life training program and certification courses are e-learning based modules that are delivered through personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones. As such, the individuals can learn at their pace, anywhere, anytime, and everywhere.

While training and certification programs for eldercare, baby/child care have also been launched, iCare Life is working on creating trained and certified pool of caregivers, and making them available for service seekers to hire from in the coming months.

Commenting on the launch of the services, Mr. Sudhamoy Khasnobis, founder director, iCare Life Singapore said, ‘Trained workforce in the informal sectors can look forward to improved employment opportunities and better earning potential, as India will be a significant contributor to the global workforce by 2020. As a social enterprise, we are committed to creating a competency based training platform that is technology enabled, scalable with wider reach and lower cost of delivery. We would like Home Support Services soon to emerge as an industry in India.”

Mr Rajesh Ghatge, Managing Director and CEO, iCare Life said, ’We have, over the last couple of years, invested in research, establishing standards of service delivery and creating content using animation technology. We have built a robust technology platform to deliver anytime-anywhere learning and certification protocols related to their area of work to a segment of the workforce, who presently has negligible access to even rudimentary training in home support services. This platform also houses an advanced matchmaking engine to allow the engager to hire competent service providers both on a long-term and for on-demand, concierge service.’

iCare Life is start-up supported by a group of professionals with expertise in diverse fields; like finance and banking, human resources and training, communications and social sectors, etc. The company has the vision to convert ‘Home Support Service’ into a formal industry by establishing standards, building capabilities and providing hassle free access; and in the process, enrich the lives of millions of people. The Singapore based company has ambitious plans to expand its operations globally in future.

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