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Trade fairs staged in Cologne and in growth markets aroundthe world

May 2015 : Koelnmesse organizes a large number of trade fairsdevoted to food and beverages. These events are held not only in Cologne butalso in growth markets all over the world — in locations such as Bangkok,Beijing, Curitiba (Brazil), Dubai, Istanbul, Mumbai, New Delhi and Tokyo.Especially through Anuga, the largest and most important global trade fair forfood and drinks, Koelnmesse has earned its reputation as an organizer ofpioneering international trade fairs. The International Sweets and BiscuitsFair (ISM) and Anuga FoodTec are also international market leaders in theirrespective segments.

With around 6,800 suppliers from 100countries and almost 155,000 trade visitors from over 180 countries, Anuga isthe world’s biggest and most important fair for the international food andbeverage trade. It takes place every two years in Cologne. As the leading tradefair for the sector, Anuga reflects all the significant market trends anddevelopments. 
The International Sweets and Biscuits Fair (ISM)  takes place once a year in Cologne, in either January or February.This trade fair is actually a spinoff of Anuga. In January 2015 more than 1,500suppliers and over 37,000 buyers were once again welcomed to the most recentISM. Since 2006, ProSweets Cologne,the supplier trade fair for the confectionery industry, has taken place inparallel with ISM. These trade fairs complement each other in terms of boththeir content and their target groups. Through this trade fair concept, thetheme of confectionery and snack items has been systematically expanded inCologne. In 2015 nearly 17,000 trade visitors from 78 countries checked out thepresentation of 328 companies from 33 countries.
A small but very concentrated tradefair that is exactly tailored to its target group isEu’Vend + coffeena, which focuses on the growing vending market         —the sale of products by means of vending machines         — as well as thedynamic market for coffee and coffee-related products. This trade fair alsotakes place every two years. 

Anuga FoodTec, the International trade fair for food and drinktechnology, is also a satellite event of Anuga and is equally successful. AnugaFoodTec takes place every three years in Cologne. At the last Anuga FoodTec inMarch 2015 the fair hosted over 1,500 exhibiting companies from 49 countriesand over 45,000 trade visitors from all over the world. As the only event ofits kind worldwide, Anuga FoodTec presents all aspects of the processing,packaging, storage and distribution of food and beverage production, as well ashygiene-related technologies, to all segments in the sector.

Thaifex – World of Food Asia in Bangkok is one of our manyinternational trade fairs  held abroad.With around 1,500 suppliers, it is an extremely successful trade fair that hasbecome a central trading platform in Southeast Asia. Thaifex – World of FoodAsia has been held since 2004

InChina, Koelnmesse staged in November 2014 the new World of Food Beijing  - to muchsuccess. This trade fair is likewise based on the successful Cologne trade fairconcept. Sweets & Snacks China will be comprised as a special segment.World of Food Beijing is tailored to the special needs of the Chinese marketand is staged in cooperation with local organizations. Thus it is positioned asthe leading food fair in Northern China.

Asa new trade fair HAFEX - World of foodNingxia, China International Halal Food & Technology Expo, will beinaugurated in September 2015 in the city of Ningxia, China. This business platform aims at thesizable Muslim community in Western China.

Koelnmessestages Wine & Gourmet Japan everyyear in Tokyo.

Sweets& Snacks Middle East is the Koelnmesse trade fair in Dubai. Here Koelnmessereaches the promising growth market of the countries in the MENA region.

Indiais another very important mainstay of Koelnmesse’s international activities. InMumbai Koelnmesse has organized the Annapoorna – World of Food India    trade fair since 2006. It is set up as purebusiness to business platforms in order to bring together supply and demand inthe Indian food and beverage market.
Other Koelnmesse events that takeplace in India include Dairy UniverseIndia, IIDE –India International Dairy Expo and International FoodTec India, the Number One event for food andbeverage technology in India. Starting from 2015,International foodTec India will become an annual show thatalternates between the locations of Mumbai and New Delhi. In August 2014 a newtrade fair for the Brazilian market had its premiere to a very promisingeffect: International FoodTec Brazil,currently being renamed ANUTEC BRAZIL,in Curitiba. 81 exhibitors presented their tailor made concepts to around 3,000food industry managers from Brazil and neighbor countries. The next ANUTECBRAZIL will take place in August 2016.

May 2015 will see the launch of ANUFOOD Eurasia - anewinternational platform for the food industry in the key commercial hub ofIstanbul.  It is set to become theleading event in the Turkish, Balkan, CIS and MENA regions and will cover thefull scope of the food and beverage sector.
The focal point of an expandedagreement between Koelnmesse and PMMI Association for Packaging & ProcessingTechnologies (USA) is to organise a new premiere event in North America inspring of 2017. The event will focus on food processing and packaging, thuswill meet the needs of international industry players even more effectively.
Starting in 2017, the Koelnmesseand the Colombian trade fair organizer Corporación de Ferias y ExposicionesS.A. (Corferias) will jointly organize the packaging technology trade fair Andina-Pack. Andina-Pack is now the second trade fair, after the food fair Alimentec, on which Koelnmesse andCorferias will collaborate in the future.
In May 2012 Koelnmesse and Fiere diParma had already agreed to cooperate more closely on the marketing of food andbeverage events in their two countries and abroad. Their cooperation will nowbecome even closer. In future, Koelnmesse and Fiere di Parma will join forcesin the food sector and for the range of issues related to food technology. Theclose cooperation between the two partners will extend to trade fair projectsand other marketing activities in Italy, Germany and countries outside Europein order to open up new long-term sales markets for companies in the Italianand German food technology sector.
Through these globe-spanningactivities, Koelnmesse offers its customers a network of events that give themaccess to a number of different markets and thereby create a basis for stableand sustainable international business relations. Many of these trade fairthemes complement one another and offer the synergies, knowledge and contactsthat are important for all companies.  

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