Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jaan Living by Walter Knoll

Brand: Walter Knoll, D&M
Product : Jaan Living
Design: EOOS

Description :
Jaan Living by Walter Knoll is an elegant piece of furniture in modern lifestyle. This extension to the range of Jaan Living sofas is a dream come true thanks to its softness that you could literally sink into forever.

Its spacious upholstered surfaces seem to float over the perfectly shaped, understated framework in a balanced harmony of lightness and weight. Chic and inviting at the same time, the casual look of the leather is complemented by the light down filling of the upholstery.  Boards in glass or alternatively in saddle leather are ultra-convenient for short spells of daydreaming or extensive reading sessions as the perfect place to deposit the Sunday paper, a glass of wine or your iPad. You could also use them to display lamps, vases and cushions.

This sofa, with its new elements and greater depth, is a new variant in the Jaan Living range. The great attraction is that both variants can easily be combined for new geometries and scenarios, to fit in with both personal preferences and the architecture.

Unique Functionality:
Ø  Jaan Living balances the lightness and weight perfectly, creating the perfect harmony.
Ø  A single design that serves many purposes, chic and stylish yet multipurpose.
Ø  The sofa can be experimented with, for new scenarios that breaks the monotony in your home.

Price: On Request

D&M Building Products Pvt. Ltd.
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Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli 400 018
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Website: www.dnmindia.in

About D&M: D&M is India’s premier brand of integrated interior solutions which brings international names like JEB-Integra (Partition products), Tandus (Flooring Products), WalterKnoll (Furniture Products), Woven Image (Acoustics Products), and Waldmann (Lighting Products), among others to the Indian market.

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