Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Jabong Boutique - Small Business Success Stories That Inspire

New Delhi, March 3, 2015: India’s leading online fashion destination, Jabong.com, introduces a specially curated boutique section for its fashion conscious customer who is continuously evolving in his/her taste and choices.

With a very clear focus on product quality and fashion trends, the boutique has brands such as Lacquer embassy, Krazy Kaleido (Purple Paperbag), Rinku Sobti, Nidhi Munim, Crazy Palette, G.K International (Boho to Soho), Rugoe, Meo Home Craft, January Rose, Inayat, Kalista, Parul Grover, Scentra, Rugoe and Uttama Bhatt on board.

With the launch of the Boutique, Jabong.com   not only gives a platform to designers from all across the country to showcase their talent but makes fashion accessible to customers all across.

Jabong.com along with bringing the best of fashion alternatives to its customers has chosen some of the most talented designers to be part of Boutique. From handicrafts and paintings explicit in the collection by designers like Madhuban, Meo Homecraft and Crazy palette to trendy and luxury collections like Scentra Shoes by Karan Vij and Luxury swimwear collection by Nidhi Munim, the products available on boutique will be limited edition thereby maintaining the exclusivity of it.

Madhuban brings the art of Madhubhani paintings from Mithilia, Bihar live on their products whereas Meo Homecraft is a creative expressions of rural Meo women artisans hence, uploading sewing as a rural talent.

Realizing the potential and value of their craft , Sarika Mehtu and Sanya Prasad from Madhuban and Rachna Singh from Meo homecraft  felt the need to promote it across platforms, wherein  Jabong.com perfectly fits the grid  by being an leading e-commerce portal, therefore effective in maximizing the reach and visibility of the same.
Brand like Crazy palette feels that it’s the best time to engage with fashion centric e-commerce portals as consumers there are consciously buying exclusive curated stuff.

A luxury swimwear collection by Nidhi Munim aims to target the fashion conscious masses in India. This collection is a sophisticated line of swimwear with an undercurrent of risqué. The brand assures to be a fine balance  between  too plain &  too embellished swimsuits in India.
 Also part of the Boutique collection is a new and unique footwear brand titled, Scentra, exclusively launched and available on Jabong.com. Scentra is an exclusively handmade and scented footwear brand from Spain which is designed in Los Angeles, USA. The USP of the shoe is that it is foldable and uses organic cotton, making them eco-friendly. The lining of the shoes is also made of organic cotton leading to no skin irritation for users. Scentra shoes are dyed with strawberry scent and will never have a foul smell, a truly unique offering in the world of footwear.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Praveen Sinha, MD & Co-founder, Jabong.com, “At Jabong, we always aim to take fashion to the next level & provide  customers with a unique shopping experience. Our  goal has always been to become a one stop shop for our  customers and with the launch of boutique on the website; we aim to reach new heights. We are very excited about this new offering at Jabong and hope to create success with it.”
The amazing collection by Boutique awaits you on Jabong.com.

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