Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review : Wild Card ***

With the Christmas mood just setting in Las Vegas, Director Simon West has a revolved a story on Nick (Jason Statham) who is famous but broke.

Nick is a guy at this gambling place who is shown in the first scene is trying to pick up a fight with a guy in front of his girl friend and gets beaten up deliberately only to get paid later on to act.

Immediately after, Holly ( Dominik Garcia Lorido) , we see a young girl thrown out of a car injured badly outside looked like she was raped, made it to the hospital and when doctors seem to question her about who did it to her, she muttered Nick later figured was her friend.
Nick as the story takes a leap,   helps her find the dangerous mob guys who did this to her and how holly takes her revenge by getting to Danny Demarco ( Milo Ventimiglia) only tortures him , takes the money $.50,000  on the table, splits it with Nick and leaves. While Nick tries his luck only to double his $.25,000  at black jack only turns to his misery of losing all his money even after winning $.50, 000 Staying alongside his worst times is only a coward yet self made- millionaire friend Cytus Kinnick who only helps his friend with a gift when Nick manages to finish holly revenge as they get after Nick.

A film in slow motion, shot in Las Vegas, brings the audience the conclusion that being good can bring you luck.

By Susan Francis.

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