Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review : The Boy Next Door **

Director Rob Cohen did a tremendous job with the cast crew, with producer, singer turned actress Jennifer Lopez who is sizzling hot and Ryan a handsome teenager.

Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) plays the role of a divorced woman who lives with her son Kevin (Ian Nelson) until she the boy next door comes along. Noah ( Ryan Guzman) , this really good looking boy who in the beginning is the most sweet and rather extra helpful guy who actually has his eye on Claire who is teacher at a high- school. He wins everyone's heart until one night just as Claire is alone at home has some kind of infatuation towards the boy, they both end up having a physical one night, which she obviously the next day wants to forget about it as her ex - husband  is trying to mend the marriage and her reputation and self respect at stake. Unfortunately for her, Noah has an obsession for her and keeps blackmailing her to an extent he stalks her everywhere, and even kills.

An action packed drama unveiling the story has a remarkable impact on the audience.

By Susan Francis.


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