Sunday, September 7, 2014

‘Three Women’

The Woman behind the Three Women: Indian American Writer, Director  & Musical Composer Isheeta Ganguly presented new version of her famous musical theatre ‘Three Women’

The play featuring Dipika Roy, Amrita Raichand & Madhurima Nigam & narration by Mandira Bedi, Three Women is a saucy, satirical, modern day spin on the lives of three Rabindranath Tagore’s women, then & now.

Three Women presented at the NCPA, saw the attendance of the crème de la crème crowd Ankit Saraswat, Aneel Murarka, Sonu Nigam, Sulaiman Merchant, Sheeba, Dr. Ruby Tandon, Dr.Makani, Sanjeev Kapoor, Neeraj Bajaj, Tarun Katiyal, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Shobha De who were praises for the musical theatre.

Isheeta Ganguly, educated & lived abroad is every inch a Bengali, being raised in different parts of the world her music intricately weaves the many threads of her musical journey. With Three Women, Isheeta Ganguly sketches roles of her play on the lines of famous Rabindranath Tagore characters & amazed by their relevance even today.

What do the women from Rabindranath Tagore's world have in common with those from "Sex and the City"? As women continue to struggle with themes of individuality, love, identity, beauty and relevance across the times, "Three Women", written and directed by Isheeta Ganguly and featuring Dipika Roy, Amrita Raichand, Madhurima Nigam and Mandira Bedi on narration is a delight for the senses with exciting new costumes by fashionista Amy Billimoria, takes us on an intense and satirical odyssey starting with 19th century Bengal leading into modern times to realize that the issues that women struggle even now remain much the same.

Three Women is about the timeless see-saw of negotiating desire, purpose & second chances are at the heart of this multi media, the musical theatre set to folk pop beats.

Two fictional characters & his own sister-in-law, forbidden love & muse, Kadambari Devi, travel from 19th to the 21stcentury to realize that their inner struggles remain much the same.

Isheeta, till now has released her eight albums, has not only written and directed the play but is also giving music in it.

Isheeta Ganguly mentions, “This play is every woman's story and journey across generations and cultures..every woman will relate to it.”   Talking about designing for Three Women, Amy mentions, “It is a beautiful amalgamation of the old & the new. One will see authentic Bengali saris ornately edged with blouses influenced from the Tagore Era. The costume flows from Saris to modern contemporary wear depicting the strong characters of the three women.”

Amy Billimoria further adds, “The colours used are black, burnt orange & yellows depicting the various personas of the characters personally.”


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