Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Club BW hosted GALA Wednesday

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Club BW hosted GALA  Wednesday Live Session with Indian Ocean

New Delhi,10th  September,2014: Club BW  unleashed a gala night by giving a kick to the launch of Wednesday Live Session featuring genres like Sufi, Soul, Rock and Folk.They hosted this Wednesday Live Session with Indian Ocean.   The idea of Wednesday Live Session was to give music lovers and night life enthusiasts a different experience

The night unfurled into a fun filled, sizzling affair as the guests got high on the passion and thrill of the music.The evening was graced by some of the hottest fashionistas and all the music lovers in town, who witnessed the elements of music, fashion,and glamour as they spent the night shaking their legs to some exciting tunes.

About CLUB BW: 

Club BW introduces us to the world of Elegance, Glamour, Grace and Fashion. Dwell in the luxuries of life from liquor and music to the Glam Culture. BW gives the uppermost luxury in a Black and White way. The royal welcome by the king and queen and the shimmer of the main floor will make anybody jitter away the worries to its whimsical euphoria.

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