Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Media Tracking of India (MTI) innovates 'i-Hyperspider'

Media Tracking of India (MTI) innovates 'i-Hyperspider' to track your image in the market.

Mumbai, August 12, 2014:Media Tracking of India (MTI) has developed an inhouse sophisticated search engine called 'i-hyperspider' which not only searches for keywords extracted from a sentence, but it also follows the data strings using its hyper threading protocol. It intelligently searches for information by following multilevel links. This allows it to track information that is not only specific but also relative. Then our team of media experts finally put the information together in a sequence and remove irrelevant data and provide a crisp information report.

The result is clean and valuable data that can be used for business intelligence decision making. The information is extremely useful for tracking all information floating in web relating to a company or a brand or a person, including his competitors. This software engine also tracks the related and relevant industry trends.

Mr. Riyaz Ahmed, CEO of MTI said "I have been in the media industry for over 15 years and realising the importance of media tracking, I had setup the news tracking service to track news in the print and TV, which I found was incomplete without online media tracking".

Online media has become very important for consumers to make purchase decision or even where to eat and holiday, and refer to various web portals to gain information. Online reputation is very important, as it can spread virally and thus make or break a brand.

When you know what is the buzz about you in the Internet media social media and also what is being spoken about your competitors as well as the current market trends, you can grab the opportunity.

MTI monitors all media across the length and breadth of the country, collates it and provides you the relevant data for effective decision making. Media is gathered from Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, and primarily Digital media like Social media - Facebook, Google, twitter etc. to let you know what good and bad is being spoken about your company, your products or your competitors.

Imagine if something negative is being spread through social media, and spreading virally, without your knowledge, how it can affect your business and by the time you realise it what can happen. What if the competition becomes aware of it before you do. If the information is known to you immediately, it can be controlled and effective actions can be taken.

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