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~For Excellence is not gained easily. It is something you strive for with a journey that is more

meaningful than the end~

Bangalore, 11th

that holds a more significant meaning than the end and is one that transforms you in the

process. When one thinks of excellence, one thinks of outstanding aspects & spectacular

achievements and it is precisely this that Louis Philippe has grown to symbolize. So much so,

that today, the embroidered crest is prized even more for its focus on exquisite craftsmanship.

 July 2014: Excellence isn’t a destination, it is a constant pursuit. It is a journey

Louis Philippe, a leader in premium & international menswear, further strengthens the brand’s

ethos by being the only retail giant to launch its own show - `In Pursuit of Excellence’. This

unique venture by the brand is a first of its kind exclusive program that will feature some of the

finest & most successful talents in the country.  The show is hosted by Vijay Amritraj, a name

synonymous to excellence not just in the field of sports but, philanthropy and goodwill as well.

This star studded program will witness India’s leading and well established names in cinema,

sports, theatre, music, among others, in exclusive interviews with Mr. Vijay Amritraj. During

the course the show, they will unravel their passion, resilience and determination to achieving


According to Mr. Jacob John, Brand Head, Louis Philippe. “Louis Philippe as a brand has grown

to be synonymous with excellence. With this unique strategy, our aim is to excite the larger

audience by bringing alive the brands ideology through freshly crafted content.”

“ By interacting with some of India’s most prominent personalities from various walks of life,

we hope to strengthen our audiences’ belief - that the brand represents the very best there

is! Moreover, having Mr. Vijay Amritraj host the show is something that we are greatly looking

forward to. We believe that our consumer conversations in the future will be driven through

unique content and after setting up a successful content platform - - a show

like this is the next step in producing truly world class content that our fans and consumers can

engage with and enjoy", he went on to add.

“In Pursuit of Excellence”, is one of the brands unique strategies for branching out to new

territories in portraying its brand ideology. Symbolizing a lifestyle that is distinctly majestic and

opulent, Louis Philippe has over half a million loyal customers and is a premium brand that

remains true to its followers and brings a rich flavour of heritage and finesse, while staying


“I am delighted to host this wonderful TV show “Louis Philippe in Pursuit of Excellence” to

highlight the amazing achievements of Indians in different walk of life. It encourages, inspires

and educates the next generation to emulate icons in Industry, entertainment and sport and

represent India on the global stage” adds Mr. Vijay Amritraj.

This unique initiative taken by the brand represents a model of its kind - the very best there is.

“In Pursuit of Excellence” airs on CNN IBN on the 12th

the 13th

 of July 2014. Additionally one can catch the entire unedited version of the show online


About Louis Philippe:

The brand draws its name and inspiration from King Louis Philippe of France, who was famed

for his generosity of spirit and his appreciation of the arts. Louis Philippe thrives on excellence,

elegance and opulence. Synonymous with premium, international men’s fashion, Louis Philippe

was launched in India in 1989, and ever since then, the brand has been enjoying the repute

of being the leader in formal and quasi-formal wear. Taking cognizance of the evolution of the

Indian gentleman and so also his preferences, the brand has constantly innovated and modeled

itself to suiting and meeting those requirements and this is what sets Louis Philippe apart as a

premium, international men’s fashion brand.

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