Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Women Entrepreneurship: A Weapon for Today’s Women

Women Entrepreneurship: A Weapon for Today’s Women

The days are gone where women were looked down up in every walks of social life and they were more or less shackled within the four boundaries to take care of the entire households. But today’s women have junked the speculations that they are meant to sacrifice their every aspirations for the sake of marriage, giving birth to child and playing a role of care taker for the entire family.

Over a period of time, women have depicted a different portal of themselves in front of the society by playing a role of women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurship has significant contribution towards economic growth of the country. It fuels the growth of employment opportunities and thereby minimizes the poverty as well as economically empowers the women of the country.

But the gloomy facet of women entrepreneurs in India is that they are still struggling to grab a major pie of the entire entrepreneurship industry owing to some of the crucial issues – gender discrimination, matrimonial and inherent laws, cultural practices, lack of proper financial model, inaccessibility of right information, network and many more.

Therefore government on its part has taken various initiatives by demonstrating the potentiality of women entrepreneurs through various promotional measures, schemes and women-friendly policies. Besides, various MSME development organizations, state small industries development organizations, micro financial institutions and women-led NGOs regularly come up with various programmes which can meet the key requirements of women entrepreneurs and reduce the multiple obstacles which come in their way towards achieving growth.

Women entrepreneurs in few southern states and Maharashtra account for over 50% of all women-led small-scale industrial units in India. Looking for an alternative to a professional career, many are turning entrepreneurs. It clearly highlights how mom-entrepreneurs and women owners of small and medium businesses are growing in home based businesses, boutiques and custom fit lifestyle businesses. With the digital space in India set to boom, the number of such women entrepreneurs will keep growing.

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