Wednesday, June 25, 2014


-          Ms. Shubhra Bhardwaj, Founder & Managing Director Ferriswheel

India is a dynamic democracy on the verge of a social and economic change and that is being reflected in all its aspects especially the Entertainment industry. Career options and revenue modules are changing. Young people have various career options to choose from unlike the generation before them. Not only are the options different, they are also well paying, satisfying and challenging. Event management is one of those fields that encompass all of the above. It gives you ample opportunities for unleashing your creative potential. Event management involves visualization, creativity, meticulous planning and venue management. This industry has gained momentum in the last few years due to the change in marketing and advertising plans. Even the increase in demand of professional socializing has acted as a boost for this field. Most events today are organized by an event management company, with experts taking care of every little detail — right from the colour scheme at the venue to the food and drinks to the amusements and contests lined up for guests. It is almost like making a wish and having it granted by an event manager.

Event management utilizes multiple skills of an individual. As per a recent study, it was discovered that you need 21 skill sets to be an event manager. If you have some of these qualities, it might just be the career for you. To start with, a flair for planning and organizing events effectively and passion for doing it creatively is a must. Good communication skills combined with marketing and business acumen works wonders. You definitely need to be a team player with great leadership skills to keep the team motivated and moving. Apart from risk and crisis management abilities, you also should be able to withstand high-pressure situations and deliver results nonetheless. An understanding and capability of making and delivering projects within a budget will certainly keep your company happy. The event management industry is an extremely demanding one and to be able to multi-task and be proactive will prove to be a boon for you. Last but not the least, you need to be client-focused and committed to meeting the needs of your customers as well. Extroverts usually have an advantage in this field due to their outgoing and easy to get along nature. They like making new friends, have lots of contacts and a huge network of people, which is like gold currency in professional circles. Extroverts have a natural knack for interpersonal interactions and therefore make inspiring leaders.

The excitement of being a part of this industry is the people, the travel, the movement and the exposure. There is a huge amount of pressure when one is working in this field, as these are events that are live and normally the whole brand, state or national pride is at stake for efficient and flawless delivery. One needs to be a thorough professional to withstand the immense pressure and demands.

The following would be expected of you as an event manager:

- Development, production and delivery of projects from proposal right up to delivery.
- Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet (and hopefully exceed) expectations.
- Setting, communicating and maintaining timelines and priorities on every > project.
- Communicating, maintaining and developing client relationships
- Managing supplier relationships
- Managing operational and administrative functions to ensure that specific projects are delivered efficiently
- Providing leadership, motivation, direction and support to your team
- Travelling to on site inspections and project managing events
- Being responsible for all project budgets from start to finish.
- Ensuring excellent customer service and quality delivery 

Event management can sound like such a glamorous career, and in a lot of ways it really is. No two days will be the same as you work on different events each day. The events will range from anything as small as business meetings, to events as huge as concerts or sporting events. There will also be all of the in between sized events as well. Exciting things such as sporting events, fashion shows, launches, exhibitions and fairs. Each day really can bring something new to the table and you will find yourself learning on the job all the time. 
That said, being an event planner is undoubtedly an exhausting job. You have to do a lot of running around, a lot of co-ordination and planning and work in tandem with large groups of people - your client, vendors, workers, other departments and the works. You may be dealing with hundreds of people while planning a single event on thousands of people on the day of the event! So be prepared to work those really long hours. One must also remember that you are not attending these elaborate events as a guest. You are there to work and after weeks or even months of working hard on this project, the actual event is the moment you are pulling it all together. So, it is not unusual for the event planne
r to not get a chance to even breathe on the day let alone sit down and enjoys a three-course meal with the guests.  However to become an Event Manager, one must have an MBA degree or a Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media & Event Management (PGDAME).
A lot of specialized institutes like EMDI & NIEM Mumbai prepare you well for a career in the field of event management. Even well-known mass communication schools like XIC (Mumbai), IIMC (Delhi), SIMC (Pune), Mudra Institute of Communication, (Ahmedabad) help you develop your skills for this industry. The courses that are covered include: Event activation & event conceptualization, Event planning and road mapping , Stage planning & cost effective production execution , MC anchoring training with the twelve second factor , Venue lighting and sound specifics , Catering , Security perception, planning and execution Event logistics, AV case studies of events including grand Indian & international events etc. … 
Overall, event management as a career is an extremely challenging and demanding but equally exciting option. So if you have an appetite for challenges and would love to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where no two projects are the same, a career in event management is definitely for you.

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