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‘Great Places to Study initiative to spotlight India’s best higher education institutes

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‘Great Places to Study initiative to spotlight India’s best higher education institutes
·        SkillTree Knowledge Consortium in association with Lavasa Corporation Ltd., launches India’s first international recognition platform to identify Indian institutions that make a global appeal 
·        22 Indian institutes to be awarded certificates of international league at House of Commons, London on June 24
New Delhi, June, 2014: With one of the largest higher education set ups in the world along with the USA and China, India churns out an estimated 50 lakh graduates each year and boasts of over 600 Universities. Yet, its potential as a global education destination remains somewhat underutilized due to several factors. Absence of aggressive campaigns as well as lack of an international platform to certify Indian institutions are among the reasons.

A new international education initiative launched by SkillTree Knowledge Consortium, a thought leadership communication strategy firm, aims to focus on this area by auditing Indian institutions and promoting India as a global destination for education.

SkillTree Knowledge Consortium is an organization engaged into higher education advisory, spreading knowledge and sharing ideas through research and publication, television series, conferences, talk shows and learning theatre. It is now using its expertise to draw global attention to India’s thriving educational sector, while also talk about the improvements it needs to draw more students globally.

This will be the first international education platform for India which is known to produce world class techies, engineers, IT experts, doctors as well as thinkers. It is to be noted that of the 50 lakh graduates India produces annually, as many as 15 lakh are engineers.

‘Great Place to Study’ is a new initiative established by SkillTree Knowledge Consortium and the country’s first international recognition platform that aims to focus on global recognition, annual rankings, global student enrollment tours and auditing services in Indian institutions. 

‘SkillTree Great Place to Study’ will audit educational institutions across the country, keep a tab on their rankings and facilitate student enrollments tours to help institutions attract foreign talent. Great Place to Study’s India edition has been sponsored by Lavasa Corporation, with a long term aim to make India counted as a global destination for higher education. 

To begin with, 22 Indian institutes will be awarded the first certifications of ‘International League Indian Institutes’ on June 24. The ceremony to recognize the Indian institutes which are congenial to global students and provide world class education will be held at the House of Commons in London, the United Kingdom.

“India has great potential to become a global education hub for people from different destinations. Already, a number of students from our neighboring countries as well as several African nations turn to India for higher education. SkillTree Great Place to Study initiative is aimed at magnifying the appeal of India by giving Indian institutions an international recognition platform. We have a thorough scrutinizing process of selection and auditing and a jury that goes about its task scrupulously. We received entries from across India and our objective was to identify institutions that offer world class education, the most congenial environment to global students, boosting their potentials to grow. This certification is an ongoing process. On June 24, we will have the first installment of certification ceremony in London,” says Miss Arvina Purkayastha, COO, SkillTree Knowledge Consortium and Editor, Great Place to Study.

“In ancient times, India was recognized as a leading centre for education in the world. Gradually over a period of time the country lost its pivotal position. Today, a number of favorable factors are once again at play which will propel India to the position of a global education hub. One of the many endeavors to promote higher education is taking shape at Lavasa, the first of India's 100 new cities. Being developed as a premiere education hub, the city is slated to host 50,000 students across the many education institutes based here.   ‘Great places to Study’ is an excellent platform for promoting Indian education institutes which are growing in stature and to showcase what India has to offer in the education space. Hence we decided to support this pioneering initiative,” says Mr. Nathan Andrews, President and CEO of Lavasa Corporation Ltd.

The program is not just a recognition program but is also about showcasing higher Indian education practices and possibilities India holds for foreign students. By laying down a clear criteria for selection and scrutiny, the program will indirectly propel India’s educational institutions to conform to its requirements. This will also generate a much needed debate and discussion on the steps India needs to take to make the country more amenable to global students.

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