Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boomer playfully engages youth with its new Phat Li campaign A

Boomer playfully engages youth with its new Phat Li campaign

  Takes mischief among friends to an all new level

New Delhi, April 01, 2014: Boomer, the bubble gum brand from Wrigley India today created a new meaning for FUN and MISCHIEF among friends with a brand new marketing campaign led through a TVC and tag line ----“PHAT LI” - “Phat” being the sound which emanates when the bubble bursts, and Phat Li to denote “pulling a gag”.

Phat Li encourages you to get your groove on and pull a fast one on your friends to spread the spirit of good, clean mischief. Whether it is fooling a colleague or scaring a sibling, Phat Li tries to take the boring out of the ordinary and make every situation a chance to have fun.

Taking the age-old tradition of camaraderie between friends, the campaign stays true, in a captivating manner, to the core brand promise of – FUN… Mischief.. Bubble Gum…

Speaking on the new brand campaign, Mr. Deepak Iyer, Managing Director, Wrigley India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Recognizing that the category isn’t limited to any one age group and on the back of an industry showing robust year-on-year growth, we felt that there was a need to expand the category and include more consumer groups in our communication. The new Boomer campaign is set to take the element of Fun to the next level.” 

Abhinandan Jain, Brand Manager, Boomer, Wrigley India Pvt. Ltd said, I am very excited as Boomer moves on to the next level. The change in positioning is a result of extensive consumer research and we are positive that our new campaign will resonate well with our consumers.”

According to Sonal Dabral, Chief Creative Officer and Chairman for DDB Mudra Group India, “The brand Boomer is about mischief and male camaraderie. Harmless mischief strengthens the bond of friendship, it makes moments spent together memorable and into tales to be told for a lifetime. The type of  good humoured tricks is also consciously kept in a restorative fun zone where the revelation leads to greater bonding amongst friends. This is the kind of story this film tells. With its deep insight, upbeat and catchy music and fun execution, I'm sure this film will be loved by our target audience and will help them make friends with the brand.”

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