Friday, December 20, 2013

Usher the New Year with an aesthetic cushion collection

Usher the New Year with an aesthetic cushion collection

It is time to ornament your homes and workstations this New Year’s and experience bliss at its best, with an aesthetic collection of cushions offered by Serenity: Blissful Living, an avant-garde furniture and accessories store for home and office décor.

  • The new collection of cushions enlivens the ambiance enhancing the entire décor with unique themes and elegant colour combinations. An abode of eternal love, The Taj Mahal looks stunning with the deep hues of orange and red artistically placed amidst uniform prints glorifies an ordinary setting instantly.
  • The artistic heritage walk continues with the formidable forts of India bringing to life the magic of a powerful era. A splash of pink amidst the green background makes it a sight to see. That’s not about it; the age old stamps and coins find a place in the chic array of cushions in classic English colours.
  • The Indian Three Pies coin in pink and the Australian postage stamp in deep grey with a South African Elephant embedded postage stamp in yellow are sure to grab attention.
  • Last but not the least are beautiful abstract Chinese painting of a lady with a traditional look donning a fan standing in the lap of nature. The colour combinations used enhance the look and feel of the cushions making them the apt choice for an art lover.
Please find enclosed press release and images for your reference. Do let us know if you require more information, shall be happy to assist from our end.

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