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Arjun Ramphal becomes the first man to wear a Stitchless Shirt SUPERLUXE

~ First time ever. The Biggest Innovation in the Apparel Industry ~

India, SEPTEMBER 24TH 2013 - Arrow, the brand with a legacy of having dressed gentlemen for over 160 years and known for innovations, now launches the biggest innovation of all time – SUPERLUXE -The Stitchless Shirt, for the FIRST TIME ever in India – A shirt with no stitch!
A shirt is typically made from different pieces of fabric sewn together. This leads to creases on the seams, and manufacturers have been trying various ways to avoid this disadvantage and constant research led to the birth of a technology used in the Limited edition Stitchless shirt. The SuperLuxe technology that makes this feasible adopts eco-friendly high polymer thermo fuse adhesive material on the seams.
Speaking at the launch of their newest innovation, Rishi Vasudev, COO, Arrow, Said: “Arrow believes in bringing the best to its customers and with the SuperLuxe: Stitchless shirt, it brings forth an innovation, which is the world’s most advanced technology offering 100% wrinkle-resistance; making it the most Flawless and Perfect shirt.  The product is a revolution in shirt manufacturing and is going to change the industry.”
The product is engineered without a single visible stitch and the seams are fused eliminating the problem of creases and puckering on seams of shoulders, sides, collar or the placket. Adding to the contemporary styling are the buttons which too are snap buttons to eliminate sewing threads to complete the flawless look. The fabrics used are of the highest quality in 2 Ply cotton, which gives the shirt a very premium look.
Priced at INR 5599/-, Arrow stitchless shirts in 10 designs is a ‘Limited edition’ offering, making it a true collectible piece for the discerning man.

So be the first to possess a true innovation from Arrow – SuperLuxe, the Stitchless Shirt!
Arrow is available in all the major cities and towns across India. However, being a Limited Edition offering, SuperLuxe-the Stitchless shirt, is available at only select Arrow stores in Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
  • In Bangalore, SuperLuxe, the Stitchless shirt is available at Brigade Road, Indiranagar 100 feet road, Orion Mall and Garuda Mall.
  • In Bombay, SuperLuxe – The Stitchless Shirt, is available at Arrow exclusive stores at Linking Road, Colaba, Infiniti Mall Malad and Inorbit Vashi. .
  • In Delhi, SuperLuxe – The Stitchless Shirt, is available at Arrow exclusive stores at Connaught Place, South Ex, Ambi Mall Vasant Kunj and Ambi Mall Gurgaon.
  • In Ahmedabad, SuperLuxe – The Stitchless Shirt, is available at Arrow exclusive stores at CG Road and Alpha Mall.
Other than Arrow Exclusive stores, SuperLuxe from Arrow will be available exclusively with Retail Partners Shoppers Stop and Online Retailer

About Arrow
Born in 1851, Arrow is a blue blooded American brand – bold, timeless and elegant. For more than 160 years this symbol of quality and trust has ruled the hearts and minds of audiences. In India it was launched in 1994 and is today the only truly international menswear brand in India.
Known as the expert shirt maker since 1851, Arrow, in its glorious past has brought several innovations that changed the apparel Industry. Inventor of the world’s first detachable shirt collar, the world’s first shrink-free cotton shirt, introduced Stain free and wrinkle free concepts to clothing. Today, Arrow offers the best in class formals and has the following innovations in shirts:
1.      Travel Series – Stain free. Wrinkle resistant shirts. Designed for those on the move.
2.      Autopress Shirt – Wrinkle free shirt that stays crisp all day long.
3.      Puraido – Japanese technology that provides superior wrinkle resistance with DP rating of 4.0
4.      Handmade shirt – Made from Italian fabric, this exclusive shirt is handcrafted to precision by a single tailor.
5.      President’s collection – a range of super-premium shirts in rich fabrics.
6.      The Great White Shirt – A classic since 1851. Popular even today.
Arrow. Crafting the future of shirts since 1851.
Apart also has the following other sub-brands to cater to the lifestyle needs of the modern day professional:
  • Arrow New York – Zero calorie work wear meant for the experimentative young professional. Made in slim fits and with international styling and designs.
  • Arrow Sport – Leisure and weekend wear to live the American Sports lifestyle.
  • Arrow Woman – Fashion formals for stylish urban women.
Today, this exceptional brand has a range that suits the corporate corner office decision-maker as well as it does the young professional who, someday, seeks to get there.

To connect with the brand: visit us on:

About Arrow

Arrow is the blue-blooded American brand: bold, timeless, elegant.
For more than 160 years this symbol of quality and trust has ruled the hearts and minds of audiences. It has innovated every important style: introduced the detachable collar, launched the adjustable waist bands in trousers and brought the wrinkle-free, stain-free concepts to clothing. Today, this exceptional brand has a range that suits the corporate corner office decision-maker as well as it does the young professional who, someday, seeks to get there.


Born in 1851, Arrow had a single-minded agenda – to dress gentlemen. During that time, America was at the height of fashion consciousness. Men from different leagues were on the lookout for fashion statements to distinguish themselves. Arrow became the solution they were seeking. With a policy of ‘no-compromise on quality’ the brand soon came to symbolise fashion’s ‘Best of the West’.

For more than 160 years now, Arrow has been an enormously successful innovator. In the mid-19th century when stiff, formal suits were the order of the day, Arrow came up with detachable collars. Indeed, the company created over 400 styles.
Another product that Arrow is famous for is its White shirts. From the days, one hundred years ago, when white shirts were the only acceptable attire in offices, Arrow had a range that not only out-styled every other brand it also outsold them. Even today, that tradition continues.
Its popularity as a shirt brand and the fact that it had achieved such symbolism inspired the famous Broadway musical, My Arrow Collar Man. It was a show that, like its shirts, swept America off its feet adding further to the legend of Arrow. By the mid-1920s, Arrow was manufacturing more than 4 million collars each week – barely meeting the raging demand.
On the heels of this came the legend of John F. Kennedy. When the dashing, young president stormed into the White House he brought along with him the presidential wardrobe. No one was willing to wager a bet, but the shirts that he wore were Arrow. It was as a tribute to him that Arrow created the Kennedy Collection – timeless classics. 

Arrow's rich past is a reflection of American fashion over the course of nearly two centuries. What started off as a one-room workshop in Troy, New York, in time, became an international corporation with distribution in more than 90 countries.

Arrow in India
Arrow came to India in 1994. It was a time of great change; for liberalization had been announced three years earlier and a new energy was sweeping the lives of her people. The old was being discarded for the new. Arrow was one of the agents of this decisive change and has stood for grooming the Indian male ever since. With its heritage & penchant for extraordinary perfection, Arrow made sure India Inc reached out to the world with the perfectly tailored suits & immaculate shirts.

Today, Arrow is a premium American lifestyle brand that offers a complete range of men’s & women’s wear, which includes:
·         Arrow Formals - comprising of Presidents Collection and a premium range of Suits, Shirts and Trousers
·         Arrow Sport – Leisure and weekend wear, to complete the American Sports lifestyle
·         Arrow New York – An international line of slim formals for the youth, that is minimalistic, modern and trendy
·         Arrow Woman – Formal, casual & evening wear ensembles for the urban woman.
To complete the look of the professional, Arrow also offers shoes, bags and accessories.

Arrow has built a robust distribution and is available in flagship stores, key departmental stores and leading multi-brand outlets. Arrow is present in over 30 cities across the country, with about 150 exclusive outlets and presence in 400+ key accounts and 400+ multi brand outlets. While delivering quality products, the exclusive stores in major high streets and malls are an attempt to build an unmatched retail experience for the consumer.
Arrow is also available online through websites like,, and

Arrow: The Brand

Brand Philosophy
Expertise, timeless elegance and pedigree sum up the core values of the brand. While the brand believes in constant innovation to cater to the modern professional, Arrow stays true to the values of finesse and quality.

Brand positioning
Discerning expert: An American lifestyle brand with a deeply entrenched heritage of expertise in men’s dressing & offering the ‘Best in class Formals’, Arrow is positioned as the American lifestyle brand of choice for today’s young professionals.

Target Audience
The brand primarily caters to discerning men in the professional world. On the one hand it appeals to the sophisticated adult holding a senior position in a Corporate andwho associates with Arrow’s heritage and being the ‘Voice of authority’; on the other hand it also caters to the growing youth segment that seeks to make a style statement.
To appeal to the young professional, Arrow has recently launched ‘Arrow New York’ – a range of slim fit formal wear which is fashionable, stylised and youthful.
As an extension, Arrow now caters to the urban woman as well.

Sr. VP & COO
Tailored Clothing & Sportswear Division (Arrow, Gant, Izod)
Arvind Lifestyle Brands Ltd.

Rishi is an Electronics Engineer from NIT Kurukshetra and an MBA from MDI, Gurgaon. He has more than thirteen years’ experience in fashion and retail.

Rishi joined Arvind Brands in 2007. He has been instrumental in leading a complete makeover of Arrow which has revitalised the brand. Arrow has changed its positioning to be more lifestyle oriented and to appeal to a younger audience. The brand has seen significant changes in the product offering, the imagery, the retail identity and the distribution network. Today it is the fastest growing as well as the most aspirational brand in its segment.

Rishi has also established Gant firmly in the Bridge-to-Luxury segment in India. With the fast increasing base of this segment, the brand has been in the centre of all the action with rapid growth.

Rishi joined Arvind brands from Madura Garments, where he was the Assistant Brand Head for Louis Philippe.


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