Thursday, July 4, 2024

Scale Sherpas Ventures - Introduces A Unique Plug & Play Model in Distribution and Supply Chain – For Startups and MSMSs – “Your Rapid Entry to GT Market”


Mumbai,3 July, 2024 – Scale Sherpas, led by FMCG veterans Anjana Ghosh and Atanu Gangoly, is set to transform the landscape for small and mid-sized Indian brands by leveraging a vast network of distributors, super stockists, an efficient end-to-end supply chain, a robust tech platform for tracking sales and goods movement, and a dedicated team for last-mile order booking. Their model, based on a unique concept of aggregation of loads, allows brands to benefit from reduced freight costs and provides the flexibility to send small loads to new markets. Extending its service presently to 41 Top Cities & Towns with population of over 10 lakh, they facilitate faster market activation, lower logistic cost, shared resources (SOs) on the ground, and excellent models for cost efficiency.


Scale Sherpas also provides deep functional expertise and comprehensive consulting at every stage of a brand’s lifecycle, ensuring seamless growth. Specializing in the FMCG and CPG industries, they guide companies through the complexities of expansion in the competitive marketplace where many MSMEs operate. Their strategic consultants address critical issues and opportunities in sales distribution, marketing, operational excellence, technology, digital transformation, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, sustainability, and ESG. Their goal is to help businesses expand from regional to national presence, supported by an extensive network of trade partners across India.


The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector in India is the fourth-largest and has been expanding at a healthy rate, driven by rising disposable incomes, a growing youth population, and increasing brand awareness among consumers. Market research firm Kantar found that regional brands, which constitute 70% of the FMCG business in the food and beverage category, grew at 13% in the year ending April 2023, outpacing the 9% growth of national brands.


India’s unique fabric of regional brands plays a vital role in supporting the local economy, generating employment, and catering to local tastes and flavours. However, these brands face numerous risks that can impact their operations and bottom lines. Scale Sherpas aims to help these companies’ overcome challenges and adopt a long-term, forward-thinking approach to business growth.


Anjana Ghosh Managing Director, Scale Sherpas remarked, “We firmly believe that leading a successful business requires the courage to adapt. Doing the right thing is rarely easy but always worth it. MSME businesses are passing through a challenging phase with overall competitive landscapes, entry of global brands, rising input costs, and decreasing margins. Scaling business, reducing costs through efficiency and productivity, adapting to technology, and premiumization are essential for their survival. Our mission is to support businesses that aspire to scale and seek professional help from those with proven track records in building national brands. We enable organizations with creative solutions to navigate complex issues by reimagining their ecosystems, reshaping their portfolios, and reinventing themselves for a better future.”

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