Saturday, June 29, 2024

Dashing passion Look

Actress Rasika Sunil has created a huge fan base by playing diverse roles on the small and big screen. She will also play a dashing role in the upcoming film Danka…Harinamacha . Her poster has been released recently and she is seen in a bold and dashing look . She will be seen in the role of Zasha in the film. How does she avenge the injustice done to her brother by staying in Whelan's fleet ? This will be seen in this film. Presented by Rudra Entertainment Studios and Ganaraj Studios, the Marathi film ' Danka ... Harinamacha ' is hitting the theaters on July 19 . Produced by Ravindra Phad, the film is written and directed by Shreyash Jadhav.

Talking about this role, Rasika said, 'This is a very unusual character. While playing a role with a gray shade, one has to pay special attention to makeup, body language, expressions. Irrespective of the role, actors have to work hard to get it right. She says that she accepted this different role as she did not want to get stuck in a single image.

Producer Ravindra Phad himself belongs to Warkari sect and out of devotion to Vitthala, he dedicated the film ' Danka ... Harinamacha ' to Vitthuraya with devotion. The executive producer is Rishikesh Awad . Filmastra Studios , Amey Khopkar , Amol Kagane , Praneet Waikar are handling the distribution of this film on behalf of Amol Kagane Films, Filmastra Studios.

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