Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Breaking Taboos: Sirona Hygiene Empowering Women to Confront Gender Taboos

Mumbai, India - 26th March 2024 - Sirona Hygiene, a leading brand focusing on women's menstrual health and intimate hygiene, ignited a revolutionary campaign aimed at smashing societal taboos and stereotypes surrounding women.

In a bold move to challenge the norm, Sirona organised an electrifying rage room experience, drawing in over 200 women. Together, they set out to shatter the taboos (literally) that have long prevented women from advancing in society. 

A symbolic wall adorned with phrases like "Must be a girl driver," "Periods are dirty," "Women cannot enter the kitchen during periods,"" "Women should have kids before 30" and other taboos were featured at the event. Plates, cups, and jugs made of terracotta were also inscribed with similar taboo phrases. 

By physically breaking these taboos, participants were encouraged to express their displeasure and frustrations while symbolically undermining cultural norms that have long held women behind. With every plate they shattered against the wall, they showed how dedicated they were to questioning the status quo and promoting gender equality.

Speaking about the campaign, Anika Wadhera, Head of Marketing at Sirona, stated, "Our initiative to break taboos is about empowering women to reject stereotypes and embrace their true potential." The event received overwhelming interest and involvement, with attendees expressing appreciation for the opportunity to speak out against deeply rooted social norms and share their experiences of shattering taboos.

Sirona Hygiene is unwavering in its commitment to promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and equality for women. Sirona is in the forefront of the movement toward a more just and forward-thinking society by breaking down barriers and encouraging real communication.

About Sirona Hygiene
Sirona, an award-winning brand, is breaking taboos in the feminine hygiene industry by introducing unique products that address unsolved period, intimate, and toilet hygiene issues that women confront from puberty to menopause. Sirona has sold over 20 lakh menstrual cups and over 50 lakh PeeBuddy urination devices. Sirona also offers some ‘India’s first’ innovative products like Period Pain Relief Patch for period pain, PeeBuddy Urination Funnel to assist women to stand and pee in dirty toilets, Oxo-biodegradable Disposal Bags for hygienic disposal of sanitary waste, Rash-free Black Pads, Menstrual Cup Steriliser kits, among other unique products. Sirona products are Toxic-Free, Allergy-Fee, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and are Made Safe Australia Certified. 

Sirona also offers India’s first Period Tracker on WhatsApp. The easy-to-use tool helps menstruators across demographics and geographies to keep a tab on their periods just by sending a “Hi” to the Sirona WhatsApp Business Account at +919718866644. The Period tracker can be used to track three goals - track periods, conceive, and avoid pregnancy. In December 2021, Sirona joined beauty and personal care conglomerate the Good Glamm Group on an aligned vision of scaling the brand using the group’s content-creator- community-commerce moat. In 2022, Sirona also acquired self-defence brand Impower by Sirona which offers products such as Pepper Spray and Emergency Alarm that come in
handy in case you feel a threat to your safety. Earlier in 2023, Sirona also acquired Bleu, India’s First 100% vegan condom brand made from sustainably sourced latex and free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, glycerine, benzocaine, and nitrosamines making them safe to use by both partners.

About The Good Glamm Group

The Good Community is an omnichannel interest-based network of consumers and experts focusing on shared deep interests of beauty, parenting, sexual & intimate health, wellness, and sustainability. It provides online and offline opportunities for users to learn, connect, and get inspired. 
The ‘Good’ in the Good Glamm Group underscores its commitment to not just inclusive , responsible, effective and clean care but also to helping each of its constituents meet their individual aspirations through its Brands supported by its Content, Creator and Community arms.
Founded in September 2021, the Good Glamm Group is South Asia’s first DTC beauty brand unicorn. It is backed by marquee investors such as Warburg Pincus, Prosus Ventures (Naspers), L’Occitane, Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel and Amazon. Originating in South Asia, today the operations for the Good Glamm Group are spread across Asia, North America and the Middle East.

Connect with us:
Website: https://www.thesirona.com/  
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sironahygiene/ 
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sironahygiene

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