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Society For Fast Justice is duly registered Society. It takes up issues of injustice and common issues of the people.
Rajendra J. Thacker, President of Society For Fast Justice (SFFJ) informed that a meeting has been organized on Saturday, 2nd March,2024 from 10 am to 12.30 pm at Yogi Sabha Gruh, near Swaminarayan Mandir, Dadar Railway Station (Central Railway).
All aggrieved persons having grievances with builders as well as General Public is invited to attend this meeting on Saturday, 2nd March, 2024.
The meeting will create awareness among aggrieved and homeless people, who have been affected by money minded builders having guts to totally ignore rules of the land, government systems, including the Judiciary. These builders have betrayed the trust of the people in various manner, bringing many of them on roads without a place of dwelling.
The purpose of the meeting is to create awareness among such aggrieved people, who do not possess means to fight these powerful lobby of builders and eventually they are ruined & turned homeless by the builders. It is a very unfortunate state of affairs in our country where neither government, police and nor Judiciary has taken any timely steps to help the sufferings of these people.
Some of the broad categories under which the common men have been fleeced & cheated by the builders are:
1, Tenant’s room/flat is demolished. Promise made to reconstruct or redevelop. Nothing is done. Neither rent is paid. Thousands of tenants are homeless today.
2. Builders/Developers have booked flats and collected money. Agreement is also registered but possession is not given for years as buildings are not completed.
3. There are court order and RERA orders, which have been flouted by the builders and not been implemented by the concerned authorities.
4. Several Builders have taken money as booking amount and given allotment letter. In many cases, MOU is prepared on stamp papers and got is notarized and builders collected huge sums of money from trusting public.
5. 308 projects by 75 builders are incomplete for years as these 75 builders have declared themselves Bankrupt. Even if there are minimum50 flats on average, 15,000 families are made homeless by these builders. As a paradox, all these builders are staying in posh flats and having numbers of luxury cars at the cost of these families, Neither Judiciary nor the government has acted to help these poor people, who are ruined not only financially but also mentally by running from pillar to post in various government offices.
6. Many families have taken loans for buying flats from banks. Such Loan amounts are used by the builders and possession not given to these buyers. Thus, Buyers are paying EMIs against their loans to the banks without possession. It is a clear injustice. Government can enact a law that if possession is not given as per agreement in time, EMIs have to be paid by the builders till the possession is given. But advocates advice that each and every buyer must go to court to stop EMI. It is foolishness. Even a common man can understand that it is injustice.
7. Many tenants are forced to sale their rooms at 50% cost, since owners and builders do not start work of development. Out of fear that it will take long time, tenants are forced to negotiate. People have lost faith in judiciary as 4.75 crores cases are pending in courts at different levels by filing petitions. But there is no time frame to give justice and finalize the petitions. Instead rich builders move from court to court to evade justice in favour of public even when the case is open n shut with evidences in favour of the petitioners. (Aggrieved property buyers).
8. Many builders and Developers have sold flat and got it registered without IOD. ( Intimation of Deficiency means builders plan is approved in principle by BMC with certain conditions)
9. Approximately 50,000 (fifty thousand) or more people are homeless today. We appeal to all of them to get together against judiciary and government by strengthening the hands of Society For Fast Justice.
Ashish Mehta, Secretary of the Society For Fast Justice informed that the Society has decided to go to court on behalf of all aggrieved persons who are made homeless and cheated by builders and developers. We are collecting data from all aggrieved persons who are being harassed by builder lobby.
Society for fast justice was registered in 2008. In the last 16 years, the Society has given legal opinion free of charge to citizens. Our President has filed more than 15 Public Interest litigations. We keep on working unstintingly for those poor victims who need legal help.
For the last three years, the Society has been working in the direction to reform Judiciary & outdated legal provisions of British rule and justice system based on dominating policy.
A. There are 4.75 crore cases pending. We keep on writing to Supreme Court and Central Government to initiate negotiations and find out just and fair way to give justice to such large number of aggrieved citizens who have not received justice from Judiciary and fighting corrupt system where the bureaucracy and wealthy builders are hand in glove. Our System of Justice definitely needs several reforms to expeditiously help the common men in a fixed time frame.
B. Even today, if any petition for justice is filed in the court, there is no time bound commitment by Judges or advocates as per present laws. As the saying goes, “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” is very apt and applicable for poor citizens of India. Huge reform is the need of the hour.
Therefore, we appeal to shut down / modify such institutions who do not work in the interest of common men, specifically where justice is concerned. Grass root reforms are the need of the hour as No builders and developers are afraid of court order or enacted law.
For further information, please contact Rajendra J. Thacker / Ashish Mehta on
Cell: 9137650655 / 8850109091
Email: societyforfastjustice@gmail.com

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