Monday, February 12, 2024

Confidence group to launch hi-tech Hydrogen Cylinders

Mumbai,12 Feb 2024 – Confidence Petroleum India Limited, a leading company in LPG & CNG industry is proud to announce its entry into the rapidly growing market of Green Hydrogen Type-4 Cylinder manufacturing by Silversky Exim Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of its subsidiary company Confidence Futuristic Energetech Ltd.  
Confidence Group is committed to playing its vital role in the global energy transition for a cleaner and greener future as the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions. With strong focus on innovation and environmental responsibility, the company through production of Type 4 Cylinders is set to revolutionize the hydrogen storage industry and harness the power of green hydrogen.
Key Highlights:
Commitment to sustainable future: In support of Indian Government's policy for reducing environmental pollution, Confidence Group recognizes the immediate need of environmental pollution control and is dedicated to contribute lion’s share for sustainable safe future. The Type 4 cylinders will be designed and manufactured with focus on minimizing environmental impact.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Confidence Group leveraging the state-of-art technology will deliver high quality Type 4 Cylinders that meet the best industry standards. The innovative designs will optimize storage efficiency and enhance overall reliability of hydrogen-based solutions.
Green Hydrogen Leadership: Confidence Group by venturing into green hydrogen market aims to become a frontrunner in providing solutions that accelerate adoption of renewable energy sources. The Type 4 cylinders will play a crucial role in efficient storage and transportation of green hydrogen.
Global Impact: Confidence Group foresees global impact through its green hydrogen initiatives. The Type 4 cylinders manufactured by the company shall provide solutions to meet the increasing demand of clean energy storage worldwide thus contributing to reduction of carbon emissions.
Collaborative Partnerships:  
Confidence Group is actively engaging in partnership with key players in green hydrogen ecosystem, including technology providers, energy companies and research institutions. These collaborations will further strengthen company's position in driving innovations and sustainability.
Mr. Nitin Khara, Chairman & Managing Director, expresses enthusiasm on Confidence Group's foray into Green Hydrogen Type 4 Cylinder manufacturing, stating, "This strategic move aligns with our core values and commitment to environmental stewardship.” We are excited to contribute to the global shift towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Key Features of Type 4 Cylinders:
a) Type 4 cylinders are made primarily from carbon composite with polymer liner;
b) Type 4 cylinders are lighter by 70% as compared to metal cylinders (Type-1);
c) Type 4 cylinders transport 3 Times more gas as compared to metal cylinders (Type-1);
d) Type-4 cylinders are completely corrosion resistant (Inert Liner) as compared to metal cylinders (Type-1).
e) Shatter proof/ Fireproof
f) Highly safe/Low Opex/Future ready
g) 200 bar/250bar/350bar/multiple applications
Confidence Petroleum India Limited, a distinguished name in LPG & CNG sector is listed on both BSE and NSE, has been rated No.1 by CRISIL and is acclaimed for its innovation, dedication and entrepreneurial excellence. 
The company's business is spread across different states of the country, to say 15 fully functional LPG cylinder manufacturing plants, 3 High-pressure cylinder manufacturing Plants, 620+ Own fleet of LPG vehicles, an extensive chain of over 248+ auto LPG stations, and 35+ CNG stations in Bangalore,65 + bottling plants, 2000+ GoGas dealer network across 26 Indian states catering to diverse LPG needs of residential, industrial and various business segments with own transport fleet of over 600+ vehicles.

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