Monday, January 22, 2024

Surya Roshni's Dynamic Lighting Solutions Illuminate India's Longest Sea Link in Mumbai

Mumbai: Surya Roshni in its 50th year of operation is one of India’s most respected and trusted brands for Lighting, Fans, Home Appliances, Steel Pipes, and PVC pipes.

Mumbai, India's financial hub, is undergoing a transformative phase in its infrastructure, and Surya Roshni has played a pivotal role in brightening this endeavor with its cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Scheduled for inauguration on January 12th by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL) is set to become a symbol of progress and innovation, named Atal Setu in honor of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Surya Roshni has significantly contributed to this landmark project by installing state-of-the-art facade lighting on the impressive 22km and 12th longest sea bridge globally. The company's innovative professional lighting, developed through dedicated research and development efforts, now illuminates the underdeck and pillars of one of the most ambitious and expensive infrastructure projects in the country. 

Surya has elevated its exemplary campaign ‘I Am Surya’ to honorable heights by aligning with yet another project aimed at modernizing the nation.

In collaboration with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development (MMRD), Surya Roshni has been steadfast in its commitment to revolutionize the travel experience for the people of Mumbai. Over 50 years, the company has consistently aligned itself with the nation's development projects, delivering successful lighting solutions across various domains.

Surya’s professional lighting solution for India’s longest sea bridge marks a significant stride in the nation’s infrastructure landscape, enhancing the project's visual appeal and functionality for countless commuters. As the city of Mumbai evolves, Surya Roshni remains dedicated to contributing to its progress through innovative and sustainable lighting solutions.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Vrajender Sen, President- Professional Lighting, Surya Roshni, said "The installation of our professional lighting on the Atal Setu not only marks a significant milestone for us but also signifies our team’s dedication to enhancing the infrastructural landscape of the country ".

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